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<ul><li><p>Hi Im BrianaI am a graphic designer who enjoys creating marketing materials for small businesses. </p><p>I was born June 25, 1989 in Robbinsdale Minnesota. I attended high school in Princeton Minnesota where I attended various computer classes and ended up falling in love with graphic design.</p><p>I recently attended the Art Insitute of Pittsuburgh Online where I graduated with an associates degree in graphic design. I love every aspect of graphic design but I mainly specialize in marketing materials for small businesses, creating invitations, and editing photographs for gifts or special occasions. </p><p>The following pieces within my portfolio are laid out specifically to showcase the work that I have created in order from most relevant to relevant. It showcases skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. The designs range from photo editing, business cards, typography, event announcements, packaging design, and magazine spreads. </p><p>If you love my work please contact me, I would love to provide you with my services! Email:Solbergbrie@gmail.com Phone number: 763-688-5517</p><p>WEL</p><p>CO</p><p>ME </p></li><li><p>PHO</p><p>TOSH</p><p>OP </p><p>PRO</p><p>JEC</p><p>T</p><p>Photoshop editing;Bridal giftCreated with Photoshop</p><p>PHO</p><p>TOSH</p><p>OP </p><p>PRO</p><p>JEC</p><p>T</p></li><li><p>PHO</p><p>TOSH</p><p>OP </p><p>PRO</p><p>JEC</p><p>T</p><p>Photoshop editing;Bridal giftCreated with Photoshop</p></li><li><p>Facebook cover photoCreate a cover photo for a business page.Created with Photoshop.</p><p>CO</p><p>RPO</p><p>RATE</p><p> IDEN</p><p>TITY</p><p>CO</p><p>VER</p><p> PH</p><p>OTO</p></li><li><p>CO</p><p>RPO</p><p>RATE</p><p> IDEN</p><p>TITY</p><p>Business cardCreate a business card for my fathers companyCreated with InDesign.</p></li><li><p>CD</p><p> DES</p><p>IGN</p><p>/MO</p><p>CK</p><p>UP</p><p>POST</p><p>ER D</p><p>ESIG</p><p>N</p><p> Concert Poster for Pierce the Veils new hit Caraphernela Design a poster for a musical event using only typeface design Typography Created with InDesign.</p></li><li><p> Pierce the Veil: Burning It Down Create a CD for a band I love. Design and Technology Created with InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoshopC</p><p>D D</p><p>ESIG</p><p>N/M</p><p>OC</p><p>KU</p><p>P</p></li><li><p> Album Release Create a poster to market a new album Design &amp; Technology Created using Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop</p><p>NEW</p><p> ALB</p><p>UM</p><p> PO</p><p>STER</p><p>BOO</p><p>K C</p><p>OV</p><p>ER D</p><p>ESIG</p><p>N</p></li><li><p>BOO</p><p>K C</p><p>OV</p><p>ER D</p><p>ESIG</p><p>N</p><p>Briana Solberg</p><p> Red</p><p>Briana Solberg</p><p> Childrens book cover: Bellas Red Balloon Create a book cover for children ages 3-5 Illustration Created using acrylics, chalk pastels, and Indesign</p></li><li><p>PRO</p><p>DU</p><p>CT </p><p> DES</p><p>IGN</p><p> Electrified Soda Create a brand of soda and design the packaging Product Design Created using Illustrator and Photoshop</p></li><li><p> The Craft DVD Cover Re-create an existing movie cover Advanced Typography Created using Illustrator</p><p>DV</p><p>D C</p><p>OV</p><p>ER </p></li><li><p>IMA</p><p>GE </p><p>MA</p><p>NIP</p><p>ULA</p><p>TIO</p><p>N</p><p> Flippin Food Fred Manipulate images to create a character Image Manipulation Created using Photoshop and Indesign</p></li><li><p>fortune</p><p> One Dollar a Copy OCTOBER 1932 Ten Dollars a Year </p><p>Life of the American Soldier</p><p> Fortune: Life of The American Soldier Create a magazine cover for an existing magazine History and Analysis of Design Created using Illustator</p><p>MA</p><p>GA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E C</p><p>OV</p><p>ER</p></li><li><p>Alphonse MuchA TheATre presenTs</p><p>The Moon And The sTArsocTober 17 AT 5:oopM</p><p> The Moon and Stars Production Illustrates Art Nouveau History and Analysis of Design Created using IllustatorPO</p><p>STER</p><p> FO</p><p>R A</p><p> PLA</p><p>Y</p><p>PUBL</p><p>ICAT</p><p>ION</p><p> DES</p><p>IGN</p></li><li><p>My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a treeToward heaven still,And there's a barrel that I didn't llBeside it, and there may be two or threeApples I didn't pick upon some bough.But I am done with apple-picking now.Essence of winter sleep is on the night,e scent of apples: I am drowsing o.I cannot rub the strangeness from my sightI got from looking through a pane of glassI skimmed this morning from the drinking troughAnd held against the world of hoary grass.It melted, and I let it fall and break.But I was wellUpon my way to sleep before it fell,And I could tellWhat form my dreaming was about to take.Magnied apples appear and disappear,Stem end and blossom end,And every eck of russet showing clear.My instep arch not only keeps the ache,It keeps the pressure of a ladder-round.I feel the ladder sway as the boughs bend.And I keep hearing from the cellar bine rumbling soundOf load on load of apples coming in.For I have had too much</p><p>Of apple-picking: I am overtiredOf the great harvest I myself desired.ere were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch,Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall.For allat struck the earth,</p><p>No matter if not bruised or spiked with stubble,</p><p>Went surely to the cider-apple heapAs of no worth.One can see what will troubleis sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is.Were he not gone,e woodchuck could say whether it's like hisLong sleep, as I describe its coming on,Or just some human sleep. </p><p>Robert FrostAfter Apple Picking</p><p>PUBL</p><p>ICAT</p><p>ION</p><p> DES</p><p>IGN</p><p>Publication DesignTake a poem and add in vector graphics that I created to relate to the storyCreated with Illustrator</p></li><li><p>T-SH</p><p>IRT </p><p>DES</p><p>IGN</p><p>Fitness Fitness</p><p> Hard Core Fitness Create a T-Shirt logo using a vector image of an apple Digital Illustration Created using Illustrator</p></li><li><p>The Big Banana &amp; Mixed Fruit Company</p><p>Our collection of fresh fruit never runs dry.</p><p> The Big Banana &amp; Mixed Fruit Company Create an image using vector images for a fruit company Digital Illustration Created using Illustrator</p><p>CO</p><p>MPA</p><p>NY </p><p>AD</p></li><li><p>Final Illustration and two page spread</p><p>The NotebookNicholas Sparks Chapter 6</p><p>They sat in the middle of a small lake fed by the waters of Brices Creek. It wasnt large, maybe a hundred yards across, and she was surprised at how invisible it had been just moments before. It </p><p>was spectacular. Tundra swan and Canada geese literally </p><p>surrounded them. Thousands of them. Birds</p><p>she couldnt see the water. From a distance, the groups ofswans looked almost like icebergs.</p><p>its beautiful.They sat in silence for a long while, watching the birds. Noah pointed out a group of chicks, recentlyhatched, following a pack of geese near the shore, struggling to keep up.</p><p>moved the canoe through the water. The birdsignored them for the most part. The only ones that seemed bothered were those forced to move whenthe canoe approached them. Allie reached out to touch the </p><p>Noah took out the bread hed brought in his bag and handed it to Allie. She scattered it, favouring thelittle ones, laughing and smiling as they swam in circles looking for food.They stayed until thunder boomed in the distancefaint hut powerfuland both of them knew it wastime to leave. Noah paddled the canoe hack to the main creek. She was still amazed by what she had seen.</p><p>Noah, what are they doing here?I dont know. I know the swans from up north migrate to Lake Matamuskeet every winter, hut I guessthey came here this time. I dont know why. Maybe the early blizzard had something to do with it.</p><p>back, though. Theyre driven by instinct,and this isnt their place. Some of the geese may winter here, but the swans will go back toMatamuskeet.Noah paddled hard as dark clouds rolled directly overhead. Soon rain began to fall, a light sprinkle at</p><p>-der again. A little louder now. Maybe sixor seven miles away. More rain as Noah began to paddle even harder, his muscles tightening with everystroke.Thicker drops now, falling hard. </p><p>Noah rowing... getting wet cursing </p><p>to himself ... losing to Mother</p><p>Nature.Allie watched the rain fall diagonally </p><p>from the sky as it rode on westerly winds that whistled over the</p><p>trees. The sky darkened a little more. She leaned her head back for a </p><p>moment to let it hit her face.</p><p>MA</p><p>GA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E SP</p><p>REA</p><p>D</p><p> The Notebook Create a two page spread for a magazine using my favorite story. Digital Illustration Created using Indesign</p></li><li><p> It was the year 1692 in Cradley, Worcestershire, the historical English type founder, William Caslon was born. Before William Caslon made his impact on the world with his famous type face he was an apprentice to an engrav-er of gun locks and barrels. When Caslon reached the age of 24 he opened up his own engraving shop, creating tools for bookbinders and silver chasers. William Caslon caught his big break when his work was noticed by a man named John Watts. Caslon worked for Watts by cutting type punches at various presses throughout London. In 1720 William Caslon created the English Arabic typeface that was used for the New Testament in Arabic. In the year 1722 William Caslon met William Bowyer, a printer. Caslon had cut roman, italic, and Hebrew typefaces for Bowyer. </p><p>The roman typeface that he cut for Bowyer was not used until the year 1726. This typeface later on be-came known as the Caslon. William Caslons typefaces became very successful throughout England. Shortly after the rise of Caslons typefaces he received loans and trade that were sufficient enough to give him the opportunity to set up his own type foundry. In 1734 William Caslons first specimen sheet was issued. The specimen sheet had 14 different sizes of his roman and italic types. William Caslons typefaces began to spread throughout Europe and eventually to the American colonies. Caslons typefaces were so popular that one of his fonts was used to print the most important documents known today, the Declaration of Independence. William Caslon died on the 23rd of January 1766 in Bethnal Green, London. Despite his death Caslon still lives on through the Typography community, the fa-mous Caslon typeface is amongst the most popular typeface known today. </p><p>Continued on page 3</p><p>The Caslon </p><p>typeface remains one of the most popular of all time.</p><p>-Http://www.typographia.org</p><p>William Caslon The journey to his success</p><p>Page 1 Page 2</p><p> William Carlson Create a two page spread for a magazine. History and Analysis of Design Created using Illustator</p><p>MA</p><p>GA</p><p>ZIN</p><p>E SP</p><p>REA</p><p>D</p></li></ul>