10 blogging mistakes needs to be avoided

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10 Blogging Mistakes needs to be Avoided

1.Drafting Large Paragraphs

2. Creating Copied and Spinned Contents

Copy the contents in popular blogs and paste them in your own blog

Spin or rewrite the already written contents (It is considered Black Hat SEO)

3. Creating blog posts with minimum lengthBlog posts with less than 500 words do not perform well.Otherwise, optimize the blog post with videos or others.

4. Using Same type of Contents

Bloggers need to mix up the different types of contents such as Text, Images, Infographics, Video, Contest, etc.

5. Not Responding for Blog Comments

Responding to comments given by readers help the Bloggers to build great customer base in Internet.

6. Neglecting Link BuildingBuilding links like Internal Links, External Links, Cross linking in your Blog add value to your blog posts and accelerates your SEO rankings.

7. Avoiding Email Promotion and Social Media Exposure

Bloggers shut a way to extend the blogs reachability by neglecting promotion through Email .

By sharing the blog in Social Media, your blog can get large number of views and shares which assures the reachability.

8. Use Blogging only for branding activitiesReaders expect informative contents in blogs, not promotional contents.

9. Providing clumsy and old looking blog design

10.Not optimizing the blog for Mobile Devices

Blogs with Mobile friendly layouts empower the readers to read the blog in variety of mobile devices and enhance blog traffic.





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