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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health

    Values based recruitment Ruth Auton & Janine Hackett *Strategic Workforce Development ManagerDirectorate of Workforce, Education and QualityHealth Education East Midlands

    *Assistant Subject Head Occupational Therapy University of Derby


  • Value Based RecruitmentHEE Project: 3 deliverables:VBR for HEE Commissioned ProgrammesVBR for TrustsEvaluation of projects 1&2

  • www.derby.ac.uk/healthValues based recruitment, teaching & learning Alignment with values of NHS constitution Compassion Respect Collaboration Courage Dignity Commitment Integrity Trust Responsibility Continuous journey rather than 1 off eventSupports excellent patient care & experienceAims to inspire passion in NHS


  • Values based recruitment Pre selection processAttracting the right StudentsSelection day Pre selectionprocess

  • Values based recruitmentMapping against; Francis recommendations, professional suitability, NHS constitution, COT code of ethics Involvement of clinicians Service user involvement Debrief & Sofa test

  • Mapping the process to key documents

    Francis:- 4 Behaviours of LeadersFrancis RecommendationsNHS Core ValuesCOT Code of EthicsDomains of Professional SuitabilityApplication Form screened:-Screened by Central Admissions to ensure meets qualification criteria Reviewed by Occupational Therapy Admissions Team focussing on personal statement and reference (review of qualifications)leadership behaviours Recommendation 185Intellectual achievements to enable them to acquire through training the necessary technical skillsRecommendation 185Selection of candidates who evidence the possession of appropriate values, attitudes and behavioursSection 6Motivation and preparedness to be an OTCommitment to professionGroup Interview. Scored on scale of 1-10 based on:-Verbal / non-verbal communication and social skillsGroup participation/cooperationDemonstrates leadership behavioursDemonstrates care / consideration of othersOptimism:-Continual learning when things go wrongDecisiveness:-Take responsibilityExplain whyBravery to make decisionsChange direction if neededTransparency:-CommunicationOpen to feedbackRecommendation 173Principles of openness, transparency and candourHonest and truthful in dealings with patients/ publicPersonal interests never outweigh the duty to be honest, open, truthfulRecommendation 185Selection of candidates who evidence the possession of appropriate values, attitudes and behavioursLeadership / compassionate careFocus on culture of caringAbility and motivation to put the welfare of others above their own interestRecommendation 5Will be honest and open regardless of the consequences for themselvesWill apply the NHS values Recommendation 191Recruitment for values and commitment5 work in partnership7 Accountable4 Decision making about a patients care6 Effective and fair use of resourcesSections 2-5 (Service user welfare and autonomy, service provision, personal/ professional integrity, professional competence)TeamworkCritical thinking and problem solvingEmpathyCommunication and interpersonal skillsCritical thinking and problem solvingEthical / moral reasoningPersonal / professional integrity

  • Values based recruitment & education Pre selection processSelection day Attracting the right StudentsSelection day Pre selectionprocessValues based teaching/learning environment Values driven behaviours/leadership/culture

  • QuestionsAre graduates entering practice embodying the required values?What else might HEIs consider?How are values being incorporated into the selection process in the workplace?How can we challenge those in practice and help them develop ?


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