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Origins of the Cold War for IBDP History. Attitudes in the USA and USSR


  • 1. The Superpowers 1945 - 1948What attitudes and motives shaped thedevelopment of hostility between theUSA and the USSR at the start of theCold War?

2. The Japanese delegationprepare the Articles ofSurrender on board the USSMissouri. World War II wasover.2 September 1945AmericanAttitudes atthe start ofthe ColdWar 3. The USA was the worlds leadingnationStrong economy of theUSA: One third ofworlds exports camefrom the USA.Economic strengthbrought confidence.Leading Americansbelieved capitalismand free trade was theway forward. 4. The nuclear monopolyUSA had the strongestnavy and airforceIn 1945 the USAbelieved it would takeanother country atleast 20 years todevelop an atomicbombCould the bomb beused as a threat? 5. Memories of the 1930sUSA isolationist foreign policy had allowed theEuropean situation to get out of controlAmerica needed to do more to stand up to dictatorsThe economicdepression hadcontributed to therise of the dictatorsCommunism was athreat to the worldeconomy 6. Influence of George KennanThe Long Telegram 1946Kennan was a US diplomat in Moscow & sent a detailedview of Soviet motives that was widely accepted in theUS.Soviet governmentdetermined to expandMarxism encourages Sovietleaders to be ruthless. Theycan not be trustedThe USSR wants to smashWestern Democracy 7. German CapturedBanners arebrought downAt the GreatVictory Parade inthe Red Square inMoscow24 June 1945SovietAttitudes atthe start ofthe ColdWar 8. The War was a triumph for SovietCommunism In the battlebetweencommunism andfascism,communism hadtriumphed The USSR had madethe most importantcontribution in thedefeat of NaziGermany 9. Soviet Wartime Sacrifice 15 million Soviet soldiers and civilians hadbeen killed by the Germans 25 million Soviet citizens died because of thewar (food shortages, harsh conditions,disease) 10. USSR Strategic Thinking In 1914 and 1941Germany hadattacked Russiathrough Poland. Stalin wasdetermined that theUSSRs neighbours inEastern Europewould have leaderswho were friendlytowards the USSR. 11. A response to US imperialism? The USSR believed that US business leaderswere planning to spread their power intoother countries, and in this way the USAwould build up a new kind of world empire. American troops would not conquer newlands: American capitalism would. 12. 13. Imprimerie Spciale de Paix et Libert,1950 14. 15. 16.