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  • What do you get the Greatest Mom in the world. I dont knowI hope you like this

  • Here are some of my most favorite memories of us..

  • I love when you took us to visit Gramma even if it was just for the day

  • You and Dad gave me a great brother that I love, even though he drives me crazy sometimes.

  • I am such a dork but I keep you laughing.

  • Going to the zoo was so much fun, even though it was SO hot.

  • When Christopher was born and Dorky Darrin had us laughing so hard

  • You gave me my good looks! haha

  • I was so embarrassed about the cake but I loved it anyway plus it was the last birthday that Gramma was at.

  • The Good Ol Days Joe, Papa, and Dad drinking beer. NEVER! Haha.

  • I was so excited to get Toby and now he is a part of the family

  • You helped me get ready for all my proms and dances.

  • You helped me get ready for one of the most important days of my life.

  • You and Dad gave me away

  • Now I have 2 of the greatest families

  • Now You are stuck with these guys what did I get myself into?

  • I wanted to get you something for your birthday that really came from the heart so I hope you liked it. I really do appreciate everything you and dad do for us. I love you so much and I will always be grateful.