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Harnessing the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and blogging in today's marketing climate. Tips for getting the most out of your time, and targeting niches.


  • 1.Harnessing the Power of Social Media Mindie Burgoyne SNOW HILL BUSINESSES February 3, 2014

2. What is Advertising? 3. How is Social Media Different? 4. Advertising = Talking to the Masses Social Media = Engaging the Masses 5. Goal Get people talking 6. Markets have become Conversations "These conversations are going to occur whether you like it or not, O.K.? Well, do you want to be part of that or not? My argument is you absolutely do. You can learn from that. You can improve your reaction time. And you can be a better company by listening and being involved in that conversation." 7. The G.A.F. Principle Know Your Core Customer Give Them MORE Than What They Want Make it FREE or a bargain MAKE IT EASY 8. Where are the Conversations? Groups Blog Posts Newsfeeds Forums News 9. Whats the Difference?NETWORKINGSOCIALIZING 10. What are the benefits of Networking? 11. Networking? 1. New Contacts 2. Learning 3. New Vendors 4. Ideas for marketing, product development, pricing 5. Possible Customers / Clients 6. Possible Referrals 7. Learn whats new in the industry 12. LinkedIn is a Networking PlatformProfileUpdate s GroupsConnec t Messag e Job Sch. 13. 5 Biggest Mistakes on LinkedIn Profile No Profile Picture No Headline Incomplete Information Website No Contact Information 14. LinkedIn Groups Searchable by term / location Narrow down fields Make new contacts Learn about a niche Develop Expert Credibility 15. LinkedIn Success 4 of last 5 hires. LinkedIn is primary tool for talent search Outreach through LinkedIn led to generation of conversation Technology job inquiry discussions about the incubator, innovation, entrepreneurship - who's doing what in these fields. 325 Connections ALL ED Related Over 500 Connections Mostly ED Newsletter is huge success Newsletter Creates Conversations 16. 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn Perfect Your Profile Use the Status Feed (posts / comments) Post Daily Read the Feed Search Connections for target networks. Find Conversations in Groups Find Answers in Groups Make Connections through Groups Send a welcome inmail Reach out to every new contact Recommend & Endorse Others 17. ProfileUpdate sConnec t Messag eDriver to Content 18. Use Twitter for Whats Hot in your Niche? Finding Conversations Finding Niche Connections Getting the word out Find the hottest news 19. Top Twitter Mistakes Tweeter not results oriented Weak profile - no picture No weblink to Twitter Profile Being a link bank Posting uninteresting crap Posting same post multiple times 20. Twitter Tips Deck out Profile (web address) Use a pic of your face Develop conversations Answer & Appreciate Use Hashtags Dont push same tweet over & over Use 3rd party software (social oomph, buffer, hootsuite) 21. 3 Billion videos viewed daily 70% YT traffic is outside US 800 million Users monthly 2nd largest search engine 22. You Tube Tips Keep under 3 minutes Use the Description Fields Create a Channel Tie to a link a product or back to your website. 23. Demographic 18 to 54 years 17 million users link to other platforms More videos uploaded in a month than 3 US Networks in 60 years 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute = 8 linear years of content daily 24. FACEBOOK The Granddaddy of all Social Media Robust Platform Ease of Use Portable FREE 1 Billion Users 25. Timeline Comment FriendsPages GroupsNotesStatusPhotos VideoINFOAppsTickerNetwork 26. Facebook Pages A Page Serves the fans Meant to engage not preach Community involvement Niche focused Dependent on Engagement Boost Posts ***** Think Like a PublisherLets take a Look! 27. 11 Success Tips for Facebook Pages Post interesting content What the fans want to read. Post Content likely to be shared or commented on. 1 Picture with Headline and content is best for engaging Dont be afraid of controversy Be personal, be interested, be grateful Create a Facebook Page Ad for your Website Highlight others share others content Use the Scheduler Boost some posts Have a contest Answer comments 28. FACEBOOK MISTAKES Pushing Marketing Copy Uninteresting Content Not engaging one way poster Too many or too few posts Dozens of pictures at once Selfies please. Politics, Religion, Controversy 29. Content lives hereNews Feed Comments Pages Shape Conversation 30. Blogging is Constant Blog ---> NewspaperWhats the Conversation Today?Every Conversation is a tentacle to draw into the main site Throw-away Content Website is staticWEBSITEBLOGS 31. Blogs the Ultimate Conversation 32. TIME SAVERS Use Smart Phone as much as possible Let everyone in your company use social media Use a consolidator like Buffer or Social Oomph Pick two platforms and stick with them. Use others little. Move away from email. Use Analytics Statcounter, Google Analytics Learn to use an image editor - Pixlr, PicMonkey Spend 15 minutes in the morning 15 minutes in the evening. The weekends are typically not big traffic times. 33. How do you harness the power? 34. Engage 35. Fill The Hole 36. Contact Me! Mindie Burgoyne 5775 Charles Cannon Road Marion Station, MD 21838 301.648.2010 mindie@travelhag.comWEBSITES www.ChesapeakeGhostWalks.comSOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Search Mindie Burgoyne on


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