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WIllem van Valkenburg looks back and Anka Mulder looks forward, talking about next steps for TU Delft OpenCourseWare, in celebration of 5 years TU Delft OpenCourseWare


<ul><li> 1. Highlights of five yearsTU Delft OpenCourseWare12-10-2012 ir. Willem van ValkenburgDelftUniversity ofTechnologyChallenge the future</li></ul> <p> 2. 15 October: Start of OCW200720082009201020112012 3. 20072008 Spring: Start bureau OpenER2009201020112012 April: Anka elected in Board of Directors OCW Consortium 4. Oct: 21 courses from 6 master programmes200720082009201020112012 5. Apr: Anka re-elected in Board of Directors OCWC2007 Sept: TU Delft courses translated into Chinese20082009 Oct: launch of VO-portal201020112012 6. Jan: Sofia Dopper &amp; Willem van Valkenburg project leaders OCW200720082009 Mar: launch of new website2010 Jun: OCW workshop for IDEA2011 League partners2012 Dec: Dutch Special Interest Group OER starts 7. May: Anka elected as President of the OCWC200720082009201020112012 8. Jun: 50th course published: Introductiecursus TB20072008 Aug: Delft Design Guide and2009 Sanitary Engineering finalist2010 of OCW Peoples Choice Award20112012 9. Oct: Start of OpenCourseWare Europe project200720082009201020112012 10. Nov: OCW Seminar 2011200720082009 Nov: OCW Ambassadors20102011 announced2012 11. Dec: ICTO-plan acceptedPersonalisationCollaborative &amp;2007 Period:Active Learning Mobile 2011-20142008Systems &amp;2009 Resources2010TU Delft distanceNext-generation2011&amp; onlineClassroom Education2012MassificationFace to faceVirtual 12. Mar: Open Education Week2007 Mar: Trend report OER20082009201020112012 13. Apr: Sanitary Engineering awarded for OCW Excellence200720082009201020112012 14. May: Anka #19 most creative people in business 2012200720082009 Jun: Paris Declaration on OER2010 Foster awareness and use of OER Facilitate enabling environments for use of ICT Reinforce the development of strategies and policies on OER2011 Promote the understanding and use of open licensing frameworks Support capacity building for the sustainable development of quality learning materials2012 Foster strategic alliances for OER Encourage research on OER Facilitate finding, retrieving and sharing of OER Encourage the open licensing of educational materials produced with public funds 15. Aug: TU Delft @ Llowlands20072008 Sep: Imagine the Future of2009 Learning201020112012 16. Sep: Start of STUMBLE Essentials: Naslagwerk. Onderwijsmateriaal (tentamenstof) Struikelvakken TU Delft als OpenCourseWare Additionals: Verbreding/verdieping/aanvulling. Aanvullend Ondersteunend (onderwijs)materiaal TU Delft &amp; Niet-TU Delft2007Guidance: Begeleiding op maat.F2F/online bijles TU Delft &amp; Niet-TU Delft2008Extras: aanvullende diensten &amp; bronnenEventuele aanvulling20092010 Oct: Report OER-Hollands2011 landschap2012 Nederlandse hogescholen en universiteiten nemen ook stappen op het gebied van open educational resources (OER), open leermaterialen die online vrij beschikbaar zijn voor (her)gebruik. 17. Oct: 93 courses published200720082009201020112012 18. Oct: Launch of OCW More200720082009201020112012 19. Dec: Trainee Gijs Houwen will join the OCW team2007 Focus on use and re-use 1. Stumble Courses2008 2. Prepare International Students2009 3. Use in Developing Countries 4. Source of Reference2010 5. Extracurricular education2011 6. Online Masters2012 20. facebook.com/TuDelft.OpenCourseWarenl.linkedin.com/in/ocwtudelfttwitter.com/TUDelftOCWslideshare.net/DelftOpenErocw.tudelft.nl 21. 5 years of OpenCourseWare -Next steps12-10-2012 Anka MulderDelftUniversity ofTechnologyChallenge the future 22. 1. What is happening around the world? 23. Developments in Open Education 24. http://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2012/05/06/will-edx-put-harvard-and-mit-out-of-business/ 25. Demand is increasingUnesco: in 2025 there will be 80 million more students in higher education 26. SummaryHuge demand for Higher EducationOpen Education starts to get mainstreamBig investments are made E.g. edX $60M, coursera $16MTop universities US are inEuropean universities? 27. 2. TU Delft? From OCW to Online Education 28. OCW is building blockChoice of StudyStumble CoursesPrepare International StudentsUse in Developing CountriesExtracurricular educationOnline Education Images CC-BU-NC-SA: http://ocw.tudelft.nl 29. Next steps: ICTO Plan 2011-2014PersonalisationCollaborative &amp; MobileActive LearningSystems &amp; ResourcesTU Delft distanceNext-generation&amp; onlineClassroom EducationMassificationFace to faceVirtual 30. Collaborative &amp; Mobile Active Learning Systems&amp;ResourcesTU Delft Next-generation distance &amp;Classroom online EducationTU Delft aims to have adistance &amp; online educationprogramme operationalwithin .. years. 31. Why Online &amp; Open Education Moral obligation growing demand in higher education worldwide 2012-2025: 80 million! Quality improve our materials, teaching methods World Class University to be there with the other top universities Innovation digital and on line education inevitable 32. Hurdles W hat is the m arket? How do w e m arket this? How m uch do w e charge? Digital ditactics? Legal issues (W HW and digital learning)? Technology (verifyable digital testing, digital lab, ..)? Facilities (equiped lecture halls ..)? .. 33. Image: CC BY Geese: http://www.flickr.com/photos/skhan/3483855239/ 34. QuestionsCC-BY: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21496790@N06/5065834411/ 35. facebook.com/TuDelft.OpenCourseWarenl.linkedin.com/in/ocwtudelfttwitter.com/TUDelftOCWslideshare.net/DelftOpenErocw.tudelft.nl</p>