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SharePoint Workflows with Visio (Part 2)

Create, Import, Export SharePoint Workflows in Visio Workflow Virtualization with Visual StudioPresenter: Dao Bui Huu

AGENDA Advance Visio Workflows Actions Implement Visio Workflows in SharePoint Designer Workflow Virtualization with Visual Studio

Contents Introduce Visio Advance Actions Demo Visio Workflow with SharePoint Designer Workflow Virtualization with Visual Studio Demo Workflow Virtualization Summary

Introduce Visio Ease of use Incorporates the Office Fluent User Interface and design philosophy, more commonly called the Ribbon. Process management Delivers an excellent new experience when working with process diagrams. Visio Services Take data-refreshable diagrams and publish them to SharePoint for broad distribution to anyone with a web browser.

Visio WorkflowsBuilding SharePoint Workflow Scenario


SharePoint Designer

Extend SPD or 3rd Party

Visual Studio

Visio WorkflowsSharePoint Workflow Building Tool OverviewWORKFLOW MODELLING TOOL Visio 2010 FEATURE AUDIENCE

Flowchart-based design using BPMN Business user friendly prototyping Rules-based design Rich human workflows No-code reusability Modify predefined workflows Site collection level deployment Graphical design Build custom activities Develop pluggable services for interaction with external systems Modify SharePoint Designer and predefined workflows Farm deployment

Business users

SharePoint Designer 2010

Information workers

Visual Studio 2010


Visio Workflows Empower business to help design the workflow Easy and powerful tool for prototyping Out of the box Shapes o SharePoint Workflow Actions o SharePoint Workflow Conditions o SharePoint Workflow Terminators Exportable to SharePoint Designer 2010 Visual Designer with Drag and Drop

Visio WorkflowsWhy use Visio?

Visio Workflows

Visio WorkflowsCheck Diagram

Visio WorkflowWorkflow status with Visio web access

Visio WorkflowsCustomize Task Process

Import, Export Visio Workflows VisioUsed to diagram the workflow and create placeholders of functionality.

SharePoint DesignerGets the workflow into SharePoint and fills in the details of the workflow actions.

Import, Export Visio WorkflowsExport Workflow from SharePoint Designer

Import, Export Visio WorkflowsImport from SharePoint Designer Workflow (VWI)

Import, Export Visio WorkflowsImport, Export to SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio




SharePoint Designer

Visual Studio

Import, Export Visio WorkflowsSPD has a new reusable declarative Workflow template Once deployed it can be saved to a template (.wsp) Template can be imported into Visual Studio 2010 and modifiedWSP

File system


Summary Narrow the gap between Business Analyst and Developer Gives nontechnical analysts the ability to diagram a high-level business process Developer do not need to build workflow from scratch The ability to show the Visio diagram on the workflow s status page. Easy in design with visual designer

Summary Limited to out of the box Visio shapesSharePoint Designer 2010 custom workflow actions

Import/Export only works with SharePoint Designer 2010 Hard to handle workflow fault


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