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遊戲引擎簡介 與心得. Zean Mail : zean.fang@gmail.com. Zean. 2004 4C 競賽、 2005 全國行動電玩創意大 賽 交大 多媒體工程研究所 2008-2011 鈊象電子高級工程師 2011 至今接外包為生. Game Engine History. Game Engine History. 1993 Id Tech 1 (id software) – Doom No graphics card 2D. Game Engine History. 1996 Quake (id software) – Quake - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



ZeanMail : zean.fang@gmail.comZean2004 4C2005 2008-2011 2011




5Game Engine History

6Game Engine History1993 Id Tech 1 (id software) DoomNo graphics card2D

77Game Engine History1996 Quake (id software) QuakeReal 3DMouse to aim, keyboard to moveSoftware rendering

88Game Engine History1997 Id Tech 2 (id software) Quake II, Half lifeGraphics card supportSupport both software rendering and openGL 1.1 rendering

9Game Engine History1998 Unreal (EPIC) - UnrealInclude physics, video, Soundetc., Game engine is not only rendering engine anymore.

10Game Engine History2002 Unreal 2 (EPIC) - Lineage 2, Rainbow Six 3, BioShockSupport GameCube, PS2, XboxParticle Editor, Physical Editor,

11Game Engine History2005 Unreal 3 (EPIC) Gears of War seriesProgrammable pipeline no fix pipeline

12Game Engine History2005 Unity (Unity Technologies) Cytus, Call of Duty : Strike

13What Is Game EngineA game engine is a system designed for the creation and development of video games(Wikipedia)

14What Is Game EngineGear of War Game Play Berserker appearBreak the wallPlay attack animationDestructible MeshPlay the sound effectMove to the standby positionPlay event UIDashPlay the dash animationPlay the sound (dash and speech)Play the subtitle (the speech)

151:20~2:0015What Is Game EngineA system with tools to create and handle all behavior in game.

16Unreal3US$50,000 royalty-free revenue benefit17

HavokProject anarchy for mobileHavok Vision EngineHavok PhysicsHavok Animation StudioHavok AI18

UnityUnity Pro $1500, ios $1500, Android $150019

No best engine just best Developers !20Q & AThank You !21What Is Game EngineRenderingScenePhysicsSoundScriptAIAnimationNetwork.

22RenderingUneal LightMass

23PhysicsHavok vision24AnimationHavok Animation Studio25AIHavok AI

26Scene ManagementUnreal StreamingUnreal Level Editor27Why Game EngineMuch easy to create a game Learning overhead ?

28Why Game EngineCheaper !!

29D&D HistoryDnd - 1975

30D&D HistoryAdvanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin - 1983

31D&D HistoryPool of Radiance - 1988

32D&D HistoryBaldur's Gate - 1998

33D&D HistoryNeverwinter Nights - 2002

34D&D HistoryNeverwinter Nights 2 - 2006

35D&D HistoryDragon Age 2 - 2012

36Why Game Engine

37Why Game Engine

38Why Game Engine

39Why Game EnginePhysicsrenderingblah blah blah

4040Why Game EngineCost problemUnity Pro : $1500Unreal3 : $5000025%Havok Project Anarchy : Free!! CryEngine3 : Free for non-commercial. $1200000 for commercial.

41Game Engine History1999 Id Tech 3 (id software) Quake III, Return to Castle WolfensteinNo more software renderingSupport Command line & vertex animation

42Game Engine History2004 Id Tech 4 (id software) Doom III, Quake IVSupport DX9Dynamic Lighting (Shadow volume)

43Game Engine History2004 CryEngine 1 (Crytek) Far Cry, AION

4444Game Engine History2006 CryEngine 2 (Crytek) Crysis Support DX10

4545Game Engine History2009 CryEngine 3 (Crytek) Crysis 3Support DX11



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