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Environment Presentations

Social Studies 11

How are environmental issues effecting our world today? Weve looked at some issues in class, but there are many more! In groups, youll research another issue and present your findings to the class.

You can choose your own topic, or use one of the suggestions on the back of this page. To enhance your presentation, think about visuals you can use. Posters? Prezi? PPT? Videos?

Group Size: 3 to 4 people

Time: 4 to 6 minutes

Marking (Total: 22 marks)

Body Language and Eye Contact: 4 marks

Spoken Clarity: 6 marks

Use of Visuals: 6 marks

Detailed Analysis: 6 marks

*Every student will get a separate grade.

Possible Topics

Group A

1) What is a boycott? What is Nestle? Introduce how these concepts work.

2) Why are people boycotting Nestle? Give some historical examples of conflicts.

3) Do you think people should support this boycott? WIll you buy Nestle products? Why or why not?

Group B

1) What are carbon emissions? What is a carbon credit? What is a carbon footprint?

2) What efforts has Canada made to reduce its carbon footprint?

3) Do you think these efforts have been enough? Why or why not? What else could or should be done?

Group C

1) How is plastic produced? How is it recycled?

2) What happens to plastics that arent recycled? How does this harm wildlife?

3) In your opinion, are marketing campaigns effective to make people recycle more? How else could we change peoples behavious?

Group D

1) What roles do honeybees play in the ecosystem? What is colony collapse?

2) Why is it frightening that bees may become extinct?

3) What is being done to help bees? How could we solve this problem?

Group E

1) What is nuclear energy? What problems are associated with it?

2) Discuss examples of nuclear meltdowns in Russia and Japan.

3) Do you think nuclear energy could be a good replacement for fossil fuels? Why or why not?

Group F

1) What is urban sprawl? Discuss related terms, like gentrification, infrastructure, and doughnut cities.

2) What environmental problems does it cause?Are their any benefits?

3) In your opinion, what can be done to fight urban sprawl? Compared to other issues discussed in class, how big a concern is this one?

Group G

1) What is the nitrogen cycle? What are phytoplankton? How do these benefit the earth?

2) Why are they in danger?

3) What solutions are being pursued? In your opinion, what should be done? How does this compare to other issues weve studied?

Group H

1) Why are pipelines being built in Canada? Give some examples, with routes.

2) What groups are fighting their development? Why?

3) Do you think these pipelines should be completed? Why? What are the benefits and possible drawbacks?

Group I

1) What are some results of biotechnology and bioengineering. You can include medical uses.

2) How is it used in farming? Why does it make some people upset? How does it create hope in some areas? What are organic foods?

3) What is your opinion about genetically modified foods and organic foods? Why?