what is the connection between anaerobic metabolism and dental plaque?

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What is the Connection between Anaerobic Metabolism and Dental Plaque?. By, Jill Johnston. Dental Plaque. Bacteria Polysaccharides form sticky colonies Plaque formation Anaerobic metabolism. CAUTION!. High Sugar Diets Carbohydrates : Sugars, Starches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What is the Connection between Anaerobic Metabolism and Dental Plaque?

What is the Connection between Anaerobic Metabolism and Dental Plaque?By, Jill JohnstonDental PlaqueBacteriaPolysaccharides form sticky coloniesPlaque formationAnaerobic metabolism


High Sugar DietsCarbohydrates: Sugars, StarchesExamples: Candy, Fruit, Cake, Soft Drinks, Ice Cream

How it worksCarbohydrates (Sugars and Starches)Bacteria present in mouth utilize sugars ex: Sucrose Acids (waste products) ex: Lactate & Pyruvate

Over timeOvertime acid destroys tooth enamel, even dentinrapid bacterial growth in holes made Tooth Decay and/or GingivitisPlaque on tooth roots, under gum, can cause breakdown of bone and tooth support (Periodontal Disease) long term Causes Bacteria uses fructose to get energyLactic acid creates extra acidity to decrease the pH, which can dissolve the calcium phosphate in the tooth enamel leading to the start of a cavity.

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Sugar, Saliva, and Bacteria lead to tooth decay over time. TreatmentsFlossing BrushingNo Tobacco useGood DietFluoride Home testsYearly exams/cleanings (PIC.)Holistic treatments


Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Tooth Decay

Severe Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) seems to be associated with: *Heart Disease *Diabetes * Dementia *Heart attacks *Premature birth *Rheumatoid Arthritis

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