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DESCRIPTION is the global social network for sustainability. The network is searching for volunteers in China (and around the world) to help translate and grow the wiser community in order to create a more sustainable world.


<ul><li> 1. WiserEarth.orgPhoto credit: flickr / gwenGrowing Wiser in China!</li></ul> <p> 2. What is WiserEarth? Collaborative platform Free, international,searchable directory ofpeople &amp; organizationsaround the world workingon social &amp; environmentalinitiatives Launched on Earth Day 2007 105,000 nonprofitorganizations &amp; socialbusinesses 61,000 members Based on Wikipedia wheremembers are able to createand edit content Add/find/connect:resources, jobs,organizations, solutions,events &amp; people 3. What is WiserEarth? 4. A global community 5. It is free, non-commercial and international 6. It includes spaces called groups for online 7. WiserLocal gatherings help changemakers work together 8. WiserLocal gatherings are growing around the world 9. WiserEarth.orgs MissionTo help the global movement of peopleand organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, andenvironmental stewardship to connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and buildalliances in order to strengthen their abilityto address and solve the worlds problems. 10. But why do we need WiserEarth? One million + organizations and millions of people around the world actively working toward ecological sustainability and social equality - issues that are systemically interconnected and intertwined. Our effectiveness to prevent harm and institute positive change undermined by our lack of collective awareness, the duplication of efforts, and poor connectivity. What is missing is a map and directory of this network, one that includes the necessary resources for communication and cooperation; in essence, an infrastructure through which to coordinate our efforts. provides this infrastructure 11. The VisionThe team behind WiserEarth(WE) is from: UK, America,Australia, Indonesia, Senegal&amp; France.Together with a team ofnearly 100 volunteersaround the world WE arehoping to create a way forglobal collaboration to takeplace to address the manycritical issues facing ourworld. 12. Collaborative Platform Non-profit Free to use Free of 13. Groups and Collaboration Tools Issue Areas Wiki Directories Social Networking Groupware 14. Growing Wiser in ChinaHow can you make a difference? Volunteer for Today!1. Were looking for English to Chinese translators 2.Community managers to help Chinese speaking members use the free platform3. Organizers to help create WiserLocal gatherings for innovators and change-makers to work together and share their projects 4. Networkers who are able to share who is doing what andwhere in China on WiserEarth in relation to creating a sustainable China &amp; share this on social media 15. Growing Wiser in China For more information on Volunteer Opportunities in China: Send a message to Yovia Yue : </p>