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The 2009 edition of the Wofford View Book for prospective students


  • Create a charity. Publish a novel. Start a business. Youre more than a major here at Wofford. Our unique culture and distinct approach to academics allow you to network together multiple interests, experienced faculty and diverse classmates from every major to create lifechanging challenges that help find and feed

    the whole you. Here at Wofford, youll be encouraged to channel your full range of interests in science, medicine, law, language, literature, government, religion and business into valuable experiences in the classroom and around the world.

    Discover the unexpected you.



  • Are you a typical Wofford Student?}

    As you might imagine, there is no typical Wofford student. Diversity is our strength. Our students arrive from all walks of life and all regions of the globe, with a common thirst for knowledge and experience. Dont be surprised to find friends with goals in everything from finance, philosophy and filmwriting, to subjects like environmental science or endocrinology.


  • Woffords interdisciplinary approach immerses you into the full confluence of sciences, social sciences and humanities through collaborative research and international dialogue, preparing you to address complex issues as a productive, engaged and compassionate global citizen in any career you choose.

    Wofford is one of only five independent Phi Beta Kappa colleges and universities in the Carolinas.

    Wofford has graduated five Rhodes Scholars, five Truman Scholars, two Barry M. Goldwater Scholars, twelve Woodrow Wilson Fellows, twelve Rotary Ambassador Scholars, two James Madison Fellows, a Morris K. Udall Scholar and two Fulbright Scholars.

    This is you. This is meaningful. This is Wofford.

    Collaboration, rather than competition, fuels discovery here.Employing methods of learn-ing pioneered by great minds like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, our academic approach is holistic.

    It is designed to educate the whole you through valuable connections and experiences.

    The result is a new learning lifestyle. One that is shared with your fellow students, faculty, the community, and new friends abroad.

    We have a distinct culture that allows innovation and creativity to flourish.

    For more than 150 years, Wofford has produced leaders in virtually every field of human endeavor.

    Its not by chance.

  • Dr. Eun-Sun LeeAssociate Professor of Music and Director of Chamber Players

    Dr. Lee is a former scholarship student under Dorothy Delay at The Juilliard School. She has performed with Grammy-winning artists and soloed in venues like New Yorks Metropolitan Museum and Carnegie Hall, among others.

    Here at Wofford, Dr. Lee helps fulfill our commitment to you to educate the whole person, with an apprecia-tion for the arts serving as a crucial element in that process.

    C. Michael CurtisSenior Editor, The Atlanticand Woffords John C. Cobb Endowed Chair in the Humanities

    C. Michael Curtis knows great writing and how to craft masterpieces with great writers. Under his direction, The Atlantics fiction is nominated for a National Magazine Award virtually every year. He is also a renowned teacher, having instructed students at Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Bennington and elsewhere. At Wofford, Curtis generously contributes this continuing life of experience to your personal education.

    One of the exceptional values of a small private college like Wofford is the closeness you enjoy with the experienced leaders and life-changers who are your faculty. For all four years, these top scientists, politicians, business leaders, artists, writers, perform-ers, scholars and poets take a personal inter-est in your future.

    Dr. Ellen Goldey Professor of Biology

    Prior to coming to Wofford in 1995, Dr. Goldey was a developmental neurotoxicologist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. She has also served as principal investigator for the National Science Foundations Seeing the Big Picture: Linking the Sciences and the Humanities and is principal investigator on a Teagle Foundation initiative, titled

    Revealing the Value Added of Liberal Arts: Assessing the Institutional Culture of Creativity and Collaboration and its Impact on Learning Outcomes.Dr. Goldey was the 2002 United Methodist Foundation Educator of the Year.

    Wofford has crafted an academic culture where you are able to contribute, createand ultimately learn more than you would in a traditional educa-tional setting.

    Dr. Ellen Goldey

    Woffords full commitment to the arts is exciting because it allows you to explore your talent, skill and creativity at the high-est level, even if you are not an art major. Dr. Eun-Sun Lee

    Beginning day-one at Wofford, youll be paired with a faculty advisor who, typically, also teaches one of your classes. This system helps lay the foundation for you to begin forming important one-on-one relationships with other mentors who share insights tailored to your indi-vidual path for success, service and global citizenship.

    92% of the faculty hold Ph.D. or other terminal degrees.

    WoffordsStudent/Faculty ratio is 11:1.

    Nearly 70% of classes have fewer than 20 students.

    By working with you one-on-one, helping you strengthen your appreciation for the arts, Lee helps you to build strong analytical skills, improve oral and written communication, and inspire confidence.

    Thinking of becoming a writer? Want to know the ins and outs of the business? Want the advice of a first-rate editor? How about having the editor of The Atlantic as your personal guru?

    When it comes to engaging learning experiences, Dr. Goldey helped write the book. Literally.

  • Be selective. Be adventurous. Be yourself. In addition to our distin-guished pre-professional programs, we offer 53 undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations. Each one is carefully developed and supported to provide genuine growth experience and career opportunity. Innovative programs like Pre-Med, Chinese Language and Environmental Studies open doors to the futures most exciting careers and fields of study.

    Pre-Professional ProgramsEducationPre-DentalPre-EngineeringPre-LawPre-MedicalPre-MinistryPre-Veterinary Science

    Academic MajorsAccountingArt HistoryBiologyBusiness EconomicsChemistryChineseComputer Science

    EconomicsEnglishEnvironmental StudiesFinanceFrenchGermanGovernmentHistoryHumanitiesIntercultural StudiesIntercultural Studies for BusinessMathematicsPhilosophyPhysicsPsychologyReligionSociologySpanishTheatre

    MinorsArt HistoryBusinessChinese StudiesComputer ScienceEconomics

    EnglishEnvironmental StudiesGerman StudiesGovernmentHistoryMathematicsPhilosophyReligionSociology

    Other ProgramsAfrican/African-American Studies Communications/ JournalismComputational ScienceCreative WritingGender StudiesGeologyInformation ManagementLatin American & Caribbean StudiesMilitary ScienceMusicNeuroscience19th Century Studies

    }}53 Majors, minors & concentrations. The great minds around you? They know you. They live here. They are your mentors. Your colleagues. Your friends. You belong here.

    Woffords new Environmental Studies major offers both a BA and BS track with the goal of building a diverse community of participantscholars who appreciate the ways in which scientists, politicians, artists, business leaders, social scientists, scholars, poets and writers approach the environment, and who seek to become informed, lifelong stewards of the natural world. Classes and research will take place at the Environmental Studies Center at Glendale Shoals, a LEEDcertified building.

    The Association of American Medical Schools Medical School Admissions Requirements states that medicine needs individuals with a strong foundation in the natural sciences, highly developed communication skills, and a solid background in the social sciences and humanities. Wofford is especially successful at providing this ideal background. Our premedical program emphasizes interdisciplinary education, in addition to handson clinical experience and intense MCAT preparation.

    Directed by Dr. Li Qing Kinnison, Woffords Chinese major recognizes the increasing importance of China in international affairs, as well as the employment advantages for students who can speak Chinese. It will be beneficial for students to understand the culture and to communicate effectively in Chinese, not only for them in their careers, but for general citizenship in the world community as well.

  • }Go ahead. Explore the most intriguing or most excit-ing human experience you can imagine. If its not one of our 200 existing programs, we can probably help you design one of your own. Opportunities range from monthlong travel/study projects to a full year at a university abroad. You wont have to wait to make your mark on the world. This is your time to encounter the unexpected.

    Our students study on all seven continents, even Antarctica. At Wofford, all study abroad credits transfer directly along with applicable financial aid. You can read more about real experiences at blogs.wofford.edu/study_abroad/

    Ivy Farr traveled the world, including one of Africas remote jungles, to research how the United States and its citizens are perceived in other countries.

    Paul Wood, Corey Gibson, Jeff Gurganus and Jeremy Peters each traveled to China and wrote of their experiences. They were honored to have their work published in a journal produced by Beijing University, one of the top universities of China.

    Woffords opportuni-ties to study abroad won me over. Vanessa LauberAs a Wofford Presi-dential International Scholar, Vanessa has traveled to Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Thailand, Peru and Mexico. She also studied at Oxford in