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2. Leave Year 31 4 251. Go to3. Select theDefinitions >>2. Click onleave year4. Enter a Leave year in 5. Save dataNew link from drop display name Absencedown ManagementThe current leave year will be configured at time of setup. 3. Leave Group33132 41. Go to Definitions >>2. Click on New 3. Enter applicableLeave Group in 4. Save datalinkdetailsAbsenceManagement Starting Month indicates the month annual entitlements needs to be entitled by e.g. January, Financial Year. Default leave group will be created at the time of setup. 4. Leave Type3 333 1. Go to Definitions >> Leave Type in2. Click on New link1 AbsenceManagement3. Define detail4. Save datarelated to the leavetypeAnnual, Childcare,Hospitalization, Maternity, Sickleave types will be configuredout of the box at the time of2 setup.4 5. Leave Type Leave RulesActive If checked will make the leave type availableCovering Emp. Required If checked will mandate a covering employee to be selected inthe leave application.Allow Half Days Check if leave type can be applied as a half dayAuto Calculate End Date Check if leave end date needs to be auto calculatedHoliday as Leave If checked will count any weekends/public holidays within the leaveperiod as a day on leaveLieu Leave Should be checked only for leave type lieu leaveMaternity Leave Should be checked only for Maternity LeaveNo Pay Leave Should be checked only for leave types where salary is withheld 6. Leave Type Leave Rules ContQuarter Leave Check if leave can be applied as a quarter dayShow Balance If checked will display the leave balance for employeesEarned/CF Breakdown If checked, lieu leave can be verified against attendance recordExtended Period If checked, allow a leave application to be submitted beyond the currentleave year. Leave days reduced from current leave years leave balance.Allow Planning Allow to plan out the leave. Contact team for configuration.Attachment Required Mandates attaching a document for the leave applicationView Additional Field Can create additional fields to be captured in the leave application.Contact team for configurationAllow Negative Allow to apply for leave even without a positive balanceMaximum Leave Days in a Single Instance What is the maximum number of days, one leaveapplication can be for? 7. Leave Type and Short Leave Type -Settings Following fields needs to be configured by the implementation team. - Leave Need Approval (Leave approval workflow) - Leave Need Validation Script (The conditions that needs to be validated in a leave application e.g. Cannot apply for a sick leave on a Friday or a Monday without a medical certificate) 8. Leave Type and Short Leave Type -Settings -Future Leave: When Utilized As leave type (e.g. Annual) is entitled for next leave year, future If checked for Annual Future, leave taken against Annual Future will be deducted from net years Annual leave entitlement for the employee. - Carried Forward Leave Balance: Leave balance can be carried forward to the next leave year. 9. Short Leave Type33 1. Go to Definitions >>12. Click on NewShort Leave Type link in AbsenceManagement3 3. Define detail4. Save data related to theshort leave typeHourly based leave types are24 considered as Short Leave. 10. Day Type Definition 3 314 52 61. Go to 4. Indicate if Calendar 3. Enter a5. Selectthe day type isDefinition >>2. Click on display namedisplay colora working day, 6. Save dataDay Type in New link and from dropfull or half dayAbsence description down holidayManagementExclude in Holiday as Leave: By this definition, this type of day is excluded fromHoliday as Leave range. 11. Calendar Group Definition3 31 3 241. Go to Calendar Definition >> 3. Enter a display2. Click on New Calendar Group name and 4. Save datalinkin Absencedescription ManagementOnce Company Calendar checkbox is checked, the same calendar is used in theAttendance capability. This is applicable only for product versions below 500. 12. Holiday Calendar2254 13 61. Go to Calendar2. Select YearDefinition >> 4. Click on the 5. Select Holidayand Calendar3. Click on EditHoliday date to apply atype and Click 6. Save data Group fromlinkCalendar inholiday on Applydrop downAbsenceManagement 13. Leave Type and Groups Configuration 4 25213Changes made from this screen overrides leave type6definitions in slide 5. 1. Go to Annual 2. Select the 3. Click 5. ApplyEntitlement & Leave Year 4.Select New link changesConfigurations >>and Leave Leave 6. Saveto add a onlyLeave Types & Group Code Type fromdata new leave relevant toGroup in Absencefrom dropdrop downtypegroupManagementdown 14. Short Leave Type and Groups Configuration1. Go to AnnualEntitlements &2. Follow the same stepsConfigurations >> Short1 given in slide number 10Leave Types & Group in Absence Management 15. How to entitle an employee to a leave group225 31 464. Click Get 1.Go to Annual 2. Select Employees to Entitlements & Leave3. Select Entitle andConfigurations >> Year and 5. Select 6. Entitle Leavesearch for Employee Leave Leave employees theType to employees Entitlements in Group froto entitle employees entitle (more details Absence m drop on slideManagement downnumber 13)Show Entitles Employees will display list of employees already entitled in this group. 16. Get Employees to Entitle 2 1 4You will only able to search the eligible employees for 3 the selected Leave Group 1. Go to Get 2. Click on the3. Select Employees to 4. Submit search button employeesEntitle 17. Update Leave Balance 2 3 4 15 1. Go toOperational 4. Edit andActivities >> Update 2. Select3. Select an save leave5. Save data Leave Balance in Leave YearemployeebalancesAbsence Management Entitlements for leave types such as Lieu Leave, National Service Leave, No Pay leave etc are performed via this menu option. 18. Reason for Leave31 2 41. Go to OperationalActivities >> Reasons 2. Click on3. Enter reason4. Save datafor Leave in Absence New link for leaveManagement When an employee apply for leave, leave application will require a user to select a reason defined here.


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