5 mistakes of business blogging

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This presentation clearly outlines the five mistakes people make when writing business blogs. It also tells you how to avoid those mistakes so that your blog reaches the most search traffic. It also gives examples of what blogs with good content look like and how to appeal to the searcher.


  • Top 5 Missed Opportunities of Business Blogging
  • Missed Opportunity #1 Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging For Search Dont Fight It: Organic Search Traffic is the most critical metric I track. Kelly Feller Social Media Manager - Intel
  • By far the most important piece of writing youll do on any given page is your page title. Search engines consider your page title to be very indicative of what can be found on the page. SEO Expert: Steven Bradley Missed Opportunity # 2 Blog Titles
  • Missed Opportunity # 2 Blog Titles
  • Missed Opportunity # 3 The Language of the Customer
  • Burn the thesaurus. Think about the words that people use to find you. Then, as a revolutionary new internet marketing strategy, actually write those words in your copy. You'll get more traffic. You'll get more sales/leads/whatever. Ian Lurie: Conversation Marketing
  • Keywords "Think about what people are going to type...and talk about that" Matt Cutts: Google 3,000,000 Searches/ 200 Terms
  • Missed Opportunity # 4 Content Volume
  • Recency/Frequency Measure the Competition
  • VS. Symbol of CEO Excess Someone Like Me .(The) most credible source of information about a company is now a person like me , which has risen dramatically to surpass doctors and academic experts for the first time 7th Annual Edelman Trust Barometer
  • Ask For Customer Content
  • Missed Opportunity # 5 Call To Action
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