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Build Collaborative Relationships that Deliver Value. February 13, 2003 Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Bob Thompson CEO, CustomerThink Corporation Founder, Competing for Scarce Customers. Demand. Scarce Customers. Scarce Products. Supply. Time. “ Be distinct or be extinct” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Build Collaborative Relationships that Deliver ValueFebruary 13, 2003Atlanta, Georgia, USABob ThompsonCEO, CustomerThink CorporationFounder,

  • Competing for Scarce CustomersSupplyDemandTimeScarce ProductsScarce Customers

  • Be distinct or be extinctTom Peters

  • Great Relationships = Differentiation Its incredibly arrogant for a company to believe it can deliver the same sort of product that its rivals do and actually do better for very long. Thats especially true today, when the flow of information and capital is incredibly fast. Michael Porter Fast CompanyProduct LeadershipOperational ExcellenceCustomer IntimacyCRM

  • Loyalty Leaders Grow Faster, Spend LessCostsGrowthSource: Reichheld

  • CRM is Not NewOr is It?"The true business of every company is to make and keep customers. -- Peter DruckerCRM = being so obsessed with your customers satisfaction that you change the way you do business. -- Dr. Jon AntonCRM Confusion!360-degree view of the customerImproving quality of customer interactionNew software tools and technologiesGetting right data to right employee Shift from product to customer orientationBuzzword and management fad! Source: META Group/IMT StrategiesCRM means creating mutual wins with customers and all company stakeholders. -- Bob Thompson

  • CRM is 90% half mentalYogi Berra, CRM Consultant

  • Customers Define a Great RelationshipService and value just for mePersonalResponsive and proactiveWin/WinAsks questionsA good deal for the moneyQuality, consistent performance over timeExpertiseA history of working togetherEasy to do business withSource:

  • The New 4 PsRelationship DriversPassionPeopleProcessPerformanceMarketing MixProductPlacePromotionPrice

  • CRMGuru Study: CRM Works!Payback PeriodBenefits(Percent of Projects)Increase customer satisfaction (51%)Increase customer acquisition rate (50%)Increase share-of-customer (48%)Decrease customer defection rate (37%)Decrease front office staffing costs (33%)Investment 33% -- less than $50,00024% -- $50,000 to $250,00028% -- $250,000 to $2.5 Million15% -- over $2.5 MillionSource:

  • Key Drivers of SuccessCustomer-centric strategy: using customer satisfaction and attrition data, getting customers involved in planningFront line training and support: explaining value of CRM, providing training for new skills requiredOrganizational change: workflow design, changing roles and responsibilitiesMetrics: goals measured statistically (80% dont)Source: study The Blueprint for CRM Success

  • Three-Year Overnight SuccessObjectives: Serve channel partners better, sell more, spend lessSolution: Allegis eBusiness (PRM)Saved $375,000 in communication costsIncreased revenue $1 million with better lead managementImproved partner and employee satisfactionLessons Learned:Understand your users, deliver clear value to themPlan carefully, build a team, phase the implementationEstablish baseline metrics and measurement processCommunicate, communicate, communicate!

    Source: Lexmark

  • Are You Listening?If youre constantly getting feedback from your customers and youre willing to listen, you can make the most of the opportunities implicit in those needs.Michael Dell, in Direct From DellBusinesses survive or decline based on their employees ability to listen. Hire the smartest, best people you can get, orient them to customer satisfaction at the expense of all else, then get out of their way and let them work. Doug Allred, SVP Customer Advocacy for Cisco Systems

  • Selling Through Complex Channels

    Selling ChannelsEnterpriseEnable CommerceWith selling partnersVisibilityof customer activityInfluence over customer experienceCollaborationwith partner business processes

  • CRM Technology EvolutionCRM MaturityPotential Competitive AdvantageLowHighHigh

  • The Internet as a sales channel represents only a fraction of its potential to business. The real potential lies in its ability to transform relationships with the traditional supplier-vendor-customer chain.Michael Dell

  • Collaborative Business: Mutual BenefitsSellerBuyerCRMSCM

  • Now: Point-To-Point RelationshipsSupplierPartnerCustomerManufacturer

  • Web Services: Enabling xRM SystemsA New Breed of Web ApplicationSelf-contained, self-describing, modular applicationsCan be published, located, and invoked across the WebPerforms functions -- simple to complicated processesOther applications can discover and invoke

  • Web Services: Enabling xRM SystemsThe PotentialLow-cost integration within, and between, enterprisesEnabling process integration between trading partnersImproving performance of collaborative networks

  • Future: Optimized Value NetworkGlobalCompetition

    Power Shift to CustomersInternetAdoption

    Internet StandardsWeb Services

  • Types of Collaborative SystemsPeople to Systems CRM/PRM PortalsPeople to People GroupwareSystem to System E2E CRM

  • Evolution to Collaborative NetworksAutomation Focus

  • Complex Support Process

  • Collaboration at Your ServiceWorlds largest provider of mobile Internet software; Openwave customers serve more than half of all mobile subscribers worldwideChallenge: Developer base growing rapidly (100,000+) and support volumes increasing 50% per monthSolution: ePeople Teamwork 70% reduction in average time to resolutionMultiple support providers can work togetherHandle developer growth without increase in staff

  • Business Processes IntegrationVendorPartnerProcess ConnectorStatusLeadsVendorPartnerProcess ConnectorStatusOpportunities

  • Collaborative Commerce WorkflowVendorPartner4. Status2. OrderCustomer1. Research3. Confirm

  • Collaborative CommerceThe Challenge Create Three WinnersCustomers: ability to buy products on-linePartners: Leverage existing relationshipsEnterprise: Enhance the Maytag brandSource: Comergent

  • Group CollaborationNearly 80% of corporate knowledge is unstructured Information. Gartner GroupShared WorkspaceCustomersPartnersEmployeesSuppliers

  • There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, by simply spending his money somewhere else.Sam Walton Wal-Mart FounderBasic BeliefsRespect for the Individual Service to Our Customers Strive for Excellence

    Source: Loyalty Leaders Customer Acid Test


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