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    HOW TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPSAdvice from the Co-Founders of

  • This presentation consists of highlights from 33founders, an interview series on 33voices


    Business Partnerships

  • Prioritize meeting people as the most important part of your job. Once you target individuals

    youd like to work with, be appropriately persistent to bring them on board.

  • Regardless of the opportunity, be highly responsive and open to the ideas your connections present. This

    indicates your consistent desire to grow your business.

  • Especially in the early stages, new partnerships need to directly align with your big goals. If a

    partnership isnt getting you closer to your ultimate mission, its best to stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Remember that as a young startup your time is precious and your resources are limited. Ensure that the businesses and individuals you partner with respect that.



  • According to Paul, a co-founder relationship is the closest thing to a romantic relationship

    without any romance Ive ever had.

  • Remember Justin Timberlakes advice: Its the person you want to spend Saturday

    morning with, not Friday night.

  • Establish a concrete division of labor that plays off of your strengths and weaknesses. Once youve

    highlighted your areas of expertise enable each other to make decisions without consulting the entire team.


    Team Building

  • Forget about hierarchies. Be flat and transparent with your team about the companys direction,

    achievements, and shortcomings.

  • Prioritize cross functionality to involve as many team members as possible in major company decisions.

  • Just like you wouldnt talk about your latest product feature with your friends, engage your team

    outside of the office to build deep relationships. Try Bhavin and Pauls quarterly overnight off-sites to cultivate a family like culture.

  • featured founders:

    Bhavin Shah and Paul Tyma,Co-Founders of

    Refresh finds common ground with the people you meet. It searches the web and social networks to deliver insights about your contacts: mutual interests, shared passions, and important mo-ments. Refresh lays the foundation for better relationships and prepares you to connect in every meeting on your calendar. Its all the research you need to prepare but dont have time to do.



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