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  • 1. Making UX HappenJanuary 2013@UXPAUK#makinguxhappen

2. Tonights event is sponsored by 3. Thanks to our hosts 4. Making UX Happen A workshopTim Loo Strategy Director, FoolproofJason Mesut Head of User Experience, RMA Consulting Markus Smet VP Products, Spreadshirt 5. Introducing the panelMarkus Smet Jason MesutTim Loo @behumanshaped @jasonmesut @timothyloo@UXPAUK #makinguxhappen 6. We love to talk about this... 7. But we probably dont talk enough about... 8. href="">pareeerica 9. It is easy to blame an organisations failure todo the right thing with regard to the userexperience on the organisation 10. If UX practitioners genuinely want to beagents for change, we must be doing what ittakes to make change happen. 11. Thanks for your top 3 barriers tomaking UX happen.Heres what you told us... 12. Source: Making UX Happen survey of top 3 barriers (94 respondents) 13. BUSINESSUX ADVISORPhoto Credit: Photo Credit: 14. Inertia and resistance tochangeDriven by Lack of technology consultantPolitics & Lack ofsenior-level and constraintsskills &experienceorganisational client sponsorfor UX silos LowLack of stakeholder Ineffective THE BUSINESSlack of Clientvision, strategycommitmentengagement PROJECTUX ADVISORcommunication to UXand business-casein UX& persuasion Client doesntmeasure Lack ofClient doesnt Lack of time or understand understand budgetConsultantUX processesthe value of UX& agencyLack ofattitudes resourcesSource: Making UX Happen survey of top 3 barriers (94 respondents) 15. Tonight were looking to share, learn andalign around the required new skills,techniques, attitudes and ways of engagingto increase the impact of our work. 16. The Chatham House RuleWhen a meeting, or part thereof, is held under theChatham House Rule, participants are free to use theinformation received, but neither the identity nor theaffiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any otherparticipant, may be revealed. 17. Photo Credit: 18. Join your teamTeam MarkusTeam JasonTeam Tim @behumanshaped@jasonmesut @timothyloo@UXPAUK#makinguxhappen 19. In your teams Think about, capture and discuss (20 minutes) What are root causes? The context for organisations The context for stakeholders The context for UX companies & practitioners@UXPAUK #makinguxhappen 20. Breaking into mini groups What can we do? (20 minutes) What can we do to address root causes and raise our impact and effectiveness thinking about: practitioner level consultancy level industry level Mini groups present back & discuss (20 minutes)@UXPAUK #makinguxhappen 21. Next steps Well take this stuff away and summariseour conclusions Well publish this on SlideShare and theUXPAUK website@UXPAUK#makinguxhappen 22. Reconvene for open Q&A session@UXPAUK#makinguxhappen 23. Thanks once again to 24. ...and our kind hosts 25. @UXPAUK #makinguxhappen