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WCC Voice Inaugural Issue - Christmas 2010!



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    L o v e J o y

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    L o n g - S u f f e r i n g

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    F a i t h f u l n e s s S e l f - C o n t r o l

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  • Christmas Traditions: ^

    The holidays are a time to rejoice in the gratitude and love we feel for one another. Here are 12 meaningful ways to celebrate your togetherness this season.

    1. Create an evening tradition of taking a family walk or drive in your neighborhood to view the holiday lights. 2. Make a few handmade holiday cards this year as a family. 3. Make appreciation cards. Replace the annual Christmas letter in your cards with a brief letter of appreciation for the recipient. 4. Enjoy a Family Night with special holiday crafts or games. 5. Play special music. Ask everyone for their favorite holiday CD and keep them in the CD changer. 6. Take a photo of your children standing in a particular spot each year (in front of the tree, by the front door) anyplace that will be con-VLVWHQWIURP\HDUWR\HDU0DNHDVSHFLDOKROLGD\RUQDPHQWRUVFUDSERRNDOEXPWKDWGHSLFWVWKHIDPLO\nVJURZWKHDFK\HDU 7. What are your favorite holiday memories? Pose the question tonight at the dinner table. Use the answers to plan the celebration. You may be surprised at the special memories that have nothing to do with gifts or elaborate events. 8. For fifteen minutes, write down things in your life that you are grateful for. Ask each of your family members to join you in creating their own lists. 9. Challenge each member of your family to fill a box or bag full of items to give away. Decide as a family where to make a donation.

    10. Reach out to those whom you have not seen all year. It takes a little extra effort this busy time of year, but make a goal to send a card or note to someone you think about but do not see much anymore. 11. Keep a "Joy Journal" this holiday season, in which you record the funny things your kids say, joyful times you share, your favorite things to do with your family (and by yourself), and all the things for which you are grateful. Use your Joy Journal as a reminder of the facets of your life (and this holiday season) that are really important. 12. Give small and simple gifts (homemade cookies or a small book) to a few of the people who make your everyday life easier, such as the trash collector and postal carrier.


  • Celebrating Harvest Time By: Sister Windy Shotlow

    Over the years, WCC has become the place to be for en-tire families on the day that is most commonly known as Halloween. However, October 31st at WCC is our Har-vest Festival celebration which gives our children and fam-ilies an excuse to have good, clean fun.

    'XULQJWKLV\HDUV+DUYHVW)HVWLYDO,YROXQWHHUHGWRVHUYHfood, which everyone seemed to enjoy, by the looks of those who were leaning back in their seats in an effort to create more space in their bellies. Kudos to Michelle Webber along with her team and gracious volunteers who always seem to top themselves each year in the culinary department; serving everything from the staple festival foods to healthy main courses and homemade desserts that made everyone forget about their weekly diet to lose that last 10 pounds.

    Let me not forget to mention what was most memorable for me this year; my assignment to run one of the many activity tables for the youth; the Pumpkin Painting table. All I have to say is kids plus paint plus any object, inani-

    mate or otherwise, is a recipe for BIG FUN with minimal supervision! I have to admit that I joined in the fun after watching the children paint like they were getting paid for it. Well, I must also admit that my attention to detail and REVHVVLYHFRPSXOVLYHGLVRUGHUZDVDWSOD\VR,FRXOGQWseem to color out of the imaginary lines I created on the pumpkins. Such a shame! Please pray for Sister Windy WREHDOLWWOHPRUHFDUHIUHHPD\EHQH[W\HDU

    In the end it was a day filled with sharing unforgettable moments with family and friends. We had fun, fellow-ship, food and laughter to end this Harvest Festival on a KLJKQRWH,I\RXPLVVHGLWGRQWPDNHWKHVDPHPLVWDNHWZLFH:HOOVHH\RXDWWKH:&&+DUYHVW)HVWLYDO

    Be blessed!







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