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1. Welcome to Shani Driving School 2. INTRODUCTION Shani Driving School in Guelph teaches safe driving skills to teens, adults and seniors. With our experienced and certified driving instructors we provide best driving lessons & courses that helps you to become a safe and responsible driver. 3. Our Training Programs 4. You can register online, by phone, or walk in (by appointment). You can register for full course. (20 hours in class, 10 hours in car) For in class training you can choose any schedules dates from the upcoming classes. If you miss any in class training day, dont worry, you can attend that missed day in future schedule. We have the ability to schedule the in-class training according to your availability We can schedule your in-car training according to your availability Once you complete the full course, you will be certified with the Ministry of transportation. How It Work 5. WHY SHANI DRIVING SCHOOL? Certification : Our driving schools along with all of our driving instructor are certified to render professional driving education. We have attained due certification from the government authorities to provide training. Economical : We provide economical and flexible training session on driving. Our driving school is one of the best driving school in Guelph and admired by our clients also. Experienced Instructors : Our every driving instructor are quite experience and talented in driving education. Our instructors will teach you in the best possible manner irrespective of you are either teenager or 50 plus. 6. Shani Driving School 141 Woolwich street unit 103 and 105 Guelph, Ontario, N1H 8M5 Phone: 519-265-8584, 519-781-3982 E-mail: