viva la revolucion !

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Viva la Revolucion !. Trials and Tabulations leading to the French Revolution. An Outline of the Early Stages. Stages of the Revolution. Legislative Bodies. 5/89 Estates-General 6/89 National Assembly 10/91 Legislative Assembly 8/92 National Convention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Viva la Revolucion!

Trials and Tabulations leading to the French Revolution Viva la Revolucion!An Outline of the Early Stages Stages of the Revolution Liberal RevolutionRadical Revolution Creation of a Republic Constitution of 93The TerrorThe Great TerrorLegislative Bodies 5/89 Estates-General 6/89 National Assembly10/91 Legislative Assembly 8/92 National Convention4/93 The Committee of Public Safety

Origins of Revolution Fiscal Crisis Food Shortages Increased political awareness Limited monarchial powers

Attempts at Reform

The most perilous moment for a bad government is one when it seeks to mend its waysPre-Revolution France

97% 3rd Estate 1% 2nd. 2% 1st

1st & 2nd exempted from taxes

Seigniorial dues required

Divided government and laws The French EstatesCalling the Estates General

Called to resolve countries fiscal crisis (5/89) first time sense 16143rd estate received 2x number of representativesEstates met separately, numbers mattered not Abee Sieyes called 3rd estate to meet as a National Assembly (5/28/29)

Tennis Court Oath 6/20/893rd Estate locked out of Assembly Reconvene on local tennis court Vow "not to separate, and to reassembly wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established"