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Vision Driving If you have a vision to drive Call 1 (866) 9VISION 1 (866) 984-7466 (732) 424-7924. Ever happen to you?. Do you ever get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror? . Well Relax!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Vision Driving School.comIf you have a vision to driveCall1 (866) 9VISION 1 (866) 984-7466(732) 424-7924

Ever happen to you?Do you ever get that sinking feeling in your stomach when you see the flashing lights in your rearview mirror?

Well Relax!its not the end of the world. Did you know that you can get a 2 point reduction from your license plus a rate reduction on your insurance just by taking a defensive driving class at;

Driving is a ScienceVision Driving School was founded on the idea that driving is a scienceat Vision, they take that seriously. Learn to drive with state of the art visual techniques. Call (866) 9-VISION or log onto

Fear, anxiety, guessing?No more fearful driving. No more anxiety while driving. At Vision, they take away the guessing game that sometimes goes with driving.

Lowering your insurance costAnd lowering your insurance cost is never a bad thing either

More InformationOnce again, call (866) 9-VISION. Thats (866) 9-VISION or log onto www.VISIONDRIVINGSCHOOL.comfor more information.

Specials Web promotionsHigh school Student Specials are also available. Log on to now to read about our academic and first responder discounts

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Vision Driving school - promoter & life time supporter for Education, Academic Achievement, Life safety & Security because Driving is all about Vision & Motion and saving your and saving other's life.

Come to Edison Train Station and pay only $35 per hour minimum two hour lesson9/11 Victims, First Responders (Police, Fire fighters, EMS), Academic AchieversWeare always supporting1st responders. Vision Driving School is all about saving your life and the lives of others too.We pay special attention to 9/11 victims andfamily members. If you check ourAbout Uspage, Vision Driving School was started exactly five years after 9/11 on 9/11/2006 by a9/11 survivor.

We stronglybelieve inchildren'sacademic activities and theirachievements, because we believe knowledge is power,we apply it whereverit is applicable and want to help students focuson their future goals.

Are youeligible for any one of the following? When you call please make sure you mention the following:

Once you have completed your six hours behind the wheel training, our token of appreciation for the following promotions will arrive in your mailbox -9/11 Victim Family, will arrive at their home address-1st responder promotionsat fire station, police station EMS office. -Academic appreciation will arrive at your school address.-Web promotions Ads, donations etc after final approval at official addresses.-September 11 Victims If you are a child orfamily member of September 11 WTC Attack Victim.First Responders: If you are family member of Police If you are family member of Fire Fighters If you are family member of EMS StaffAcademic Achievements: If you are 'Valedictorian' If you are Straight 'A' Student and can produce your report CardHigh school yearbook & Newspaper Advertisements: Any High school year-book Advertisements please email Any High school news paper advertisements please email Donations for any other academic activities please emailEdison, Highland Park, Iselin, Woodbridge, Piscataways nearby areas and Always pay $ 35 per hour, minimum three hour lesson.Everyone else, coming from far... come to Edison Train Station and pay only $ 105 for one three hour lesson.i.e. $ 35 per hour.Driving is all about Vision & Motion, Saving your life and others.... Vision Driving School - 1(866) 9 VISION emergency contact (732) 688-7841

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Employment/volunteer/internshipVision Driving School is also always looking to hire instructors, in every county of New Jersey. Be a proud Vision Driving School instructor.

Always RememberAnd rememberIf you have a vision to drive safely, call Vision Driving Schoolthey can help.1 (866) 9VISION 1 (866) 984-7466(732) 424-7924