virtual potential: designing collaborative, creative, & active online learning spaces

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2. Literacy has always been defined by thetechnology. Before the printing press, yourability to orally recite something meant[you were] literate. - Nichole PinkardPhoto by, 3. Our How vision technology do is I shaped motivateby thewe know and can use.We students need to acknowledge to blog?that itmay constrain our thinking.- @RayNashar 4. CollaborationCreativityDigitalLiteracyPlayReal-worldConnectionsExperimentationCitizenshipDevelopingPLNsExploration 5. PresentationsMindmapDigitalstoriesPodcastsBlogGamesVideoclipsScavengerhuntsComicsFliersTutorials 6. CommunityIt is literally true that you can succeedbest and quickest by helping others tosucceed. - Napoleon Hill 7. Participant 8. List your city &country 9. What is yourdream job? 10. ChainStoryOnce upona time...And thebirdTheEnd! 11. 12. Collaborative CurationPearlTreeLivebindersEduclipperPinterestStorify Diigo 13. 14. Share aresource! 15. ePortfolio 16. Collaborative StorytellingPride & Prejudice by Raquel Len Jimenez, 17. & IOS App 18. Wr i t i n gprompts 19. Visual writing prompts & 350+ Free Printables 20. 21. 22. Recreate 23. Passionate/PersonalLearning NetworksPhoto by lanx1983: 24. Where? 25. 26. 27. Invent ahashtag 28. Encourageplay with adigitalsandbox! 29. 30. Digital games& quizzes 31. Createtriviagames Draganddrop Studentspromptedtomakequizfortheirpeerstotake 32. Create YouTube Quizzes 33. Letsbrainstorm! 34. Visual Mapping, 35. 36. Storyboard 37. 38. Rubrics for grading 39. Altered image by Luke Wroblewski, number one benefit of educationaltechnology is that it empowers people todo what they want to do. It lets people becreative. It lets people be productive. Itlets people learn things they didn't thinkthey could learn before, and so in asense it is all about potential.- Steve Ballmer 40. 41. ShellyTerrell.comTwitter: @ShellTerrell