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  • We relationships.

  • Buildingrelationshipsfromtheground-up.Your marketing is all about relationships. And the mostimportant one is the relationship between your company andyour potential clients, making your marketing a critical firstpoint of contact and an opportunity to begin forming a bond.

    Thats why weve constructed a company that was designedand created with relationships that in mind. Because, after all,every stable building has a strong foundation.

    Some marketing agencies see a nail and pull out the samehammer every time. We first define exactly what kind of nail itis, then custom make a hammer for it.

  • In order to serve you in the most efficient and effective way, weve put together a process.A simple one. It consists of three steps:

    1 LISTENAll good relationships start with the ability to listen and thats exactly where we first focus our attentionat first. Because you know your business better than anyone else in the world. A, and, by listeningintently, well end up knowing it second best.

    2 STRATEGIZEFor marketing to be truly effective, it has to be based on a strong and accurate strategy. One thatleverages your point of difference. One that delivers the right message to the right people at the righttime. And, ultimately, one that breaks through the clutter, which brings up point number three.

    3 EXECUTEYour marketing also has to be compelling. Which is where creativity comes in. And where we reallyshine. But youll see that in the samples in just a few seconds. In the meantime, lets take a quick look atBarker Christol and how we work.

    You know the old maxim,Measure twice, cut once. We measure three times.

  • There are plenty of drill bits you can use.We make sure its the right one for the job.

    When Steve and Brooks first started working together on a project basis, they realized that onehad a dominant right brain and the other a dominant left brain. (Pretty sure you can tell which iswhich.) Thats not to say they arent both balanced, because they are. But their differences allowthem to combine creativity and strategy in a way thats particularly powerful.


  • J. BrooksChristol serves as Partner and residentLeft Brain for Barker & Christol. A career well into itssecond decade, Christol has bothed served andlead brands within a broad range of industries,including public and private sector endeavors andnon-proFt. His Marketing Matrix approach wasdeveloped after a career of working within a vast

    array of marketing channels, including advertising, public relations,direct response and sales support. He was also on the cutting edge ofweb 2.0 marketing, introducing the digital media to public sectorentities and developing some of the Frst best practices for integrationof social media and web analytics into the marketing strategy. (Todayhe leverages the incredible talent of the internet marketing world'sbiggest names to keep clients up to date in the arenas of connectedmarketing). Some notable brands include EPA, USDA RuralDevelopment, Healthways, Ole South Properties, Tennessee Dept. ofEnvironment and Conservation and Tennessee State Parks, BethelUniversity, Glass America, JPAK Industries and the MurfreesboroSymphony Orchestra.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Barker & Christol is the third marketingcompany he has developed. The Frst was student-run PR Frm,EDGEway Communications, the Frst of its kind in the region and amodel emulated in programs throughout Middle Tennessee. As theLeft Brain, Christol provides the strategic counsel, client services andbusiness development in cooperation with his right brain, SteveBarker. He is a published writer, active advocate for the arts in middleTennessee and Christian family man living in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

    SteveBarker comfortably sits in the seat labeled RightBrain in the Barker & Christol oces. Thirty-somethingyears in the creative side of the advertising industry hasprovided him the opportunity to create, learn, inspire,achieve, succeed and build. His career includes creatinggreat work for the southeasts largest PR Frm, a couple ofdesign shops and a full-service ad agency, all before

    launching his successful design Frm, Canine Creative.

    While youll often Fnd Barker in commune with his 30 inch Apple monitor,his endowment comes in the form of ideation, that is the creation of high-caliber advertising concepts. He is a versatile Creative Director that can just aseasily direct high-end photographers and talent as he can layout engagingand award-winning print designs. His ADDY and PRSA/Parthenon Award-winning projects were created on behalf of clients such as Saturn,Bridgestone-Firestone, Honda Power Equipment, Martha White, SprintzFurniture, Cumberland University, HCA, Lifepoint Hospitals and JerichoHomes, Inc.

    After eight years of playing solo with his own design Frm, Barker partneredwith Christol to create an agency hed been planning in his head his entirecareer. While his niche is creativity, he doesnt make a mark on paper until heis conFdent his work is built on a solid foundation of strategy and purpose.To this end, he coined the philosophical mantra of the agency, The strategyhas to be creative and the creative has to be strategic. Barker balances andrests his hemisphere with more creativity in his o-time. The performancepianist plays several times each week and the balance of down time is spentjourneying with his wife through the backroads of the southeastern UnitedStates on his Harley.


  • Ourofficeextendsbeyonditsfourwalls.The best way to serve youmost effectively and mostcost-efficiently, is for us to buildand maintain relationships(theres that word again) with thebest consultants in the business.Allowing us to plug-in the perfectperson for your projects. Here area few of the folks we loveworking with:

    LisaTrail,MarketingLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetauradipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod temporincididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Utenim ad minim veniam, quis nostrudexercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex eacommodo consequat.

    BonitaKimbrell,PublicRelationsBonita is a jane of all trades, and a master ofmedia relations. Over 20 years in the field ofpublic relations has given her top-notch skillsas a writer, communicator and event planner,

    paying particular attention to detail andaccuracy. Beyond her media relations talents,Bonita utilizes her powers of influence as anadvocate for a number of animal-rightsorganizations.

    RobbyLeeFeldman,CopywriterRobby Lee has over 20 years experienceworking with clients such as Sony, AmericanExpress, and Hilton (the hotels, not Paris). Likethe Barker Christol partners, he insists thatcompelling creative must be based on soundstrategy. And he believes marketing, at its best,feels very much like one person talking toanother.You know, sort of like a personalrelationship.

    DaveHawkins,PhotographerDave has shot it all. And a lot of it with Steve athis side. He came from a sports photographybackground but quickly broadened hisexpertise.With his 6000 square foot studio inNashville to the best, most high resolutioncamera set-up in the Southeast, Dave canhandle any assignment put before him. Fromfood, cars, and high-powered executives andcelebrities to location shoots of any scale.

  • Goodworkspeaksforitself.Takeamomenttolisten.

    Okay, now the fun part. Here ares a several pages of work weve done in the past. A,allowing you to see, first hand, how we build a relationship between the companies wework for and their potential customers.

    Once you have the strategy locked down, its all about the electricity your campaign produces.

  • Flooringas uniqueas yourpersonality.

    Anyone can sell you flooring, but atCity Tile we have the extensive

    selection and professional design consultants tomake sure it matches your unique personality.Just take one step inside our showroom andyoull see affordable, creative ideas that youvenever even imagined. Ideas thatll transform yourhome into a mirror image of your personality.Which will be a very nice reflection on you.





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    www.citytile.net 223 S. Spring Street Murfreesboro Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sat: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 893-7721

  • PR

  • Wehavealltherighttools.Soletsstartbuildingalastingrelationship.

    Thanks so much for taking time to let usintroduce ourselves. And we hope that this isthe first step in one of many. To put itsuccinctly, were ready to start working withyou go to build something special. A strongrelationship.

    Theres nothing more satisfying than working together to build something and then seeing the results.


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