what can you do to make a difference?

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  • 1. WHAT YOU CAN DO FORYOUR COMMUNITYBy Sofia Castro, Peter Lemos, and Vanessa Martinez

2. HOW TO START? Begin with Volunteering in local organizations Finding information online, articles, or throughschool 3. PARTICIPATING IN SOUP KITCHENS Helping and getting involve from a young age isvery helpful to the people in need of food 4. DONATING OLD CLOTHING Giving away your old clothes you do not use canbecome someones greatest joy 5. PARTICIPATING IN TOYS FOR TOTS Giving children the joy of playing with a toy forChristmas 6. PLANTING A TREE Creating a better environment and workingcommunity together 7. PARTICIPATING IN TOWN CLEAN-UPS Keeping your town a safer and cleaner place foreveryone to live in and enjoy 8. PARTICIPATING IN FUNDRAISING WALKS Now you can exercise for a cause worth your timeand help yourself be active 9. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD Spread the word around your community Learn and tell to others of your experiences forexample the website dosomething.org gives greattips!