unit 2 home “it’s a great place.”.  lead-in activity lead-in activity  warm-up warm-up...

Download Unit 2 Home “It’s a great place.”.  Lead-in Activity Lead-in Activity  Warm-up Warm-up  Listening Task Listening Task  Real World Listening Real World

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  • Unit 2 HomeIts a great place.

  • Lead-in ActivityWarm-upListening TaskReal World ListeningInteraction LinkUseful ExpressionsAdditional ListeningHomework Conversation

  • Lead-in Activity bedroom kitchen bathroom dining room living room balcony studyCan you name as many as parts of the house?

  • Part IWarm-up

  • Language Pointscouch n. soak v. stove n. poster n.

  • Warm Up Look at these pictures and tell what you see in the pictures.

  • 1. ____ I need a big desk for all my books.2. ____ This couch is great. It is so comfortable. 3. ____ I love my bed. Its really soft. 4. ____ I love to soak in the bathtub after a long day.5. ____ I need a new lamp in this room. Its very dark in here.6. ____ Sit in this chair and relax.7. ____ Here is my new stove. I love it.8. ____ This table is so small for our family. There are six of us.9. ____ Look at my new poster. Do you like it? 10. ____ Look out this window. Its a great view.

    JCGBEFAHDI Match the pictures to the sentences. Warm Up

  • PairworkAsk your partner about his or her home.

  • Part IIListening Task

  • Language Pointsa studio apartment fixing up kind of []

  • What kind of places do you think the people live in? Do the people like their living situations? Check the correct answer.I really like it.Its OK. I dont like it. 1. Joe 2. Jason3. LisaFirst Listening4. StevenI really like it.I really like it.I really like it.Its OK.Its OK.Its OK. I dont like it. I dont like it. I dont like it.

  • Second Listening Mark one thing they like (+) and one thing they dont like(-).The location.Its small.Its old. Its big.Its old.Its new. Its in a new building.It has big windows.Its on a busy street. Its in the mountains .Its far from the city.Its near the ocean.

  • Complete the following with the information youve heard.Third Listening1. A. Though its small, its________________. B. Joes studio apartment is too small for________________.2. A. Jose congratulates Jason for________________________. B. Jasons house needs_______________________. 3. A. Lisas apartment is on the second floor facing_______________. B. Gwen comforts Lisa by saying Well,________________________.4. A. Steven moved in a new place_______________. B. Its far from the city and needs about_________________________. close to worka couch and a bedbuying a new housea lot of fixing upa busy streetyou cant have it alllast weekenda 40-50-minute drive

  • Script1. Sunol: Hey, Joe. How do you like your new apartment? Joe: Oh, its great. Its really close to work. Kind of small, though. Sunol: Oh? Joe: Yeah, its a really small studio apartment. There isnt enough room for a couch and a bed. Sunol: No? Joe: No, so I have to sleep on a futon().

  • Script 2. Jose: Hey, Jason. Have you moved yet? Jason: Yeah, Marci and I bought a new house. Jose: Oh, great. Congratulations. Whats it like? Jason: Wow, for us, its really big. Its huge. Jose: Mm, nice. Jason: But its kind of old, so it needs a lot of fixing up. Jose: Well, if you need any help, let me know. Jason: Thanks!

  • Script 3. Gwen: Hi, Lisa. Do you like your new apartment? Lisa: Uh, yeah. Gwen: Where is it? On Spring Street? Lisa: No, on Main Street. Its on the second floor, big windows, lots of light. Gwen: Sounds nice. Lisa: Its not great. Its on a busy street, so its kind of noisy. Gwen: Ah, well, you cant have it all!

  • Script 4. Monica: Hey, Steven. You moved to a new place, right? Steven: Yes. Last weekend. Monica: So, how is it? Steven: Great place. Best place ever. On mountain Drive. Theres a great view of the ocean. Monica: Nice. Steven: Yeah, come over and see it sometime. Monica: Sure, Id love to. Steven: Good. Its kind of far from the city, though, about a 40-50-minute drive.

  • Part IIIReal World Listening

  • Language Pointsrental adj. furnish vt.furnished adj. appliance n. [] a king-sized bed NoteBed sizes range from twin (for one person) beds, to double, to queen size, up to king size. antique adj.

  • Tim and Ronda are looking for a furnished apartment. Look at the two apartments below. Write the missing words.big _________ PrepareApartment 1gas _______ on a busy _______king-size _____refrigeratorstove bedstreet

  • Tim and Ronda are looking for a furnished apartment. Look at the two apartments below. Write the missing words.old _________ PrepareApartment 2tiny _______ near a _______ has a ________ bathtub kitchenbalconylake

  • Apartment 1Check the correct information for each apartment.Get The Main IdeasRent $950 $850 a month Location good badKitchen big small Rent expensive reasonableAppliances old new Size big smallBedrooms one two Furnished yes noBed big small Bathroom big smallSofa new old Kitchen big smallFloor wood carpet Appliances old newLocation busy quiet Windows a lot a fewApartment 2

  • ScriptApartment 1Ronda: Ok, Tim, I found two rental apartments that look pretty good. Can you take a look? Tim: Ok, show me. Ronda: Here, look. This one is on York Drive, $950 a month, furnished.Tim: Hmm. $950? I like this one.Ronda: So heres the inside, and a big kitchen, new appliances, big fridge, new gas stove. Tim: Hmm, I like that. Ronda: Ok, it also says theres one bedroom, and that it comes with a king-size bed. And theres a new sofa in the living room. Tim: New sofa, thats good. Nice. What else? Ronda: Wood floors. No carpets. Tim: Mm, thats good, I think. Ronda: Yeah. Oh, heres the map. The location is kind of weird. Look, its on a really busy street. Tim: I dont know. Ronda: Yeah, itd be noisy.

  • ScriptApartment 2Ronda: So, heres the other apartment. This ones on Garden Street, $850 a month. Tim: Thats reasonable. Garden Street. Thats a good location, near the lake. Whats it like? Ronda: One bedroom. It looks small. Tim: Furnished? Ronda: Yeah. Looks like theres a big couch and a table in the living room. Tim: What else? Ronda: Um, the beds kind of small. Tim: Yeah, looks like it. Ronda: Ah. Heres a shot of the bathroom.

  • ScriptTim: Ooh, kind of small for both of us, dont you think? Ronda: Hmm, and that bathtub is kind of old. You know I like to take baths. Tim: Yeah, I know you do. Ronda: And ouch! The kitchen looks tiny. Tim: And kind of old appliances. Not so good for cooking. Ronda: Yeah, but its got a little antique table and two chairs. Tim: Thats all we need, really. Ronda: Yeah, its kind of cute. What else? Tim: Oh, heres the living room, new carpet, and its got a lot of windows, and this says theres a nice balcony. Ronda: Hmm

  • Oral Practice Give a brief account of each apartment according to the above information.

  • Respond to the IdeasWhich apartment would you choose? Why?Describe a dream house you want to have in the future.

  • Part IVInteraction Link

  • Language Pointstelephone cable internet cable

  • 1. You need a new place to live. What kind of place would you like? Look at the chart. What is more important to you? Check your preferences.A New Place to Live

  • A New Place to Live

  • A New Place to Live

  • A New Place to Live

  • Example A: What kind of place do you like? Near a park or near a train station? B: I like a place near a train station. A: Why? Is it too noisy? B: Yeah, but I often go to other cities on business, so its very convenient.

  • 2. Now talk to two classmates. Find out what is important to them. Fill in the chart.3. Now work with a new partner. Share the information in your charts. Together decide who is the better roommate for each of you, Person A or Person B.A New Place to Live

  • Part VUseful Expressions

  • Useful ExpressionsWhats it like? How do you like?Thats a good location. How big is it? Its kind of You cant have it all.

  • Useful ExpressionsTheres a great view of the ocean.The house needs a lot of fixing up.It takes a 40-50-minute drive to get there.4050

  • Part VIAdditional Listening

  • Additional ListeningRob: Hi! My names Rob. Hows it going? Ken: Hi! Im Ken. Nice to meet you. Rob: Are you from Vancouver? Ken: Wee, Im from Hong Kong, but I live near Vancouver now. I just started a new job here. Rob: How do you like Vancouver? Ken: Umm. I like it. There are so many things to do: I like the concerts, the music. And the people are very friendly. Rob: Yeah, I like all the parks, the stores, the people. Theres always something happening. Ken: Yeah. I like all that, too. But I dont like the place I live. Its a new condo near Stanley Park. I live alone, and its just a little too quiet. Rob: Quiet is usually good.

  • Ken: Yeah, but I dont like to live alone. In Hong Kong I lived with my family in a big apartment. My parents, my grandparents, my sister and brother. It was noisy, it was busy,


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