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  • Vijay Driving School

    Driving Lessons in Coventry

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  • About Us

    For driving lessons in Coventry, Coventry Driving Lessons and School is certainly the

    best choice one can make and learn the skills in very less time. We help you get the

    driving certificate from the company and make you independent and confident in


  • Why Join Us?

    Fully qualified Grade 5 driving instructor

    24 years of experience in Coventry

    Very high pass rate

    Speaks multiple languages

    Welcomes nervous students

    Pass Plus support after you pass

    We work 7 days a week Flexible for late evenings classes

    Door To Door Service

    Most recommended driving school in Coventry

  • Wide Range of Satisfied Customers

    Mohammed Osman

    Sujeet natrajan


    Siddharth Thakur

    Asha Nanjappa

    Peter vowles

    Vishaal Sharma

    Mateusz Rozmyslowicz Robert Harris

    Samir Bendale Kunal Dhande Manju Bharadwaj Sandeep Ishwar Zohra Nadat Sunny Sandhu Manisha Taggar

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    Vijay Driving School

    Address: 33 Rollason Road Coventry CV6 4AP UK

    Phone No: 07958 594165