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  • 1. Welcome and Objectives Play the video

2. Pre listening What do you know about Bungee Jumping?Click on the following picture to watch avideoWould you like to do a bungee jump? 3. . Pre listeningLets practice vocabulary!In this pre listening activity you have to matchsome words with their definition.Click on the pictureClick startTake word by word with your mousePut it in front of each definitionLook up in unknownvocabulary.Answers: 1. B 2. d 3. a 4. g 5. c 6. f 7. h 8. e. 4. While listeningRead and follow the instructions1. Click on the picture2. Read the title of the video and write some ideas on a piece of paper, your portfolio or on a word document.3. Play the video and listen to it twice4. Then play the video again and organize the transcript. 5. While listeningLets beginClick on thepicture. 6. While listeningNow organize the transcript:Clickon the pictureCheck your answers here! You find the transcript below thevideo.Click on transcript 7. Post ListeningNow you are going to practice with vocabulary andanswer some questionsGo to the video pagehereLook under the video and choose the activity youwant to develop.It is not necessary to do all. 8. Post ListeningAnswer the following questions in your portfolio thencheck your answers:Circle the best answer.1.Why did Erin fall into the Zambezi River?a. Her feet were tied together.b. Her bungee cord snapped.c. She went headfirst2.What was pulling Erin under water?a. the ropeb. the rocksc. the crocodiles 9. Post Listening3.Why couldnt Erin breathe when she was pulled out of thewater?a. She was on her side.b. She was on her back.c. She was coughing out water and blood4.Where was Erin treated?a. Australiab. South Africac. Victoria Falls5.How did the bungee company respond?a. They said it was a miracle that Erin had survived.b. They claimed the cord had been fixed.c. They insisted the jumps were safe. 10. Post Listening- Check your answers:- 1b- 2a- 3b- 4b- 5c 11. Self evaluate your performanceYou are committed to your learning English process sothink about your performance developing this task.Remember this is to see your strengths and aspects toimprove.Complete the chart in your portfolioActivities IPositiveAspects fordeveloped achievementsimprovement 12. References Google images Bungee jump. Learn English teens. Retrieved from Send comments or questions to Vasofh


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