year 3/4 expanded noun phrases - amazon web services ... 1 1 a noun phrase a noun phrase is a group

Download Year 3/4 Expanded Noun Phrases - Amazon Web Services ... 1 1 A Noun Phrase A noun phrase is a group

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    Expanded Noun Phrases Year 3/4

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    1 A Noun Phrase

    A noun phrase is a group of words which describes a noun (a person, place or thing).

    The noun is introduced by a determiner.


    determiner noun

    The man

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    Expanded noun phrase

    An expanded noun phrase makes noun phrases more descriptive and adds more detail.

    We do this by adding adjectives to describe the nouns.


    determiner adjective noun

    The tall man

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    Expanded noun phrase

    Sometime we can use more than one adjective to describe the noun.

    When we do this, we need to use a comma to separate our adjectives.


    determiner adjectives noun

    The tall, slim man

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    What adjectives can we think of to describe a child?

    Let’s try expand a noun phrase by adding adjectives before the noun:

    The child

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    Now use some of these adjectives to create an expanded noun phrase. Don’t forget the commas!

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    The child

    the small child

    the blonde child

    the innocent child

    the chubby child

    the bright child

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    the blonde child with grey pants

    Let’s try using ‘with’ to add another expanded noun phrase:

    Now you try using ‘with’ to write another expanded noun phrase.

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    The blonde child with grey pants walked across the grass.

    Now we can add a verb and a preposition to create a sentence:

    Now use a verb and preposition to create a sentence from your expanded noun phrases.

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    Write a sentence that includes two expanded noun phrases and the word ‘with’.

    Can we guess which character you have chosen?

    Choose a character from the image: