why do you love your mum more than your dad?

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1. We deliver. You save. text marketer R Text Marketer we simply promise to help you get the best possible results from SMS www.textmarketer.co.uk Why do you love your Mum more than your Dad? (we know you do so dont try and deny it!) we spend 3x more on mothers day than we do on fathers day (The drum) 30 million cards are sent on Mothers Day compared to 7 million Fathers Day Cards (The drum) (The mirror) (Tech bargains) (mintel) (internet retailer) (trueship) We love Mum 43% more than dad according to recent comparative spends in the US 65% of Dads would rather receive no gifts than a tie 43% Fathers day boosted retails sales by 200 million in 2014 43% of smartphone owners say they will research products, compare prices, & redeem discounts for Fathers Day 48% of shoppers would like to be offered a substantial deal to spend on Fathers Day this year


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