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<ul><li> 1. WISER GROUP<br />Where Quality Matters<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. INTRODUCTION:<br />Wiser Group is a company registered in UAE.We have been involved in international trade and distribution in the Gulf region, Middle East and North Africa.We operate on a global basis and concentrate our efforts in the Gulf region.We have a proven history of acting as a highly efficient supplier contact for various companies throughout the regionpromoting and marketing their products abroad. We have the business and strategic governmental contacts that help to expedite most matters that influence international transactions, trade and distribution.<br />TRADE:<br />Wiser Group acts as an intermediary to execute business transactions. We trade in commodities such Sugar, Soya beans ,Cacao, Poultry, Metals, Oils, Bio-Oils and others. <br />LOGISTICS:<br />Our logistic partners insure that all our shipments and logistic requirements are professionally handled.Cargos are insured by a top insurance company till destination as per international standards.<br /> 3. Beverages (non-alcoholic)<br />How do you brew non-alcoholic beer?<br /><br />Beer has a long history. Experts say humanity has known the alcoholic beverage for more than 5,000 years. When you think about it that adds up to a lot of hangovers, which is why it's a good thing that modern breweries have also figured out how to make beer that doesn't contain alcohol. There are basically two ways to brew low-alcohol beer. Either you lower the percentage of alcohol in the beverage during the brewing process, or afterwards.<br />These beers are brewed without any alcohol at all and are genuine 0% non-alcoholic beers. <br /> 4. Beverages (non-alcoholic)<br />DOES IT TASTE GOOD ?<br />Alcohol free beers have been on the market for decades. The quality and taste of those products, as well as the choice, has vastly improved as producers strive to match higher expectations among wine and beer drinkers.<br />Just as the quality of alcoholic beers has improved over recent decades, so has the quality of alcohol-free drinks. A more discerning palate has led to a wider range of beers being developed for all occasions.<br />We have carefully selected our beers to offer choice, variety and, above all, taste. We have familiar brands that are synonymous with the 'alcohol-free' tag but much improved over decades.<br />There are also many more welcome additions to the alcohol-free shelf with lots of pleasant surprises. These include alcohol-free versions of popular top-brand beers that are as crisp, as smooth, as refreshing, and just as sophisticated, as their full-alcohol counterparts.<br /> 5. Beverages (non-alcoholic)<br />BRANDS<br />Wiser uses world A class breweries to bottle and produce Private Label Non-Alcoholic Beer's such as Heineken, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Pilsner and other A ratedBrewing Companies Globally maintaining the highest quality hops, grain and yeast that money can buy to brew its beer - because of these high quality ingredients, we can guarantee you a premium non-alcoholic beer product with a consistent taste that you deserve and respect.<br />Our bottling filling network include : <br /> 6. Tobacco Molasses <br />Introduction :<br />Wiser signed an agreement with one of the biggest manufacturers in the Middle East to produce and export finest Molasses products worldwide. By partnering with the best expertize, we insure to deliver products with the highest possible standards. <br />Our Packaging<br />Our 50g PackagesEach 50g is packed in an exclusively designed sealed aluminum sachet, inside a carton packet wrapped in a thermo plastic wrap and sealed with a specially designed security tear tape for easy opening. Every 10 packs are packed in an outer box , and every 12 outers are packed in a corrugated carton master case.<br />Our 250g PackagesEach 250g unit is packed in a special re-sealable plastic laminated aluminum sachet. These bags are stacked inside an exclusively designed plastic bucket with cover. Each bucket is placed in a carton box with a thermo plastic wrap. Every 12 boxes are placed in a master case.<br /> 7. Tobacco Molasses <br />Our Flavors:<br />We provide tobacco in a wide variety of flavors including grape, rose, apple, strawberry, two apples, orange, lemon, melon, mint, cocktail, banana, cherry, apricot, cappuccino, coconut, mango, pineapple, plum, jasmine, cinnamon, berry, pear, pipe, honey, grenadine, cigar, vanilla, gum, chocolate, water melon, kiwi, bubble gum, cardamom, grape with mint, guava, lemon with mint, gum mastic, and peach.<br /> 8. THANK YOU <br />WISER GROUP <br />Tel: +9714 3197777, Fax: +9714 3197474, P. O. Box 8979. Dubai, UAE<br />Email : info@wisergroup.ae.Web : www.wisergroup.net<br /></p>