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This mom has like 1,293,028 ideas in her head, 99% of which are awesome and a lot of other moms could use.


This mom has a lot of shit on her plate and no time to move forward with these ideas*

*Its true, the Kaufman Foundation sites moms as a unique population who face unparalleled challenges in entrepreneurship


In addition to all the great ideas this mom has, she also has the skills of a badass startup leader and entrepreneur


Moms are


They do not have time to dedicate to their passion

Moms need help and support to free those ideas in their heads and bring them to life.

Not just because its good for her, but its good for everyone. Moms are a HUGE market...


money made and spentRobust & Growing82.5 million moms in the US10 million business owners400,000 new businesses this year$1.5 trillion in revenue $2.4 trillion spending power85% of all consumer purchases60% of all personal wealth 7% of VC go to their businesses

Community-Driven73% use communities to make purchase decisions84% rely on recommendations from trusted sources3.2 million mom-blogs63% read mom blogs9 hours lost a day


Lets talk about what makes moms and women such awesome leaders and innovators and why the more of them we can get to chase their ideas, the better we all are for it.

This is not meant for women-only. Lets be clear. This is a bigger topic we all need to have.

Cool? Cool.


-Catherine Merritt