a new start for euto redruth, 29 september 2012 henk schüller

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  • A New Start for EUTORedruth, 29 September 2012Henk Schller

  • Strategic Plan for Re-development of the European Union of Tourist OfficersChallenges:how to move from an association of professionals to an association of organisationshow to achieve objectives and to deliver on priorities for the coming years

  • European tourism organisations

    Survey in 46 countries:50 national tourism structures1.060 regional tourism organisations> 15.000 local tourist offices plus6 national associations of tourism organisations6 national associations of tourism professionals

  • Regional Tourism Organisations

    Survey identifiesregional tourism organisations in 28 countriesNational Tourism Organisations with regional responsibilities in 16 countriessub-regional tourism organisations in 7 countries

  • Vision EUTOs vision expresses the aspiration: to be the foremost instrument to give support and voice to Europes regional tourism organisations.

    EUTO supports their destination marketing activitiesand enables them to act with a collective voice.

  • Mission

    EUTO is a membership association offering a powerful platform to regional tourism organisations focussed on better performance in their marketing activities with the aim to enhance the image of Europes regions as first-rate tourist destination.

  • Strategic AimsSharing and developing knowledgeExchange of experience and best practiceInternational networking and co-operationMonitoring and advising on EU tourism policyRepresenting members interests Facilitating performance improvementRecognition of regional tourism organisations

  • New operational objectivesThe new EUTO will operate as: Knowledge centreMeeting PointEuropean Monitor and NetworkerPublic Relations InstrumentThe four objectives provide framework for programme of activities with relevant member benefits.

  • Knowledge CentreWebsiteDatabaseLibraryForumSIGsCo-operation

  • Meeting PointCouncil and BoardSIGsEventsExpert meetingsExchange programme

  • European Monitor & NetworkerCo-operation international destination marketing organisationsEU-information and consultationDialogue international tourism bodies Policy advise and collective voiceSupport international projectsSector representation

  • Public Relations InstrumentWebsitePrinted and online brochureAudiovisualNewsletterPress contactsExternal presentationsParticipation in international eventsAnnual Report

  • Prioritisation of activitiesWebsite re-development + maintenanceDatabase and e-librarySet up Board, Council and SIGsPublic Relations activitiesStakeholder contactsAnnual event 2013Co-operation European tourism bodies

  • Activities IndicatorInput by Board and General Assembly MembersRanking of top ten priorities in clusters:exchange of best practice/ knowledge development/ share expertisenetworking*/ collaboration between members/ international projects/ eventscontacts European Union*/ advise tourism policy EU and governments/ co-operation international organisations** = priorities indicated by all respondents

  • Membership categoriesFull membership for regional tourism organisationsAssociate membership for national associations of tourism organisationsAffiliate membership for national associations of tourism professionals Institutional membership for other tourism (related) organisations

  • Governance/ Executive Bodies

    SIG = Special Interest Group

  • Management/ Operational StructureBoard primarily has strategic and supervisory roles.Principles of operational framework:1. Adequately staffed office structure - by assignment to (board) member with executive power, - and/or through co-operation with international tourism organisations (ECM, ETAG, EDEN, EUFED, etc)2. Human resources require qualified - general and operational management, - web co-ordination and membership recruitment

  • International co-operation and stakeholder relationships EU-institutionsETAG: international tourism industry organisations International tourism destination marketing organisations (ECM, EDEN, ETC)Tourism agencies of governments at (inter)national and regional levelsKnowledge centresMedia

  • Financial modelSustainable income strategy for mid to long term funding of organisation and activitiesMembership fees should cover operational cost Additional activities in line with income Potential 80-110 new members in 3 yearsProjected loss of 76.000 for first 3 yearsFinancial guarantee required for set-up

  • Summary EUTO Budget 2013 2016 (currency: euro)

    2013201420152016Incomemembership feesother income total20.00015.00035.00044.25016.00060.25066.75022.00088.75095.00028.000123.000Expenditureboard/managementstaffactivitiestotal20.00030.00025.00075.00025.00030.00030.00085.00015.00050.00010.000100.00015.00060.00040.000115.000Loss/profitset-up contributions- 40.00040.0000- 24.75024.7500- 11.25011.2500+ 8.000

  • Management & financial constraintsIncome from membership fees versus initial cost of set-up Operational structure versus delivery of activities Membership recruitment versus delivery statusAspirations of overall strategy versus timeline of decision-making processTimeline decision-making process versus urgency of implementation

  • RecommendationsAdopt new name: European Union of Tourism Organisations Adopt new articles of associationRegister in Belgium as ivzw.aisbl (international not-for-profit association)Keep abbreviation EUTOKeep internet address: www.euto.org All business in one language: English

  • ProceduresBefore 31 December 2012:Adoption of strategy document (29 September)Proposals and agreement on financial modelProposals and agreement on operational structureReview and adoption Articles of AssociationDraft of requirements website re-development

  • Issues

    Funding 2013-2015: feasibility of financial guaranteesOperational structure: own or sharedMembership local tourism organisations