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  • 1.Absence Management Apply & Approval

2. Apply for Leave 2 1 3 34 5Leave applications can also be done through Admin hosting via Absence Management >> Application>> Leave1. Go to 3. Enter the4. Select the 2. Select the Absence leave period Reason for Leave Type5. Apply LeaveManagement(leave from Leave from from drop down >> Apply Leave to) drop down 3. Apply for Short Leave 2 1 3 3 34Short leave applications can also be done through Admin hosting via Absence Management >>Application >> Short Leave1. Go to Absence2. Click on Short 3. Select Leave 4. Apply for ShortManagement >>LeaveYear, Type, Leave Leave Apply Leave Application tab date, Time 4. Leave Cancellation 12 3 41. Go to Absence3. Set ma reason 2. Click edit to4. Confirm the leaveManagement >> for the leavecancel leave cancellationLeave Cancellationcancellation 5. Leave History and Status 2 11. Go to Absence Management 2. Select Leave Year from drop >> Leave History & Statusdown to view the Leave Status 6. My Holiday Calendar 21 1. Go to Absence 2. Select the year to viewManagement >> My My Holiday Calendar Holiday Calendar 7. Team Leave Management (Subordinates) 2 3411. Go to Absence 2. Apply leave 3. Apply Short Leave4. Cancel Leave (Management >>(More details in( more details inMore details in slide My Holidayslide number 3)slide number 4)number 5)Calendar 8. View Subordinates Leave Details 2 1 1. Go to Absence 2. Select date period toManagement >> My Team view the subordinates leaveDetail details 9. Team Bulk Leave Application 2 2 3 4 1 5 6Follow the same steps to Apply Bulk Leave to all employees3. Select2. Select 1. Go to Absence the Leave 5. Search6. Apply Leave Year 4. EnterManagement >> Type fromemployees for bulk and Leave comments Team Bulk Leavethe drop and select leave Datesdown 10. My Leave Plan 21 1. Go to Absence2. Select the year to viewManagement >> MyLeave PlanLeave Plan 11. Subordinate Leave Chart 2331 1. Go to Absence Management >> 3. Select Year & 2. Search theSubordinate Leave Month from drop subordinates Chart in Absencedownmodule 12. My Leave Chart (Admin)2 121. Go toApplication >>2. Select Year 3. Select MonthLeave Chart in from drop downfrom drop downAbsence module 13. Company Leave Management (Admin) 21 33 3 1. Go to Application3. Refer slide number 9 to Ally>>Company Leave 2. Search forLeave, Apply ShortManagement in Absencean employee Leave, Cancel Leavemodule 14. Leave Approval (Admin) 2 131. Go to Approval >>2. Click on Edit Leave Approval in button to approve 3. Approve the LeaveAbsence module leave 15. View Company Leave Details (Admin) 2311. Go to Approval2. Select a date3. Search employees>> View Companyrange to view leave and select an Leave Details in details employee Absence module