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Quick introduction to the WCIT Meshwork


  • 1.
    • You have registered in the Connecting Investors to Plan B Meshwork.
    • After Self Registration, your validation is emailed to you, dont forget to check your junk or SPAM email folders if its not in your inbox.
    • The Meshwork connects you to People and to the most relevant Content.You can add Content to the meshwork to offer, buy, sell, give, receive or share with others.
    • Contentinthismeshwork can have one of the followingsubject types :
    • Case Story
    • Challenge
    • Event
    • Financing Opportunity
    • Idea
    • Information
    • Mitigation Solution
    • Next step
    • Opportunity
    • Policy
    • Product/Service
    • Project/Group/Organization
    • Report
    • Research
    • Solution
    • Sponsorship Opportunity
    • Transition Solution
    • White Paper
    System requirements To use the full features of the software you need Flash player. Most browsers have it installed. If you need to install it, you can find it here:http:// www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer / Supported web browsers are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Opera (some version conditions apply).This is a BETA version of the meshwork site, so you can expect changes like addition of further user roles, places, interest areas etc.Meshwork URL : http://it4sustainability.global.gaiaspace.org/ V1.0

2. Change your password, display name, email address, language and notification settings. Enter your profile.Add aphotoand yourPlaces ,Interest Areas, SectorsandRolesand theBrief description for display with my picturefield as a minimum. In theMeshworkpage, find People and Content matching Places, Interest Areas, Sectors and Roles in the Meshwork. In theSynchronicitypage find people and content that match your profile and tags, the closer they are the more alignment! Add Content to offer, receive, buy, sell or share products, projects, ideas, etc. Finding your way around the system The following pages provide some tips for finding your way around the On-line Meshwork. To get value from the online meshwork: 3. Log in Page This is the landing page where you can either log in or register. Enter your username or email address together with your password, then click the Log in button. Use the Register Now button to enter your details, the system then emails a validation link that requires activating before you can use your account. 4. Step 1 : Change Your Password and Language settings If you wish to change yourpassword, nameoremail address click on Settings button (in the button bar),you will see Your name, this is your display name and is always shown near your photo the little picture of you that everybody sees on the site. UseAccount passwordto change your password. You can select a language in theLanguage settings . (Please note that there might be some parts of the site that have not yet been fully translated).The site in Notifications settings refers to internal messages. Once you have made changes, click the the Save button at the bottom of the page. Note Your name is your display name which is separate from your login name.You created your login name when you registered. 5. Step 2 : Update Your Profile and Your Photo To update your profile click on your outline icon in the button bar and then click Edit Details (to the right of your name).You see the profile fields and Meshwork Alignment checkboxes.Please select the relevantPlaces ,Interest Areas, SectorsandRoles . (It is essential to selectone or more boxesin eachcategory so that you will appear in the meshworkso all members of the meshwork can find people and information). If you prefer to keep some information private, choose the Private option from the drop-list below any data you enter.After you have filled in your details click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page to save your profile information. 6. 1. Browse select your photo from your computer 2. Upload uploads your selected photo from your computer To add yourphotoclick on the iconbutton, then Edit Details (to the right of your name) then Edit profile icon (in the left menu). Use the Browse and Upload buttons to have your photo displayed. 7. Step 3 : Find other People and Information Content in the Meshwork Click on the Meshwork icon in the button bar. You can select a Place, Interest Area and Sector to see the People or Content for your selections (remember to click the Go button after changing them),hover your cursor over a picture or icon to get more information. Click a radio button next to a Role to see the people in it. Use the Roles page and Results page controlsto see all the information.To visita persons profile or to see content or files click on the picture or icon. Your profile is what defines your place in the meshwork, so its important that the data is kept up-to-date and is accurate so people can find you (see Your Profile and Your Photo section above). ClickPeople 8. ClickContent Find Information Content in the Meshwork You can select a Place, Interest Area and Sector to see the Content for your selections (remember to click the Go button after changing them),hover your cursor over a picture or icon to get more information, click one to see the full information. Left frame: Click a radio button next to a Subject Type to see the information in it. Use the Subjects page and Results page controls to see all the information.For more details about the content or file click on the picture or icon. 9. Step 4: Explore Synchronicity Click on the Synchronicityicon in the button bar. This screen shows circles that represent both people and different types of information. The ones nearest to your photo are the People or/ Content that align the most with your place, interest area, sector and role (and also tags), they are the most similar to your profile.Hover your cursor over the circles to see the % alignment to the Person or Content (click on a circle to see more detail). The blue circles signify people, the other colours are the different subject types of content and files, for example Case Story, Idea, Products, etc.Hover your cursor over a coloured button on the left to see the subject name.You can select and deselect content types by clicking the checks & crosses on the buttons. Tip : If, when you have clicked on the Synchronicity icon, the page is blank check that you have updated your profile - make sure you select at least one Place, Interest Area and Role as a minimum. 10. Step 5 : Add Person as a Contact There are two ways to do this:When viewing a persons profileclickon Add to contacts on the left. They will be added to your list of contacts. On your Home Page in Meshwork Members or other places in this meshwork where you find an icon of a person - hover your cursor over a persons icon and a little down arrow appears in the right lower corner; click on it and then on the drop down menu.Click Add contact - this adds the person to your list of contacts. If you want to go directly to your contacts, hover your cursor over the Tools icon and select Contacts . 11. Step 6 : Add Content Select bothThis is a andI want to You must enter aTitle ,Microsummary ,Key benefitsandContent textso that your content is easily found in the meshwork.You can also add a relevantphotoor image. After having entered your text and descriptive tags Align Content with Meshwork by clicking the appropriate checkboxes. Before you publish your content set the Access to Private if you want to keep it to yourself; to Logged in users if you want other participants of this meshwork to be able to see it; or to Public if you want any Internet user to be able to read your content. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. 12. Step 7 : Content and Files Hover your cursor over the Tools icon.Select Content to publish information on opportunities, products, projects, etc.Content can include text (with or without pictures, illustrations, videos etc.) Select Files to upload a file (PDF, presentation, document, or any other file type). Select Pages if you want to work on text with others or publish a web page. To publish content : See previous page, usebutton.To publish files:See next page. 13. To publish a file : Select Files in the drop-down Tools menu and click on Upload a file on the left. Click on the Choose File button to select the file from your computer. Select the appropriate This is a andI want to for the file. It is obligatory to enter aTitle ,MicrosummaryandKey Benefitsso the file is easily found in the meshwork.After having entered descriptive tags and possibly a description with an abstract. Align file with Meshwork by clicking the appropriate Places, Interest Areas etc. checkboxes. Before you upload set the Access (same as in Create Content) finally click Save at the bottom of the page.