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Why write your own training materials when we've done it for you? Pre-written training materials that you can edit. And call your own. Brilliant.


<ul><li> 1. GTS Learning, Inc.Customizable Training Materials<br /><br />877-487-8321<br /><br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Understanding Courseware<br />Courseware has become the preferred method of purchasing instructor-led training material. Courseware (short for course material in a software format) is considered software. In particular, it is software designed to eliminate prep time by providing pre-written courses in an electronic format. The electronic aspect offers several key advantages such as instant access and customizable flexibility so the trainer can localize' the content.<br />As an instructor, you open your course material in Microsoft Word (or any word processing program). You have the rights to edit the content to suit you or your students' needs. Instantly you have your course... GTS Learning has saved you hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and given you the confidence to walk into the classroom. All you do is simply print-on-demand as many course workbooks as you need - when you need them.<br />Save Time and Money with Courseware<br />The idea behind courseware is that we have written the course for you. The courses are well written, current and relevant. Each course is tested in the classroom and proven to be effective in any training or workshop environment. Plus, you have the unlimited rights to make any changes you want to the content in order to fit your training requirements and organizational needs.<br />We provide not only the course, but all the other resources that you need to deliver high quality, effective training.<br /> 3. Why Trainers use Courseware<br />Concerns of time. If, for every one hour of instruction, it takes 40 hours development time, a two-day workshop (at 7.5 hours per day) could easily require 600 hours to prepare for. <br />Concerns of cost. If an instructor or HR managers time costs an organization $30/hr. for each hour worked, and they spend 600 hours creating a training course the cost of this could easily be $18,000. <br />Concerns of quality. Instructors want effective results from the training they do. In many cases, the instructor is not a content expert and may have difficulty putting together quality programming. Each GTS Learning courseware title is written in conjunction with professional authors, educators, industry leaders, subject matter experts and trainers. Before any GTS Learning course is released it is reviewed by our panel of curriculum advisors and reviewed by industry. From here, each course is tested in the classroom. In addition, we have customers who have volunteered as beta testers and provide valuable feedback. Quality is obviously important - but with GTS Learning it is essential. <br />Concerns of peer or supervisor critique. Those selected to deliver training do not want to look bad; especially in front of superiors. GTS Learning courseware is proven to be effective<br /> 4. What You Actually Receive <br />Training Manual - Customizable. Can be opened in Word and you can make any change you like.<br />ExerciseWorkbook- Customizable. Separate book with hands-on exercises. Also includes review questions.<br />ExerciseFiles- Customizable. We provide the sample files to use with the Exercise Workbook. <br />InstructorGuide- Customizable. Offers additional instructor information.<br />PowerPointSlides- Customizable. Weve even done your presentation slides for you.<br />LessonPlans- Customizable. Keep you class or workshop running smoothly with detailed lesson plans.<br /> 5. You Also Receive<br />Customizable- Rights are given on a per site location to edit the content to suit the training needs or corporate environment. <br />Instantly Available - Courses are instantly available as a download or can be shipped on CD.<br />Proven - GTS Learning courses are used every day by thousands of trainers in countries all over the world.Before release, each GTS Learning course is tested in the classroom and sent to beta testers. <br />Easy to use - All courses and materials are easily opened in Microsoft Word or any word processingprogram.<br />Print-on-demand - Instructors only print what they need, when they need it.<br />Flexible - Instructors can easily remove sections, combine courses, localize examples, add new content, etc.<br />Unlimited number of users - Rights are sold on a per location basis. Each location is permitted to use the material with as many staff at the location as they like (including future training).<br />No annual renewal fees - Organizations are not required to pay renewal fees. <br />Unlimited re-printing rights - Ongoing use means organizations are not limited to the number of times they can reprint the course material.<br /> 6. Microsoft Office 2010Editable, Print-on-demand Training Materials for Instructors<br />Thinking about introducing Office 2010? We can make your life a whole lot easier.<br />Word 2010 Customizable Courseware<br />Excel 2010 Customizable Courseware<br />Access 2010 Customizable Courseware<br />Outlook 2010 Customizable Courseware<br />PowerPoint 2010 Customizable Courseware<br />Having to take the time to develop your own training materials means less time actually doing what matters most, teaching. We understand the time and effort it takes to develop proper training solutions that work. This is why we give you the ability to fully edit our material. Print off as many copies as you need. Rebrand the materials with your own logo. And only pay once!<br /> 7. Resource Library<br />Use our courseware to create your own resource library. <br />These materials can be adapted for self-study<br />Customize the courseware to meet the needs of new employees or augment employees knowledge in specific areas<br />Cut and Paste from any course to create a customized resource guide for employees<br /> 8. Our Biggest Promotion Ever!<br />Extended through June 2010 specifically for SlideShare participants!<br /><br />Purchase either our Computer Training Courseware Library (216 course titles) or our Soft Skills Courseware Library (82 course titles) at $3,995 and receive the following FREE:<br />Get Microsoft Office 2010 free<br />Free Courseware Assurance for 12 Months<br /><br /><br /></p>


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