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    Alice B. Hambright Zucker Family School of Education The Citadel July 11, 2016


  • Accreditation History

    NCATE visit Full Visit April 2005

    Passed with Conditions (Standard 1 Initial Programs and Standard 2 All Programs)

    LiveText Implementation 2006

    Focus Visit October 2007 Full Accreditation

    NCATE AND CAEP visit (One of 3 national CAEP pilot institutions) Full Visit Spring 2013

    Target = Assessment (NCATE Standard 2)

    Full Accreditation with NO areas for improvement

    Next NCATE/CAEP visit Full Visit Spring 2020

  • Overview

    Tackling administration, faculty, candidate, and site supervisor buy-in

    LiveText for sharing information and collaboration

    LiveText public documents for accountability

    Changing attitudes about change

    Making training and re-training fun!

  • Zucker Family School of Education


    Counselor Education Division

    Educational Leadership Division

    Literacy Education Division

    Teacher Education Division

    Administrative Assistant(s)

    Field Experiences Director


    Student Services Director

    Associate Dean Assistant Dean

  • Buy-In in Three Easy Steps!

    1. Communication

    2. Motivation

    3. Inspiration

  • Communication

    1. Know your audience

    2. Emphasize the positive

    3. Assign specific very doable roles and duties

    4. Change whatever is not working

    5. Email, post, chat, phone, gossip if you must

  • DOCUMENTEverything

  • Motivation

    1. Be the involved, reliable, available, conscientious person you want on your assessment team

    2. Share your successes and the successes of others! (Collaborate!)

    3. Organize for success

    4. Use the data you collect!

  • ANALYZEEverything

  • Inspiration

    1. Expect to succeed

    2. Encourage your assessment team1. Praise

    2. Recognize / Reward

    3. Please and Thank You!

    3. Be human

  • LiveText = Share, Collaborate

    1. Share information in LiveText(Users must sign in to LiveText to view information)

    2. Examples:1. Assessment Responsibilities Document

    2. Project Document

    3. Accreditation Documentation Collaboration

    NOTE: The more you use LiveText, the more you like it. Folder/CACREP.html

  • LiveText = Public Documentation

    1. Store public documentation in LiveText(Link to website)

    2. Examples:1. Public Accountability Documents2. 2015 CAEP Documentation3. Follow-up Surveys4. Printable Forms5. Internship Resources

    NOTE: The more you use LiveText, the more you like it.

  • Change

    Change your schedule

    Change your clothes

    Change your ways


    Change disrupts, corrupts, interrupts,

    Melts, rusts, decays and dissolves,

    but I like change best

    when it jingles.Alice B. Hambright

    March 1, 2004

  • Changing Attitudes About Change

    1. Answer the question: Whats in it for me?

    2. Always remember: Enthusiasm is contagious!

    3. Be a Leader Who:1. Highlights the Positive

    2. Admit Your Flaws

    3. Is Fair

    4. Is Consistent and TrustworthyDoes NOT Make Exceptions

    4. Remind everyone of how it used to be

    Change is an Adventure! Adventures are GOOD!

  • Make Training (and re-training) FUN!

    1. Know Your Audience!

    2. Ask Questions

    3. Share Good Examples of Completed Work

    4. Use Humor (Sing it if you must!)

    5. Offer Group and Individual Training Sessions

    6. Be Amazed (You already are amazing!)

    NOTE: The more you use LiveText, the more you like it.

  • QUESTIONS?Thank You

  • Contact Information

    Alice B Hambright

    LiveText Coordinator/Technology Specialist

    Zucker Family School of Education

    The Citadel

    Charleston, South Carolina

    (843) 953-7072

    LiveText Visitor Pass: BD19E128