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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGPrepared By:-Dixon Dominic Palett


Publishing sector4 MAIN SECTORSPublishing sectorSharing sectorDiscussing sectorNetworking sector

Social Media channels that encourage publishing and contributing contentsCategories:1, Blogging platformYoutube, Vimeo (videos), Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram (photos), Slide Share (slides),2, WikisWikipedia, Wikia, MahaloPublishing sector

Sharing sector4 main sectors around:Publishing sectorSharing sectorDiscussing sectorNetworking sector

Social Media channels that include sharing functions for pictures, links, videos, music, products,...Categories:1, Specified sharingsWordpress, Live Journal, B Blogger, TypePad, Over Blog2, General sharringsTumblr, Vine, Spotify, Deez,

Sharing sector

Discussing sector4 main sectors around:Publishing sectorSharing sectorDiscussing sectorNetworking sector

Social Media channels that have base of discuss over contents through chatting, commenting, sharing Categories:1, Knowledge platformQuora, Reddit, Stack Exchange2, Mobile chat applicaitonsSkype, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Sina Webo (China), Kakao Talk (Korea),

Discussing sector

Networking sector4 main sectors around:Publishing sectorSharing sectorDiscussing sectorNetworking sector

Social Media channels for establishing relationshipsCategories:1, B2C networkBadoo, Tagged, Zing Me , 2, Professinal networksLinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing,...

Networking sector

Source:- 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. Michael A. Stelzner (May 2015)

Blogging v/s Micro Blogging

Its all in the name.Blogging Sites

Micro-Blogging Sites


Own Blog

Trending Blogs

Trending Bloggers

Micro BloggingAverage page visit lasts a little less than a minute Nielsen Norman

Spare time surfing -> Quick burst of info. -> First 10 secs crucial

Short, frequent and interest.

Everything in twitter is based off of the # Tag a way to mark something as belonging to a specific category. To give Some Cult of the # tag#Contextmetadata tag

#Sponsored Tweets

Snoop Dogg, for instance, makes about $8,000 or more per tweet.

He has a massive 6.4 million followers, and is in the upper echelon of the tweet elite.

Next up would be someone like Paula Abdul, whose 2.2 million followers nets her a cool $5,000 per tweeted ad.

So whos in charge of doling out the dough to these high-profile tweeters?Ad.lyis the largest social media celebrity endorsement company out there, and they connect the big names in advertising with the big names in pop culture.


Charlie Sheen tweeted what was likely themost expensive sponsored tweet to dateA call for a Tiger Blood intern, who would apply through . This $50,000 tweetgenerated nearly 100,000 clicks to in the first hour, and over 80,000 applications for the position.Most #Expensive sponsored tweet$50,

#Sponsored Tweets

The second tweet in the campaign went out Wednesday afternoon from Sheens 2.5-million-followers-and-growing account:

#Sponsored Tweets received

74,040 applications 181 countries First hour generated 95,333 clicksIn two days a whopping 412,500 click through.

Thats much, much more than a similarly targeted Google ad would generate. -- Arnie Gullov-Singh,CEO, Tweets

In Twitter Universe , are just like google sponsored search ads

#Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets

#Twitter ChatWhat is/why Twitter Chat?A Twitter chat is a public Twitter conversation around one uniquehashtag. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. Twitter chats are usually recurring and on specific topics toregularly connect peoplewith these interests.

Are just an extension of twitter chats.Twitter contests

Hosting a Twitter chat is an effective way to:

Promote your social media presence: While Twitter chats evolve around one hashtag, its still Public

Get instant feedback: Twitter chat is a great opportunity tolisten to your community.Ask questions and youll get answers immediately.

Create the community behind your business: A Twitter chat is one of the most engaging social media activities which forms a habit. Your followers tune in weekly at the same time to interact with each other, follow each other, retweet each other, etc. Thats one of the best ways toturn your followers into your brand advocates.

Provide customer support. #Twitter Chat

Twitter analytics a.k.a Trends

A # tag highlights how social media can drive traditional media to respond

Youtube ADSYoutube channel monetization

The YouTube Partner Programme allows creators to monetise content on YouTube through a variety of ways including advertisements and (merchandise, paid channels )

Marketers are on the other end of those ads, who buy time slots in the beginning and middle of the videos.

What else then?!Enter YouTUBE networks Independent Network collectives with which youtubers sign up with for monetization possibilities.

They act & function like Talent Agencies Marketers contact Networks for promotional Possibilities. Networks scout their members for marketer Criteria's, demographic needs Since youTUBE is much like TV network, just online Hence Product placements, Brand deals, Product ReviewsYouTUBE networks

Closing CommentsSocial promotional platforms are much more symbiotic in nature. Specially YouTUBE.

High reach low cost per impression platform

Targeted towards Future Buyers.

200 Million Members

200 Million Members

Source: LinkedIn Audience 360 Study, across 8 markets fielded August to December 2011.


Target(Target the most affluent, influential, and educated audience on social media)

Display Advertising on LinkedInEmail Marketing: Sponsored Inmail

PPC Advertising



Sponsored Updates on LinkedIns newsfeedCompany Page(s) on LinkedInTarget updatesSet budget, campaign durationCreate Ad Campaign

Publish(Content Marketing that delivers)

LinkedIn Showcase Pages


TargetPublishExtend(Amplify messages through the LinkedIn network, and extend quality traffic and data from LinkedIn to branded sites)

Social SharingAuthentic AccessQuality traffic

Source: LinkedIn Audience 360 Study, across 8 markets fielded August to December 2011.

47% of B2B companies actively use LinkedIn

47% of B2B companies actively use LinkedIn

How Companies are Using LinkedIn?1234

2.6 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages

2.6 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages

Show off What You Do

Show off What You Do

Get Recommendations From Users

Get Recommendations From Users

Give Others an Inside Look at Your Company

Give Others an Inside Look at Your Company

Contribute Content Regularly

Post once a day

Make it Easy to Find & Follow YouAdd a Follow button to your website and digital presences.

Include a link to your Company Page on company collateral and presences.

Consider paid options through LinkedIn to find and acquire new followers and drive Page traffic.

Say Hello to Groups

Say Hello to Groups

Create a Group

Generate Intrigue with Discussion Questions

Share eBooks

Maximize Your LinkedIn GroupAdd keywords in the description of your group to increase your search rankings on LinkedIns search section.

Add keywords in the title of the group to be found on Google.

Add your company website or blog to the group to drive traffic to your site.

Send a weekly message that adds value for group members and drives traffic back to your site.

Connect people in the group by making introductions to those who could potentially do business with one another.

Amplify & Target With LinkedIn Ads

Effective AdHeadline draws attention of target customer

Description is clear

Strong offer


Build Facebook FanpageConnect with peopleCreate Facebook AdsRun AdsMeasure Ads performancesObjectivesAudiencesCampaign, pricing, scheduling


Build Facebook FanpageConnect with peopleEngage fans with quality contentsPosts are relevant to your audience and businessBe succinct, friendly and conversationalPhotos and videos -tend to be more engagingAsk questions or seek inputGive access to exclusive information and specialsBe timelyPost quality content regularly


Build Facebook FanpageConnect with peopleEngage fans with quality contentsInflunce friends of fansEncourage people to interact with your business (the power of WOM) through events, questions, check-in suggestion, exclusive sharing.Expand reach to friends of fans by sponsoring the posts/stories.Measure the result: Page Insights, Ads Manager..The art of spreading

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