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The RDCJ Urban Lifestyle magazine is the publication sister of the Real Deal Comedy Jam show. The magazine initially began as a tour magazine for the show but soon developed into much more. The RDCJ covers a multitude of elements connected to urban culture and lifestyle. Such as fashion, music, gossip, comedy, politics, sports, health and self development.


  • Real Deal ComeDy Jams FRee URban liFestyle magazine

    niCki minaJRappeR-FashionistaoR ConFUseD- sista?

    tRibUte togRegoRy isaaCshaRRison Vs haye:FRienDoRFoe?

    ReViewseVentsnews& moRe

    swoRth oF VoUCheRs


    issUe 02 /// DeC 2010 - Feb 2011 /// FRee

  • Urban lifestyle magazine

    Urban lifestyle magazine /// www.RDCJ.net 3

    06 Cocktails

    07 nicki minaj: Rapper-Fashionistaor Confused-sista?

    08 harrison vs haye: Friends or Foe?

    11 in 2011 you too Can have a six pack

    12 mental health

    15 politics - whats it all about?

    16 hair

    18 Real Deal Fashion highlights

    19 Real scents, Real love...

    20 look like the Real Deal

    21 why goal-setting is a must for high achievers

    23 last tour

    24 gallery: birmingham

    25 axel the entertainer

    26 gallery: london

    27 the RDCJ anthem

    28 gallery: bristol & Cardiff

    29 the Chill

    30 a tribute to gregory isaacs

    CoVeR stoRy: niCki minaJRapper-Fashionista or Confused-sista?

  • Urban lifestyle magazine

    4 Urban lifestyle magazine /// DeC 2010 - Feb 2011


  • Urban lifestyle magazine

    Urban lifestyle magazine /// www.RDCJ.net 5

    what a year 2010 has been. Remember we had a

    snow storm over new york in February that grounded all flights for a couple of days. wow, we thought, that was unusual. then we had an ash cloud hovering over europe that grounded all flights for about 2 weeks. as luck would

    have it both these

    freak occurrences happened exactly over the period when the Real Deal Comedy Jam were attempting to fly comedians in from the Us. also weve had a change in government from labour to Conservative and the fall out of that has been major public sector cuts. oh and we also re-branded and re-launched the RDCJ magazine as not only the supplement Real Deal Comedy Jam tour magazine. but now officially as the RDCJ Urban Culture and lifestyle magazine, sounds

    good aye. well im going to keep my editors section really brief on this occasions. id like to thank a few people for their efforts and contribution. larry logan for your guidance support and direction. Janine bucknor for your creative input. the journalists that contributed and finally to all the companies and organisations that advertised with us. id like to wish all the readers a happy and prosperous 2011. good health, wealth and success to you all. i hope you enjoy our this edition of the RDCJ


    RDCJ editor nathan wilkins

    thanks goes to... Guidance - larry logan Journalists - lorraine Copes, tiny, Dr kirstie, shell Jarrett, gok one-two, alexander Davis, will edwards, neville Coley, Rochelle Robertson Chief Magazine Designer - Janine bucknor Design - projay Sales Executives - samuel nelson, Damien blackwood Sponsors - taboo energy, mishmash, JC hair, turbo windscreens, Uplands auto Centre, all nation, barbershop Photographers - simeon thaw, andre t. hesson, alton


  • Cocktails

    6 Urban lifestyle magazine /// DeC 2010 - Feb 2011

    i dont know about you but these cold winter nights have been getting me down recently. there are only so many nights that i can justify watching reality tV stupidity, as a fun night in.

    my ritual of late has been getting home from work freezing cold, feet like blocks of ice, jumping into about 5 tracksuits, dashing on a couple more pairs of socks, my favourite woolly hat and depending on the severity of my coldness, my best winter gloves.

    its got to a point now where this idiotic behaviour has just got to stop. Dressing up like a woolly mammoth every night is all good and well for getting warm, but all i end up doing is watching every piece of junk on tV from when i get in until its time for bed. i want some proper fun in my life. now in my books venturing out in the snow or these arctic conditions is a no go, so i came up with this to heat up my nights in without me and the mrs dressing up like polar explorers.

    article by alexander Davis

    C o C k ta i l s

    I n g r e d I e n t s :

    H o w t o m a k e I t :

    I n g r e d I e n t s :

    H o w t o m a k e I t :

  • nicki minaj

    Urban lifestyle magazine /// www.RDCJ.net 7

    like her or not nicki minaj divides and provokes opinions, the buzz on the street has translated to popularity, and with popularity has come record sales. in the first week of release her dbut album pink Friday has sold 371,000 copies. if this is anything to go by, nicki may well have hit the successful female rapper jackpot or has she?

    prominent female rappers over the past three decades, have all played their part in evolving todays female rapper. in the eighties arrived the door finders, think monie love, Queen latifah, salt-n-pepa, and mc lyte. these women commanded respect from their peers, but in some instances made attempts to blend in with their male counterparts in both style and clothing.

    the late nineties brought the door knockers, lil kim, Foxy brown, trina, Da brat and eve. learning from the door finders, this wave of female rapper was distinctly feminine, were welcomed into crewsof male peers, however skill was sometimes overshadowed by lack of clothing or lyrical content. learnings translated into record sales, and relative to the growth seen in hip hop music sales, they enjoyed successes too.

    lauryn hill and missy elliotts solo albums were released soon after the door knockers, but its clear to see that they didnt need to knock, they had the keys. both artists are multi talented, and critically acclaimed due to abilities in rapping, singing, writing, and producing, all of which translated to heightened

    record sales.

    Fast forward to 2010, it would seem nicki minaj has taken on board all learnings from female rappers before her, and has damn near kicked the door of its hinges. appearing to tick most of the boxes that female rappers have aspired to do in the past, without alienating any fan bases as Foxy and kim would have done through purely lyrical

    content. a fine balance of respect from her peer group, rapping ability, and a sexy fashionista, nicki is bringing to the masses what R&b artists such as beyonce, and Rihanna have been doing for a decades.

    the fire that fuels negative debate is nicki minajs reluctance to confirm or deny the rumours, which would in effect contradict everything she claims to stand for. From nose jobs, to butt and boob implants, her sexual orientation, her writing ability or not, how she secured her record deal, the list goes on and on.

    as rumours are unconfirmed, we only have facts to judge her on, and the facts suggest that she is a young, animated, eccentric, and a very talented female rapper, who has the potential to become the first female rapper of this decade to go global.

    lorraine Copes 2010

    niCki minaJRapper-Fashionistaor Confused-sista?

  • harrison vs haye: Friends or Foe?

    8 Urban lifestyle magazine /// DeC 2010 - Feb 2011

    aUDley haRRison Vs DaViD haye

    november 13th saw one of the most anticipated and controversial heavy weight fights in british boxing history, not since the lennox lewis vs. Frank bruno bout more than a decade ago has the hype surrounding a domestic match up captured the attention of the public and critics alike.

    the setting for such a prestigious occasion was the m.e.n arena in manchester where the 20,000 strong sold out crowd waited for what many thought was the inevitable to happen.

    this all begs the question

    was there really beef or was it all bullshit?

  • harrison vs haye: Friends or Foe?

    Urban lifestyle magazine /// www.RDCJ.net 9

    now in case youre not familiar with the fighters, the wba Champion, David haye (the good looking chap) has had a brilliant career to date, his fights are always exciting and explosive, he has knocked out 23 of his 26 opponents only loosing once before beating the giant Russian nikolai Valuev, to win the title in 2009. the challenger however, came onto the scene with a bang, winning a gold medal at the 2000 olympic games, his career spanning a decade has brought many boring fights, bad defeats and poor defences, he always talked a good game and even though he has all the physical attributes and technical knowledge it takes to be a champion he never delivered, making him the laughing stock of the boxing fraternity whove nicknamed him audrey or ordinary harrison.

    so, why all the hype? well it turns out that both these guys were very good friends in their amateur days back in the 90s, they trained and competed together in hundreds of tournaments in over 30 countries often sharing the same hotel room. harrison at this point was by far the better of the two with haye actually looking up to him and idolising him as his mentor, this is probably the only thing they still agree on today. however, this soon came to an abrupt end after a sparring session where haye is said to have taken liberties with his mate in front of lennox lewis, which generally means he got his arse bust and didnt like it, the two fell out and the bad blood between them started. David went on to do big things and ordinary? well he talked a lot! so now we

    have the perfect grudge match where two opponents definitely dont like each other and above all that is what captivated the whole boxing fraternity on both sides of the equator. its seems that during the lead up to the fight harrison became a better salesman than a boxer, because as we all knew David would deliver...harrison did a pretty good job of convincing us he would cause a major upset and knock out the champion with his huge ego, to win the title. theres a saying insanity, is to expect a