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<p>Public Space for Urban LifestyleThe Emerging of Lifestyle Centers in Indonesia</p> <p>Bayu Utomo</p> <p>Seminar Urban Lifestyle Lustrum XI IMA-G ITB Campus Centre, ITB 28 April 2007</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t1</p> <p>Mind Map</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t2</p> <p>Topik Pembahasan1. Pengertian Urban Lifestyle 2. Kebutuhan Urban Lifestyle dalam Retail Centers Di Indonesia 3. Aspek Ekonomi/Komersial Dalam g p Pengadaan Properti 4. Ilustrasi Lifestyle Centers</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t3</p> <p>Pengertian Urban Lifestyle Definisi Lifestyle and Urban Lifestyle:A lifestyle is the way a person (or a group) lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects an individual's attitudes, values or worldview- Wikipedia Urban Lifestyle: the way urban people live</p> <p> Maslows Hierarchy of Human Needs:Tingkatan kebutuhan Ti k t k b t h manusia i Kebutuhan yang lebih mendasar harus terpenuhi terlebih dahulu</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t4</p> <p>Kebutuhan Urban Lifestyle Dalam Retail Centers Perkembangan Pusat Perbelanjaan (Modern) di JakartaApa yang membuat bisnis pusat perbelanjaan menarik? p y g p p j Bagaimana trend pertumbuhan pusat perbelanjaan di Jakarta? Karakteristik Pusat Perbelanjaan Konvensional</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t5</p> <p>Mengapa Bisnis Pusat Perbelanjaan Menarik?Market Share of Modern and Traditional Retail, 2006 ,100 90 80 P Percentage Sha are 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 Year 2004 2005 2006* Minimarket Supermarket Traditional Shop</p> <p>Retail Sales in Indonesia, 2004-2011Historical Retail Sales Forecast Retail Sales 80% 60% 40% % Growth6</p> <p>300,000 250,000 200,000 200 000 $USM 150,000 100,000 50,000 01994 1996 1998 2000</p> <p>Grow th</p> <p>20% 0% -20% -40% 40% -60%2002</p> <p>Year Y</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t2004 2006 2008 2010</p> <p>-80%</p> <p>Mengapa Bisnis Pusat Perbelanjaan Menarik?Socio-Economic Status in Indonesia, 2007100% 90% 80% 70% Per rcentage 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Year A (Above Rp2 mil/month) B (Rp1.5-2 mil/month) C1 (Rp1.0-1.5 mil/month) C2 (Rp 0.7-1.5 mil/month) D (Rp0.5-0.7 mil/month) E (Below Rp 0.5 mil/month)Jakarta Botabek Bandung Surabaya Semarang Medan 2001 10,561 7,493 7 493 2,793 4,295 1,758 3,542 2006 17,276 25,817 25 817 4,304 6,293 3,691 5,103 10% 28% 9% 8% 16% 8% Cities Total household expenditure of middle class l(Rp billions)</p> <p>Total Household Expenditure of Middle ClassAverage Growth2001-2006</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t7</p> <p>Pertumbuhan Pusat Perbelanjaan JakartaSupply, Supply Demand and Occupancy of Retail Centres for Lease in Jakarta2,500,000 100%</p> <p>Sup pply &amp; Deman (m2) nd</p> <p>2,000,000 1,500,000 1 500 000</p> <p>95% 90% Occupanc cy</p> <p>1,000,000 500,000</p> <p>85% 80%</p> <p>0 01 02 03 Supply 04 05 Demand 06 07f 08f 09f</p> <p>75%</p> <p>Occupancy</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t8</p> <p>Asia Pacific Retail Property Cl k A i P ifi - R t il P t ClockGROWTH SLOWING SLOWING Sydney Bangkok (CBD) Hong Kong RENTS FALLING FALLING</p> <p>y Shanghai Jakarta 7 years or more 5 years 3 years</p> <p>Guangzhou Kuala Lumpur Singapore Tokyo (Prime) (P i )</p> <p>Manila Beijing B iji Delh i</p> <p>RENTS RISING 4Q 2006</p> <p>DECLINE SLOWING</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t9</p> <p>Faktor Faktor Faktor-Faktor Penentu Kesuksesan Pusat Perbelanjaan Lokasi dan aksesibilitas Retail Concept Tenancy mix and zoning Kesesuaian dengan target market dalam catchment area Desain D i Fasilitas: rasio parkir, atm, Pengelolaan</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t10</p> <p>Conventional Malls vs. Life Style Centers Conventional Malls:Layout and Design: g p - Massive building envelope with an atrium. - Design efficiency is critically important Tenancy Mix: - Anchor tenants (commonly department stores) have the largest portion of lettable area. Target Market: g - Accommodate all segments Layout and Design: - Generally an open-air or enclosed outdoor configuration - Design ambience is critically important; usually more spacious common area for visitors social activities Tenancy Mix: - Optimizing mini anchor tenants (gym, cinema, book store, musical theatre etc ) beside anchor tenants (gym cinema store theatre, etc.), tenants. - If conventional or fashion specialty department stores are presented, they are usually smaller in size than customarily found in traditional malls. Target Market: - Specific target market : high disposable income groups, young families e ec ti es gro ps o ng families, executives</p> <p> Life Style Centers:</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t11</p> <p>Trade Mix Pusat Perbelanjaan di IndonesiaEntertainment 14% Services 2% Vacant S Shop 1% Entertainment 21% Services 1% % Others O 1% Vacant S Shop 1% Anchor Tenant 36%</p> <p>Anchor Tenant 46%</p> <p>Food and Beverages 13%</p> <p>Specialty Stores 24%</p> <p>Food and Beverage 40%</p> <p>Conventional Malls</p> <p>Lifestyle Centers</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t12</p> <p>Apa Yang Membuat Lifestyle Centres Menarik Pengunjung? True lifestyle experience:The gift of TIME The gift of CHOICES The gift of AUTHENTICITY</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t13</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t14</p> <p>Sustainable Property BusinessSpace Consumer Group</p> <p> Interaksi dinamis antar grup</p> <p>diwarnai kepentingan/tujuan masing-masing grup yang seringkali tidak sejalan p berinteraksi dan berkompromi terjadilah keseimbangan pasar sustainable, maka masingmasing masing grup harus bisa mencapai solvency</p> <p> Ketiga grup ini harusSite + Improvements</p> <p> Agar bisnis properti bisaSpace Production Group</p> <p>Public Infrastructure Groups</p> <p>* JARCHOW S P (ed ) Graaskamp on Real Estate, 1991 JARCHOW, S. P. (ed.), Estate</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t15</p> <p>Pondok Indah Mall 2</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t16</p> <p>Cilandak Town Square</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t17</p> <p>EX</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t18</p> <p>EX</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t19</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t20</p> <p>La Piazza</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t21</p> <p>Braga City Walk</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t22</p> <p>Cilandak Town Square</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t23</p> <p>Greenbelt - Manila</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t24</p> <p>Greenbelt - Manila</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t25</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t26</p> <p>Emirate Mall - Dubai</p> <p>Footer Text oote e t27</p>