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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume SUMMARYPersonnel Data :Name Date of birth Place of birth Address : - Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim shalaby : 2nd of December 1946 : Alexandria Egypt : no. 723 Hurria Street, Loran, Alexandria, Egypt

Home telephone no. : 00203-5774324 Mobile no. E-mail Qualifications : 002-01001528859 : [email protected] : BS.c of mechanical engineering power section Alexandria university, year 1970 Language : English good read, & write : French good read & write : Arabic good read & write (mother tongue)

Summary of experience:1. 10

years Construction/Mechanical chief Shipbuilding Engineer at (Alexandria Ship Yard/ Egypt ) " marine construction &marine and mechanical installations on board of ships during prefabrication periods, attending all mooring and sea trials ,warranty engineer on board of fabricated merchant ships up to 50,000 GRT" period between 1970-1982 in offshore oil fields (PETROJET.Co. petroleum projects and consultations company, Egypt ) " maintenance & construction projects " during period from 1982- 1991

2. 10 years operational Engineer on board of anchor handling supply boats

3. 14 years Supervisor/chief Engineer on board of heavy lift derrick,

construction and pipe laying offshore barge PMS-12 (Petroleum Marine Services Co. / Egypt ) " maintenance & construction projects " during period from 1991- 20054. 3

years Consultant Engineer for technical affairs ,contracts, procurements ,purchasing affairs ,and offshore concerns .(PMS CO./ Egypt) "construction projects " during period from 2005-2008

5. 14 months Construction Superintendent Engineer and GSACO representative during implementation of offshore associated gases project (OAG) package II ,offshore pipe laying project(GASCO-Abu Dhabi / UAE) during period from

2008 -2009002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07) Corporate Base Page 1

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume6. One year marine superintendent and PETROLEUM SERVICES-FREE ZONE operation manager at SUBSEA


period from 2009-20107.

Currently job off shore marine warranty surveyor at BV class authority .(Alexandria-Branch-Egypt)


Marine Superintendent at (Ships & Boats for oil and petroleum ) Alex.


Appointment Date : 14th of December 2009 still working Supervisor for technical services Responsible for maintaining all ships and boats under command of the company always in good performance through maintenance programs pre prepared Doing necessary and periodical inspection and technical evaluations for the marine units Evaluation for marine crew according their efficiency and effort Prepare marine units for the projects and attend auditing Prepare required specifications for marine units (AHTS/B/BARGES )required to be purchased

2008- 2009

Construction superintendent at (OAG Project-Package II) Abu Dhabi

At Worley Parsons company as construction superintendent Appointment date : 16th of April 2008 leave date 2nd of Jun 2009 My current deferent positions during the project were:1. Construction superintendent responsible for executing project procedures. 2. HSE Engineer following up the Company system during proceeding in project. 3. GASCO client representative rising up daily progress and HSE reports, to PMC attending daily meetings and discuss future jobs. Objective jobs: is representative of (GASCO) as owner for offshore associated gases project 825 (OAG) EPC package 2-offshore pipe line at Abu Dhabi, with NPCC as Maine Contractor. Location and working sites : on dredging vessel (CYRUS II) ,implementing ,trenching for the proposed pipe line 30inch of GASCO (50 km. length from Ruways to Ghasha field )during period from 16 April 2008 to 1st September 2008 Location : shore pull for pipe line 30 inch diam. Length of trench 7.5 km at RAS AL QILA Abu Dhabi using jack up rig "SEP150" &"CB-II" during period from 12 of October 08 ,to 20th of December o8 Location : Ras Al Qila Back filling for pipeline string 7.5km during period from 28th December 08 up to 10 January 09 Location : Das Island for sleepers installation and shore pull for 30 inch pipe line of total length 600 mt using "PIPE LAYING BARGE 1000",during period from 16th April 2009 to 2 Jun 2009 including riser and valve installations connecting offshore pipe line with the valve station on the package I on Das Island

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

Page 2

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume2006-2008 Consultant engineer (PMS Co.) Egypt

For technical affairs department at main office of petroleum marine services (PMS ) offshore company Providing services in studying the technical offers of the projects ,Introduced proposals from clients , Check and put the technical specifications for the marine units intended to be purchased and procurements required for the projects , Check the vendor list and their qualifications for procurements , Studying technical contracts and proposals between the company and the clients and share the final decisions for acceptance or refusal of the offers. Studying deferent means to enlarge and improve performance efficiency of the projects and maintenance of marine unites.

2005 2006

General Assistance Manager Engineer (PMS Co.) EgyptIn technical affairs Department at main office of petroleum marine services (PMS) offshore company.

2004 2005 Maintenance General Manager Assistance Engineer (PMS Co.) EgyptOn heavy derrick pipe and cable laying offshore barge "PMS12".which consider one of the marine unite belong to PMS company To rise up to date the Maintenance reports To the G. MANAGER of maintenance To discus the job problems and find the suitable solutions and the way of improvements. Preparing the Barge including equipments onboard to be in good carry out the projects / rental. condition to

Planning & clarify the targets of maintenance department for the operation of the barge Planning & following up the required budgets for carrying out the activities of the barge. Prepare Barge equipments and spare parts to execute work. Planing flowing up the required maintenance & operation programs of the barge. programs, dry docking of the

Supervise the technical studies to improve & developing the equipments barge Technical evaluation of (Material, Equipment and services) Suppliers Bid's Reviewing the periodical reports received from condition of the equipments onboard. barges & assures the


002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume Responsible to have corrective actions for any mechanical troubles or down time of the barge operation. Responsible to avoid of remarks of the client auditing, class authorities & marine inspection department concerning the operation or maintenance of the barge. Supervise & reporting any of accidents concerning the maintenance, operation of the barges. Coordinate & keep good relations for the employees. Assure the applications of the required principals for safety, healthy & environment company policy for the employees. Following up & suggestion all necessaries for developing, updating skills & also the equipments. the employees

Coordinate between all company departments to utilize the good condition of the barge to execute the required projects.

2001 2004 Maintenance supervisor (PMS Co.) Egypt For five mechanical, three Electrical, engineers, seventeen mechanics, seventeen electricians and five Crane operators. On barge "PMS- 12" To follow-up the jobs sequences and application of the dice plan, maintenance protocol. Make a check list and preparing the following equipment for pipe laying Transferring cars (maintenance and trails test). 2-Adjust pipe transferring system to the required O. D of the pipe. 3-Adjust the line up system to the centre line of the Tensioner machines. 4- Adjust the Tensioner machines level (vertical and horizontal) to suit the O.D of the pipe. 5- Adjust the dep. station car to the fire line level. 6-Stinger installation:Adjust height of rollers for pipe bend S curve for the actual case as per pipe-lay analysis Attach the Stinger and fix to the barge aft hinges, Connect crossover hoses between the barge and stinger add test whether connections and hoses tight. Pre-ballast stingers tank(s) as per results of pipeline recovery analysis after connection to the barge.

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume The control of the stinger ballasting to be performed by injection of the ballast water in ballasting lines to remove the air inside the stinger tank(s) . while the stinger deballasting is the reverse operation, by injection of air in the de-ballasting air lines to remove the water inside the stinger tank(s) The stinger tip depth should be monitored and recorded using the Pneuma Gauge. 7-Check anchor winches for proper working. (Torque converters, drum wire). 8-Check tensioner machine (power back, hydraulic system clamping rams, springs, oil level, oil leakage, hydraulic motor and brake bands. 9-Introduce the necessary data. (Clam pressure, tension required, Tensioner bodies clearance, dead band . . . . .). To the tensioner control system. 10-Check Air Tuggers, internal and external pipe clamps including hoses and compressed air system. 11-check A/R winch (control system, hydraulic, gears pumps power back, etc. . .). 12-Check deck crane for good operation for (boom, steering, hoisting and lowering the hook measuring system, crawling etc. . . ..) . 13- Check the monitoring system at Tower for winches operation also tension measuring system at each wire for each winch (load measuring system). 14-check the pipe outer diameter and pipe ovality and reject the damaged concrete coating pipe and ovality pipe end. 15-check the power station for electric power supply volt /amps and stable cycles and check if the power is enough for the pipe laying. 16-check the fire line room ventilation system. 17-check electrode heaters for correct operation (temps, thermostatic derives and heating coils). 18-check the welding transformers for good operation and repair or change if necessary. 19-Check the barge compressed air system (air compressors, air lines hoses, supply manifolds, pressure, and safety connecting hoses, etc. . . .). 20-check operation system (auto. mode, manual mode, mooring mode). 21-Put the whole system into operation. 22-The following procedure will be followed to start-up the pipeline laying: -The DMA (dead man anchor) anchor and attached cable will be lifted off the lay barge to the AHT (anchor handing tug). -The AHT will depart from the lay barge towards the marked position and drop the DMA anchor to be the seabed. -Test DMA anchor holding power) by applying (125% from the tension required)Corporate Base Page 5

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume Tension to the cable until the anchor holds. Weld and NDT (Non destructive test) the start-up head to the pipeline end. -Attach the pulling cable to the start-up head. The pipeline string will be advanced to full-up the lay barge rollers by stacking and welding joints at the line-up station until the start-up head reaches the lay barge stem, without applying tension force on it.

-The joint number will be written by paints at the end of each joint. -Using the tensioner machine, apply the required normal lay tension force on the pipeline prior the start-up head leaves the lay barge. -The lay barge will then start moving ahead slowly one joint length per time while divers is monitoring the departure of pipes from the stinger stem. -Continue moving ahead until the pipeline length till it out past the tensioner of the lay barge, i.e. the start-up head rests on seabed. -Then continue pipeline normal laying operations

1991- 2001

Barge Chief Engineer (PETROJET Co.) Egypt

On barge Petrojet 12 of petroleum projects and Consultation CompanyMaintenance, overhauling and repairing for the barge equipments (including winches, cranes, compressors, diesel engines, generators, pipe tensioners machines, pipe laying equipments, A/C units, refrigerating machines, all rotating, reciprocating, hydraulic pumps and machinery). Prepare the required spare parts, Prepare the barge and the equipments for the expected projects. Regular testing for f .fighting equip. inside engine rooms regular inspecting for the HES pollution (sewage treatment, oil water separator and sludge tanks). Car of house keeping and fresh water generation unit. Implementing and assisting in all barge projects Prepare the proposed budgets for parts and materials needed Following up the engine and instrumentation documents and renewal of its certificates. Give the advices crew and training necessary for the crew.

1985- 1991

Operational engineer (PETROJET Co.) Egypt

On supply boat Petrojet 31

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

Page 6

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume Towing, anchor handling, supplying the barges and platform and rigs with fuel and f.w, transfer persons and cargo between the quays and the barges. Maintenance and repairing the boat equipments and prepare the required spare parts Assisting in all offshore projects implemented by the company in Mediterranean & Read Sea.

1982 1985 Operational engineer (PETROJET Co.) Egypt

On A.H boat Petrojet 1.Towing, anchor handling, supplying the barges and platform and rigs with fuel and f.w, transfer persons and cargo between the quays and the barges. Maintenance and repairing the boat equipments and prepare the required spare parts Assisting in all offshore projects implemented by the company in Mediterranean & Read Sea.

1978 1982 Chief ship builder in (Alexandria Ship yard ) Egypt

Planning and executing building the ships, of types (RORO/Cargo/Grain Carrier Merchant, water tankers )Supervising the shipbuilding stages, (ship gross weight up to 50,000 tons), Held the meeting to discus the progress and solve building problems

1971 1978 Mechanical Engineer (Alexandria Ship yard ) Egypt

In mechanical installations work shop at Alexandria ship yard.Installing all the ship equipments during different stages of ship building. such as {Propellers ,main and tail shafts, rudder and rudder stem equipments, main engine, auxiliary engines, boilers "gas and aux." compressors, pumps, oil and fuel oil separators, hydraulic pump stations ,deck winches and cranes ,hatch covers pump stations ,piping systems, fire stations, main and emergency power stations , A/C and refrigeration rooms equip. etc.} Installing ,testing ,adjusting and commissioning for main marine engines and auxiliaries up to 7000 hp Installing and commissioning for all piping systems

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

Page 7

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume Attend sea & mooring trails Attend midi voyages as warranty engineer on board of the ships

1970 1971 Instructor in Alexandria Shipyard Training Centre (Alexandria Ship yard ) Egypt

Teaching welding technologyModern math. Modern mechanic and static

Brief description for Projects been executed and attendant during servicing on the barge Assisting in all marine projects implemented by (PETROJET & PMS Companies ) for ministry of petroleum by barge PMS-12 since establishment of the company 0n 1982 in gulf of Suez and Mediterranean sea for the following clients : GAPCO oil company ,General Petroleum Company , ESSO, SUCO , PETROBELL briefly we can say : Installations of Morgan / Ramadan oil field complex 5000 tons each Laying of 24 & 36 inch pipes with 12/24 km length Deck installations and hook up Installations of deck equipments Cleaning & hydrostatic test Including pipe laying, from 4 inch up to 60 inch, installation of platforms, deck installations, monopoles etc Most of the offshore projects implemented for the following clients : "GAPCO"&"BETROBELL"&RASHPETCOAND" BRITSH GAS". ( deck installations, pipe laying up to 50inch outer diameter, repairing of the sea bed leaky pipes ,oil and gas platform deck equipments installations etc --) Installations of associated gas pipe 24 inch diameter 60 KM length up to 100 mt depth for RASHPETCO CO.at Port Saeed Mediterranean sea Installations of platform Q & P complete with bridges and flairs at Abu QUIRE Alex. For WABCO Mediterranean sea Prefabrication and installation of SEDKY platform with total jacket length 150 mt hight at Gulf of Suez In gulf of Suez area for the following companies : PETROBEL,- GUPCO, - GAISSOM, - WEPCO,- RASHPETCO, - SUCCO.

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent

Resume Laying and installation of Pipe line 30 inch. outer diam. concrete coatings for October oil field total length 20 km Installation of production plate form including hook up and equipments installations July oil field Hydra test and flushing for the pipes Installations and pipe laying for8&3inch with baggy back total length 16 km in Ramadan oil field gulf of Suez and followed by commissioning Installations for more than 20 platforms in Mediterranean sea Installation for production mono pole for RASHPETCO Installations and pipe laying for24 inch and by commissioning with total length130km at depth of max. 80 meters in Mediterranean sea for British gas company Installation of SEDKY platform of total height up to 100m at end gulf of Suez followed by installations of 24inch pipe line concrete coatings Dual lift for platform deck installations over than 800 tons Diving and sub sea marine works(hook-up ,hydra-tight, fixing flanges, fixing sub sea dimensions ,check orientation of jacket legs).

EducationBS.C in mechanical engineering "Power section" Alexandria University, Egypt, Year 1970

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent


Registrations/AffiliationsA member in engineering syndicate.

Publications/Presentations-References: ENG. Adel Abu Auof chairman assistance for technical affairs at petroleum marine services company (PMS) in Egypt

E-mail :- www.pmsoffshore.com

Eng. ASEM SALAMA technical affairs GM at (PMS) company in Egypt. E-mail : [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]


E-mail: [email protected]

Rudolf D,SOUZA human resources Manager at WORLY PARSONS (Abu Dhabi ) E-mail : [email protected] Engineer Adel EL MASREY General Manager at Ships & Boat Co. E-mail : [email protected] www .ships-boats.net Captain RAMY ABD EL AZIZ General Manager of subsea petroleum services co. [email protected] ENG.MOHAMED I. YOUSRI, Alex. Operations Manager www.bureauveritas.com.eg

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

Page 10

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent


Specific Technical Expertise/Specialist CoursesHSE training courses including:Fire fighting " Arab academy for marine transports " HSE Training Course /H2S and BA Donning at "NPCC " Marine Safety equipments Offshore survival / survival Abandonment Huet / sea survival Rescue for H2S & First Aid H2S induction in ADMA "Abu Dhabi UAE" HSE induction courses in ADMA

Specialist Courses: Predictive and protective maintenance. Vibration measuring instrumentation. Hydraulic circuits design (MANN) Hydraulic machines control Repairing hydraulic, pumps & hyd. motors. Programmable logic control "Basic". Siemens, (Allan& Bradley)

Computer skill:Windows xp, Excl2007 Micro soft office AutoCAD 2007 Power point & internet Primavera Project management

002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Shalaby Construction Superintendent


002-000-CPF-016 (007848) HRF-0033 Rev 4 (22-Nov-07)

Corporate Base

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