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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health School of Health www.derby.ac.uk/health
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  • Practice Documentation: The Ongoing Achievement Record Guy Collins
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Setting the scene: NMC (2010) standards for pre-registration nurse education NMC (2008) standards to support learning and assessment in practice In order to register required to evidence achievement of specific progression criteria; Generic and Field specific competencies; EU Directive 2005/36/EC University Derby practice documentation (contents & format) developed with practice partners 2011- 2012 Engagement with mentors 2011-2012 series of roadshow events across Derbyshire Commended as an example of best practice at the validation event in May 2012 Mentor updates (annual requirement); Triennial reviews Practice Partnership Network Support by Clinical Placement Facilitators employed by Trusts Link Lecturers Mentor website resources and example document http://www.derby.ac.uk/health/nursing/mentorshttp://www.derby.ac.uk/health/nursing/mentors
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Sections of the OAR: You need to be familiar with document in addition to mentor responsibility! Impacts on your own progression! Different OAR for each stage of the programme Essential Skills document supplementary requirement/record (across programme) User guidance at the start of the document and at the start of each section Consists of: Stage 1 Hub Core Documents Essential Care Spoke Core Documents Health of the Community (simulated practice) Spoke Core Documents Practice Passport Testimonials Attendance Record Mandatory Training Record Additional Review & Action Planning Record Link Lecturer Visit Record Summative Generic & Field Specific Competencies Assessment Summative Generic Progression Criteria Assessment Hub Mentor Declaration Stage 1 Integrated Practice Module Leader Stage 1 Verification
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Time line for summative assessment: NMC requirement that students are assessed summatively at the end of each stage & then a sign off mentor assessment at end of Stage 3 All stages must be passed in order to progress All summative assessments must be completed by Hub mentor can review evidence/testimonials from elsewhere but ultimately only one person summatively assessing you Normally only 2 attempts at summative practice assessment failure at second attempt would result in discontinuation regardless of stage of programme Practice assessments must occur in the identified progression point weeks See the identified weeks for your specific cohort If referred at 1 st attempt must liaise with mentor and link lecturer team Action plan must be established and adhered to If required only 2 nd attempt must occur before the end of the placement/end of Stage OAR must be submitted to University at end of Stage for verification by IANP module team Ensure everything fully complete prior to submission otherwise will be returned OAR is YOUR professional record of progress
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Summative Generic & Field Specific Competencies Assessment: Competencies across 4 domains of practice: Professional Values Communication & Interpersonal Skills Nursing Practice & Decision Making Leadership, Management and Team Working All competencies must have been assessed in practice by using a range of evidence and recorded (see page 12 of OAR for types of evidence and codes) All competencies must be achieved at the applicable Bondy level minimum of Bondy level 2 for 1st progression point (see OAR for level criteria) OAR = Practice Assessment Remember theoretical assessment is demonstrated in YOUR portfolio cant double count same evidence for practice theory for each competency Each competency must be signed and dated with outcome (both Hub mentor and student)
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Summative Generic Progression Criteria Assessment Separate specific NMC progression criteria Listed A-R - under following areas: Associated with safety and safeguarding people at all ages, their carers and their families Areas associated with professional values and expected attitudes and behaviours towards people, their carers and their families Assessed using a range of evidence and recorded (see guidance in OAR for types of evidence and codes) Assessed at 1 st as either Achieved/Refer 2 nd attempt (if required only) as Achieved/Fail Each progression criteria must be signed and dated with outcome (both Hub mentor and student)
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health Hub Mentor Declaration Stage 1 Acts as summary and guide to provide progress overview Additional record that person is suitable designation to assess an active mentor (advisable to clarify this with identified mentor during placement experience and not left to progression point) Aid to ensure all applicable sections completed Record of total hours completed at Progression Point (will undertake further clinical hours post progression point this total hours will be checked by the IANP module team during their verification of document Inclusive of progress of working towards requirements of EU Directive 2005/36/EC in practice only Hub mentor will need to review Essential Skills Clusters for one statement Separate 2 nd attempt declaration (if required only) Do not detach copies from Hub Mentor Declaration section
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  • www.derby.ac.uk/health If still unsure seek guidance from your Personal Tutor the Link Lecturer for your placement


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