3 editing steps on photoshop for advert

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Editing Steps on Photoshop for Advert Henrietta Dent

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editing steps for my superdry advert


  • 1. Editing Steps onPhotoshop for AdvertHenrietta Dent

2. I pasted the image into Photoshop and duplicated the background layer in case anymistakes were made during the editing process I could still have the original image. 3. Created a new layer 4. I selected the spot healing brush tool to make Carolinas skin look clearer and get rid ofany blemishes 5. Carolinas face after using spot healing brush tool. 6. Using the rectangular marquee tool I selected the Superdry logo on Carolinas coat andcopied it into new layer. 7. After having copied the Superdry logo I made the original image invisible then usedthe rectangular marquee tool and rubber to delete all the black parts of her jacketaround the logo so I was just left with the logo. 8. I then increased the brightness and contrast in order for the logo to stand out slightly moreon the jacket. 9. After having increased the brightness and contrast of the logo I made the originalimage visible again. 10. I went on shadows/highlights and increased the midtone contrast. 11. I then went on hue/saturation and increased the lightness in order to create a grittylooking affect to suit the image, the brick pavement and my magazine. 12. I opened a Superdry logo into Photoshop that I found on Google. 13. I used the magic lasso tool to highlight just the Superdry logo text and copied it into a newlayer. 14. I then made the original image invisible and copied just the text. 15. I pasted the Superdry logo onto my image in a new layer and added photography byHenrietta Dent in the bottom right hand corner in a small font using the text tool.