tastemaker moms explore moms attitudes toward tech at 2014 ces

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Womens attitudes about connectivity, gadgets and more .


  • 1. What is Tastemaker Mom? www.tastemakermom.com / info@tastemakermom.com
  • 2. Moms & Tech 3 out of 4 moms think that technology helps them be a better mom Moms love those mobile devices 63% report having 4 or more devices in their home After calling, texting, and taking pictures, most commonly reported uses are social media, navigation, gaming and fitness tracking If forced to choose, 72% would give up their TV over their phone 68% report feelings of anxiety if they leave their phone at home What are moms looking forward to next? Ultra HD TVs Wearable fitness devices Home remote controls www.tastemakermom.com / info@tastemakermom.com