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  • Transforming Education



  • At BVT youll learn to

    work with your hands, mind, and heart

    pursue your passion

    explore new worlds

    look closely and see differently

    create a little magic

    find your voice

    develop meaningful connections

    forge bonds across communities

    make a difference

    shape your future

    Come see how BVT is transforming education and the lives of our students.

    Todays youth have the world at their fingertips; the challenge is helping our students recognize

    and apply the myriad of information available to them. At Blackstone Valley Tech, we are embracing

    the challenge, opening doors, and following our passions to transform everyday inquiries into learning

    opportunities. Our students, faculty, and staff have made a commitment to excellence and thrive in a

    culture of high expectations. While our learning environment is continually updated to keep pace with

    modern industry, the timeless tools of creativity, collaboration, and a competitive edge are blended

    to shape a view of learning not as a chore, but as an opportunity to excel. Our goal is to ensure our

    students have no limits in their achievement by providing them with rigorous programs, integrated

    academics, and technical skills that will empower them to embark on lucrative careers and spark a

    lifelong love of learning.

    For more than fifty years, we have empowered generations of young men and women to maximize

    their potential by placing our students on exciting career pathways. Our community has become an

    oasis of opportunity for students. The countless career paths available to todays youth makes exploring

    these opportunities early in a students life a vital part of a familys educational and career planning.

    On behalf of everyone at Blackstone Valley Tech, I thank and commend you for your interest in the

    life-changing value of a vocational-technical education.

    Dr. Michael F. Fitzpatrick Superintendent-Director





    Making the decision to attend a vocational technical high school might just be one of the most important decisions of your life thus far! But how do you know whether BVT is right for you?

    Its simple, really. Start by answering these questions:

    Do you love a good challenge? Do you learn best when your hands, mind, and heart work together? Are you open to new ideas, working hard, and listening intently? Are you ready to expand your outlook and make meaningful connections? Do you believe its never too soon to begin planning your future?If your answer to any of these questions is an enthusiastic YES! wed love to hear from you. Take some time to browse through this view book and read about our eighteen exciting career vocational technical programs and rigorous academic offerings. See how many extracurricular activities are available to help you develop your interests, fuel your passion, make new friends, and have fun!

    To learn more about BVT, check out our website: www.valleytech.k12.ma.us or join us for an informational tour (see page 46).

    Is BVT right for you?

    CONTENTS Transforming Education 6 Career Vocational Technical Programs SERVICE PATHWAYS Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing 8 Automotive Technology 10 Culinary Arts 11 Business Technology 12 Health Services 14 Dental Assisting 15 Cosmetology 16 TECHNOLOGY PATHWAYS Drafting & Engineering Technology 18 Engineering Technology 20 Manufacturing & Engineering Technology 22 Electronics & Engineering Technology 24 Information Technology 26 Multimedia Communications 27 CONSTRUCTION PATHWAYS Electrical 28 Plumbing 30 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration 31 Construction Technology 32 Painting & Design Technologies 34 Post-Secondary Practical Nursing Program 35 Academic Courses 36 Cooperative Education 40 Student Services 42 Activities 44 Athletics 45 Apply to BVT 46 Visit Our Campus 47

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    transforming education

    Transforming Education is not just our tag line, it has been a part of Blackstone Valley Techs culture for the past 20 years. Ask anyone who has visited our campus and theyll tell you that theres something in the air. Walk through our hallways, observe our teachers and students at work, and youll feel the renewed energy of a collective commitment to embrace new learning models that are creating happy, healthy, and successful futures for our children.

    Long gone are the days of passive lectures and isolated study. Today, our learning models are centered on integration the fusion of academic and career technical learning. Were implementing cross-curricular challenges that require our students to apply theory learned in mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies to solve workplace/life problems encountered in their career vocational technical shops. This interactive, inquiry-based learning groups students together for peer discussion, discovery, and instruction under the watchful eye and expert guidance of their teachers. Our students learn from and challenge one another. They experience learning that is customized, connected, amplified, and relevant.

    Our Goals To fuse rigorous academic, vocational, and career technical skills with enhanced proficiencies in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and literacy in media, information, and technology, empowering students to be resilient participants in a fluid global economy.

    To nurture qualities of character, including self esteem, introspection, accountability, leadership, and creativity as students become credentialed, contributing members of an evolving society.

    To foster among staff a culture that embraces adaptability, reflection, mutual support, and ongoing professional development in the interest of continuous improvement.

    To promote a safe, respectful community of shared values acknowledging the cultural diversity of our thirteen towns while forging a partnership with our civic and business communities.

    Setting high academic standards, meeting employer expectations for highly skilled personnel, and keeping pace with rapid advancements in technology are key contributors to our success. Were excited to be on the front line, helping to pioneer new learning models and approaches. Transforming Education is a never-ending process, so lets all up our game!

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    Our Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing program provides the detail-minded student with the techni-cal knowledge and skills, character, and work ethic necessary to begin a rewarding career in this fast-paced, high-tech industry. The dynamic and challenging curriculum provides students a great opportunity to work on both live and training vehicles with cosmetic and serious structural damage. In the process, students hone their skills in welding, cutting, surface preparation, painting, refinishing, plastic repair, abrasives, solvents, and estimation. The curriculum also includes a basic introduction to automotive mechanical and electrical systems. Our state-of-the-art virtual painting program allows students to practice painting and refinishing techniques in an eco-friendly learning environment. Graduates are eligible for one year of credit toward the two-year work requirement necessary for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) collision repair technician certification. Skills you will learn:

    Damage analysis Welding and cutting Plastic repair Structural and non-structural repair Mechanical and electrical introduction Painting and refinishing

    SERV ICE PAT HWAYAutomotive Collision Repair

    & Refinishing

    automotive collision

    CERTIFICATIONS OSHA 10-hour Card: General Industry Respirator Safety Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) HIGH SCHOOL Apprentice collision repair employee Transportation vehicle glass installer Automotive restoration business Industrial painter Detailing business Sales representative for paint or supply company

    2 YEARS COLLEGE Advanced collision repair employee Insurance appraiser Insurance adjuster Auto/truck dealership employee Collision repair shop owner 4 YEARS COLLEGE Insurance appraiser Insurance adjuster Auto/truck dealership management Automotive designer

  • SERV ICE PAT HWAYCulinary Arts


    The Automotive Technology program is approved by the National Automotive Technical Education Foundation to train students to repair and maintain modern industry vehicles. Students who enjoy hands-on problem- solving will value the extensive mechanical, electrical, and electronic service performance skills acquired by working on live and training vehicles. Our Automotive Technology lab is a technologically rich environ-ment with sophisticated tools required for electronic diagnostics and repair of domestic and foreign vehicles. Graduates are eligible for one year of credit toward the two years work requirement for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) automotive technician certification. Skills you will learn:

    Entry level vehicle maintenance Electronic diagnostics Air conditioning repair Servicing the brake, fuel, exhaust, and suspension systems Service writing, billing, parts ordering, and inventory con