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You have superpowers you can use every day!


  • 1. Y ou have super powers it is absolutely true! Y ou have the power to do things so far beyond what you can even imagine!
  • 2. S o, what will unleash your super powers? Y ou have to believe that you can overcome any obstacles that may arise.
  • 3. S o, what will unleash your super powers? Y ou will give and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.
  • 4. S o, what will unleash your super powers? When you believe, you invoke the super powers of your mind & you will alter your reality.
  • 5. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion Persuasion The ability to influence thoughts or feelings. We are able to M ultiplicity persuade others through thoughtful communication. S uper S peed You may persuade a customer to purchase a useful accessory for the item Rapid L earning they are ordering, persuade a fellow employee to feel good by giving them a compliment, or even persuade yourself do RetroK nowledge a fantastic job! The power of persuasion, like all super Thought Transfer powers, should be practiced often to help those around you.
  • 6. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion Multiplicity Being in more than one place at a time, or in other words- M ultiplicity efficiently performing more than one task. When you master this ability, you can S uper S peed seamlessly flow between areas that need your special knowledge & expertise. Rapid L earning Your multiplicity super power can be anything from making notes of important RetroK nowledge information during a meeting to reading an email while on hold with a client or vendor. Thought Transfer
  • 7. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion Super Speed The ability to physically move & execute various actions far more M ultiplicity quickly than the average person. You arent just fast, youre efficient. Not S uper S peed only are you able to complete tasks faster than average, you do them correctly & do Rapid L earning them well. To you, goals are made to be exceeded, RetroK nowledge not just completed! Thought Transfer
  • 8. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion Rapid Learning This gift allows you to understand new concepts exceptionally M ultiplicity well. When you read over articles on new S uper S peed techniques, emails from business contacts, or hear of new information this Rapid L earning knowledge stays with you & you use it to its fullest extent whenever needed. RetroK nowledge Learning quickly, understanding many subjects, & using your vast abilities makes this a wonderful super Thought Transfer power to possess.
  • 9. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion RetroKnowledge The ability to look into the past. M ultiplicity This amazing super power can be exercised by almost anyone! To get a S uper S peed detailed picture of the past, we need help from other people. Rapid L earning Past emails, notes youve made, discussions you remember these are the RetroK nowledge gateways to the past. With proper use of this information Thought Transfer any one of you can use RetroKnowledge to influence the future!
  • 10. What super powers do you possess? Persuasion Thought Transfer If you were able to connect your brain to someone else's, M ultiplicity your thinking power would more than double. Together you could solve problems that individually you could not! S uper S peed Imagine if you added a hundred people- Rapid L earning your collective intelligence would be phenomenal! RetroK nowledge Engaging in open discussion, talking with other people in your industry, reading and posting blogs- sharing and learning Thought Transfer information- that is how we can all achieve the super power of thought transfer!
  • 11. Every victory, no matter how large or small, is still a
  • 12. What super powers did you use today?
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