A Holiday Retail in Review: Performance Lessons for 2014

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Join Ken Harker, Senior Consultant with Keynote Systems for a look back at the 2013 Holiday Online Shopping Season with a view into site performance.


  • A Holiday Review Performance Lessons for 2014 Ken Harker, Senior Consultant January 2014
  • Some of the numbers are still coming in, but US online and e-commerce holiday retail increased 9.3% UK online holiday retail sales increased 19.2% from 2012 Overall online retail sales in the US for 2014 may reach $300 billion (Forrester) Online experience will influence an additional $1.3 trillion in retail purchases (Forrester) Another Record Year for Online Retail Keynote Systems, Inc. 2
  • The Mobile Madness Grows Keynote Systems, Inc. 3 Retailers surveyed for Forrester Researchs State of Retailing Online 2014 study ranked mobile as their TOP PRIORITY And yet, most retailers are NOT investing in their mobile sites as much as their desktop sites
  • Real Madness Is Not Being on Mobile At All Keynote Systems, Inc. 4 Only 72 of the top 100 e-retailers have fully functional m-commerce sites optimized for smartphones. (Internet Retailer) 2013 Internet Retailer Mobile Commerce Top 500 Guide
  • The Price is Right Keynote Systems, Inc. 5 On the web, there is always a lower price. High performing mobile web sites are the ones that consumers will turn to for their comparison shopping.
  • Expectations
  • On the desktop: 2 seconds or faster What Do Retail Site Customers Expect? Keynote Systems, Inc. 7 On mobile: 3 seconds or faster
  • Delays in page load time result in increased abandonment, decreased loyalty, and loss of revenue Even very small delays will drive your potential customers to the competition or keep them from returning to your site Success is measured in milliseconds, not seconds The Challenge to Retailers Keynote Systems, Inc. 8
  • Keynote Online Holiday Shopping Study
  • During the 2013 holiday season, Keynote measured the performance and availability of 13 top online retailers Measurements were taken on desktop browsers, smartphone browsers, and tablet browsers Smartphone and tablet measurements were made on 3G mobile network connections in New York and San Francisco Desktop measurements were taken on high-speed, low-latency network connections using real browsers One Web, Three Screens Keynote Systems, Inc. 10
  • The Sites in the Study Amazon Apple Store Best Buy CDW Dell HP Newegg Office Depot Office Max Overstock Sears Sony Styles Walmart Keynote Systems, Inc. 11
  • The Keynote Holiday Retail Study measured a typical user journey through the desktop and mobile sites 1. Start at the Home Page 2. Search for a product 3. Filter the search results 4. View product details 5. Add the product to a cart What Was Measured Keynote Systems, Inc. 12
  • Desktop Results
  • Online retailers had their best showing on desktop this year Average time to conduct the purchase path transaction was 22.8 seconds Desktop Keynote Systems, Inc. 14
  • Across all measured sites, the slowest step in the online purchase path was retrieving the results for a product search Search Results was the slowest step on 46% of the sites in the study Desktop: Search Keynote Systems, Inc. 15 The Slowest Step was Search Results
  • The fastest site on Desktop was Apple, averaging only 14.0 seconds to complete the entire transaction Desktop: Speed Keynote Systems, Inc. 16
  • The most available site on Desktop was HP, with an overall transaction uptime of 99.6% Only one site had a sustained downtime period Desktop: Availability Keynote Systems, Inc. 17
  • Smartphone Results
  • Smartphone Keynote Systems, Inc. 19 Nearly all pages designed for the smartphone screen size and for access over mobile connections Overall, the user experience on smartphones was much slower than on desktop
  • Smartphone: Slow Pages Keynote Systems, Inc. 20 The slowest page on the smartphone transactions, by far, was the Home page Search Results pages were the next slowest occasionally taking over 20 seconds
  • Smartphone: Fastest Sites Keynote Systems, Inc. 21 The fastest mobile site measured was the Sony Style store, coming in with an average time of 19.7 seconds The slowest of the smartphone sites actually was not Apple
  • Tablet Results
  • Tablet Keynote Systems, Inc. 23 None of the sites in the Keynote holiday study have pages optimized for tablet users over mobile network connections
  • Retailers are gambling that tablet users are always on fast WiFi connections Tablet Keynote Systems, Inc. 24
  • Consumers using tablets on 3G mobile network connections during the holiday shopping season saw very poor performance The average transaction time was 61.4 seconds Three times as slow as the desktop or smartphone user experience Tablet Keynote Systems, Inc. 25
  • Lessons for success in 2014
  • Slow page load times continue to be the biggest point of frustration for mobile web users Mobile needs to be a continuing focus for e-retailer to succeed in the marketplace Eliminate frustration with Mobile Keynote Systems, Inc. 27 What can I do to improve my mobile user experience?
  • 1. Dress Light Keynote Systems, Inc. 28 Be disciplined about loading as few assets on the page as possible
  • Different browsers/phones have different numbers of parallel threads 2. Avoid Long Lines Keynote Systems, Inc. 29
  • 3. Bundle up Keynote Systems, Inc. 30 Employ optimization techniques that reduce the number of HTTP requests needed to fetch image content
  • 4. Anticipate the Rush Keynote Systems, Inc. 31 You know its coming, so why wait until next year to prepare for the holidays?
  • Good marketing can help to improve conversion rates, but if too much leads to downtime, slow speeds and site abandonment youve gone too far. 5. Resist the Marketing Keynote Systems, Inc. 32
  • No one says that you need to go at it alone, and in many cases you shouldnt. 6. Partner Up Keynote Systems, Inc. 33
  • Stuff Happens 6. Expect the Unexpected Keynote Systems, Inc. 34
  • Conclusions
  • 2014 is a New Year! Keynote Systems, Inc. 36
  • Thank You Ken Harker Senior Consultant, Keynote ken.harker@keynote.com