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Part 2 of the "Which Works Best..." workshop presented on 19th September 2012, on behalf of Ipswich Borough Council and as part of Suffolk Business Month. Please do feel free to leave comments and feedback below. Sarah Steel Social Media


  • 1. Which works bestFacebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Sarah Steel

2. Questions.. 3. Coming up WHICH WORKS BEST?! Building your online community Making most effective use of your time onsocial media 4. FACEBOOK Good for B2C and retail. Typically younger market, but older users catchingup Excellent for visuals/imagery Allows more detailed discussions Some really good Groups (and some not sogood) Great Customer Service platform 5. FACEBOOK Harder to get traction initially, but buildsstronger connections Typical users have around 250 Friends andLike around 80 Pages, meaning your reachcan be vastly multiplied Typical users spend more time on Facebookthan watching TV! 6. FACEBOOKOnline entertainment retailer Play.com recently announced that: during 2011 alone, Play.com made sales worth 2m through itsFacebook page (a rise of more than 80% compared to 2010). its Facebook fans are worth 24% more in direct sales than non-fans. those customers who made their first purchase as a result of aFacebook referral spent 30% more than the average customer intheir first year of using the website. In the last 12 months Play.com has grown its Facebook followingfrom 75,000 to more than 350,000. They estimate that thisprovides a potential reach of more than 38 million friends offans.source: yetti.co.uk 29th Aug 2012 7. Currently slightly more B2B than B2C (butshifting) Information driven (tips, links to articles etc) Informal and fun, scope for being creative Very distinct worlds exist (peer groups,business, celebrity) Great for word-of-mouth referrals Strong local networks Very effective for pro-active marketing Good place to build Reputation 8. Twitter is quite informal, users are typically more opento conversation, easier to make an approach Data is searchable, so once you know your buyerpersona you can find potential customers readily Character limit keeps updates concise Use twitter to drive traffic to your website Keep in touch with networking contacts informally Great for gathering information, staying in touch withlocal/industry events, news etc Can break down stuffy image of some of the moretraditional service industries 9. Twitter has been credited with successes fromsaving a small business to finding someone a newkidney. The applications seem almost limitless. For example, computer giant Dell have hadmassive success by offering special Twitter-onlydeals on refurbished computers. Knowing exactlywhat their customers problems are, and solvingthem very specifically has worked for them itcould work for you too! 10. LINKEDIN Works particularly well for professional services and B2B.You might be surprised who is on there (and who is not!) Unique in that it allows you to see who has viewed yourProfile Internal messaging system means you can make directcontact readily Strong business ethic, low spam ratio Powerful search tools allow very targeted use LinkedIn Groups can be very effective Excellent for forming and maintaining professionalConnections 11. LINKEDIN By joining (or creating your own) groups you canput yourself in front of exactly the sort of peopleyou want to work with Enhanced business networking search yourcontacts to find out who they know, then ask foran introduction or recommendation Showcase your individual expertise andexperience, whilst also linking this to yourcompany for mutual benefit Not just for finding a job! Build connections withsuppliers and partners too. 12. LINKEDIN More than 10 million UK members of LinkedIn(175 million worldwide) More than 2 million company pages 49% of LinkedIn users have household incomeover $100k source: socialtimes.com Jan 2012 13. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY Profile/Bio (use your elevator pitch!) Add your PICTURE Start with people you already know (FROGS!) Dont forget existing customers! Many social networks have ways to importyour existing email contacts for a speedy start MANAGE your contacts in lists/groups etc 14. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY Its just like face-to-face networking: Listen to individuals and engage with them Find shared interests Talk about current affairs and relevant industry news Share useful information Ask questions Answer questions Mention others and share contacts Discuss trade shows, conferences etc Give a little of yourself people buy people! 15. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY Occasionally its OK to mention: Testimonials Your USP Your Knowledge Points Special offers But dont overtly sell 16. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY Be there! No activity is no good Make your messages shareable Share other peoples messages Use search tools to find your target customers.Follow, Friend, Connect and Like! Use keywords, so people can search and findYOU 17. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY Join Groups and contribute to discussions Create your own Group Answer Questions on LinkedIn and Forums Promote your online presence on yourbusiness cards, email campaigns, adverts andprinted literature Follow-up face-to-face networking byconnecting online 18. YOUR ONLINE COMMUNITY For most small to medium sized businesses, socialmedia is not a substitute for face-to-faceconversations, its a stepping stone towards them.Consider: Organising a tweet-up Arranging offline one-to-one meetings Obtaining postal addresses as well as email addresses, and sending out mailshots Using the telephone Meeting people through other networking events, then connecting online 19. EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME Planning Use your Buyer Persona to determine What problems you can help them with What your community are interested in Establish what sources you will use to find orgenerate this information Generate tips, commission articles, collectinformation, write blogs in advance 20. EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME Scheduling Use your Buyer Persona to determine Where and when is best to connect with them Use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule about30% of your updates across appropriate socialmedia channels, several weeks in advance 21. EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME Managing Wherever possible organise your contacts,connections and information sources into lists Use a management tool (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck,MarketMe etc) to organise your newsfeeds intosegmented streams Include saved searches where possible Review (and respond as appropriate) once a day Post your own current status updates 22. Hootsuite 23. EFFECTIVE USE OF TIME 24. Questions.. 25. Contact meTel: 07921 040622Email: sarah@sarahsteelsm.co.ukWeb: sarahsteelsm.co.uktwitter.com/SarahSteelSMfacebook.com/SarahSteelSocialMedialinkedin.com/in/SarahSteelSocialMedia