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  1. 1. UXPA Pre-Mortem
  2. 2. Volcanic?? Brands are the experiences people encounter with every interaction. Volcanic carefully and consciously creates experiences that delight customers, create share-worthy moments and drive value. We uncover insights about the customer, brand, and business that help us set the front and back stage for creating, building and testing breakthrough experiences. Why? What? How?
  3. 3. Volcanics core offerings: 96% of unhappy customers never tell companies about their poor experiences 71% of business leaders believe that customer experience is the next corporate battleground 86% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience Insights Strategy Design ExperienceExperience Experience
  4. 4. Buckle Up 0
  5. 5. 1Team
  6. 6. 2Ideate
  7. 7. 3Prepare
  8. 8. 3Prepare ______(name of idea) provides _____(does the following) for/to ______(target user/market/audience). We deliver ______(service) with/through ______(attributes) that leads to/results in ______(benefits/ultimate outcome). A good example is ______(short success Story). Elevator Pitch Mad Lib
  9. 9. 3Prepare ______(name of idea) provides _____(does the following) for/to ______(target user/market/audience). We deliver ______(service) with/through ______(attributes) that leads to/results in ______(benefits/ultimate outcome). A good example is ______(short success Story). ex: Glimpse facilitates personal goal achievement to anyone seeking a fresh perspective. We deliver transformative, P2P experiences through matchmaking and guidance that result in an expansion of knowledge, self-awareness, and personal growth. Elevator Pitch Mad Lib
  10. 10. 4Share
  11. 11. Hold my beer! 5 (aka Intro to pre-mortems)
  12. 12. Hold my beer! 5 (aka Intro to pre-mortems) Premortem: To improve your chances of success by imagining your failure, then working backwards to determine the factors that lead to it.
  13. 13. premortem informed customer journey developed strategies and tactics to address issues
  14. 14. Hold my beer! 5 (aka Intro to pre-mortems) Often in projects, the learning is all at the wrong end. Usually after things have already gone horribly wrong or off-track, members of the team gather in a postmortem to sagely reflect on what bad assumptions and courses of action added up to disaster. What makes this doubly unfortunate is that those same team members, somewhere in their collective experience, may have seen it coming. A pre-mortem is a way to open a space in a project at its inception to directly address its risks. Unlike a more formal risk analysis, the pre-mortem asks team members to directly tap into their experience and intuition at a time when it is needed most, and is potentially the most useful. Gamestorming
  15. 15. Because designers can be insufferable optimists. Me GROUPTHINK
  16. 16. Hold my beer! (aka Intro to pre-mortems)
  17. 17. Hold my beer! (aka Intro to pre-mortems) IKEA in China
  18. 18. Hold my beer! (aka Intro to pre-mortems)
  19. 19. jay-customer Jaycustomers
  20. 20. Jaycustomer: Customers who (deliberately) act in a thoughtless or abusive manner, causing problems for the company, employees, or other customers.
  21. 21. 1.The Thief - Avoids paying for the service availed ex: Shoplifting, stolen credit cards, sneaking into movies 2.The Cheat - Lives up to their name ex: Fake insurance Claims, wardrobing, 100% guarantee abuses 3.The Belligerent - Angrily abuses service personnel ex: Angry drunk people, customer service calls, air rage 4.The Rule Breaker - Ignores rules of social behavior No Shirts, no shoes, no service, reckless skiers, roller coasters 5.The Vandal - Deliberately damages property Graffiti, cigarette burns, broken property 6.The Family Feuder - Fights w/ other customers or their own party Food fights, relationship issues, violent drunk patrons 7.The Deadbeat - Fails to pay bills on time Delayed payments, Ill pay tomorrow 7 Types of Jay-customers:
  22. 22. #Fail 6Predict
  23. 23. Predict 6#Fail Likelihood Disaster Control
  24. 24. 7Destroy
  25. 25. 7Destroy Likelihood Disaster
  26. 26. 8Survey says
  27. 27. 9Repair*
  28. 28. Solutions should be designed to not (negatively) affect other customers *Repair Guideline #1
  29. 29. Fragile Robust Antifragile *Repair Guideline #2
  30. 30. 9Repair*
  31. 31. 10Postmortem
  32. 32. 10Postmortem Briefest Summary: Premortems: Mitigating problems through foresight. Jaycustomers: A lens for predicting abuse. Antifragile: Growth through volatility.