unit 7 personality “she’s not my type.”  lead-in activity lead-in activity  warm-up...

Download Unit 7 Personality “She’s not my type.”  Lead-in Activity Lead-in Activity  Warm-up Warm-up  Listening Task Listening Task  Real World Listening

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  • Unit 7 Personality

    Shes not my type.

  • Lead-in ActivityWarm-upListening TaskReal World ListeningInteraction LinkUseful ExpressionsAdditional ListeningHomework Conversation

  • Lead-in Activitytall / rich / thin /sweet / considerateindependent / casual / attractive / sensitive / divorced/ fashionable/ good / little / young/ old / clever / nice / big / lovely / poor / relaxed / thoughtful / humorous / naughty / funny / wealthy / generousCan you describe your ideal girl friend or boy friend?

  • Part IWarm-up

  • Language Pointsto warm up to It takes an hour or so for some children to warm up tostrangers. to click ()They get well along in public, but their personalities dont really click . to fall for Itll do you no good to fall for Mary.

  • Language Pointsto be blown away quality time The goals are to spend quality time together and put you on the path to total relaxation.commitment n.He edged away from a commitment. date v. She is dating that handsome boy these days.

  • warm up to fall for blown away sensitive commitment click attractive income quality time date Warm UpRead these statements about choosing a mate. Write the missing words and phrases.

  • The guy has to be _________ or I wont ______him.I dont need to be ___________ by the girls looks, but she should have a nice smile.I like to spend money, so I need someone with a good _______.It takes me a few months to ____________ people. But then I start to feel comfortable with them.I can usually tell within the first few minutes of meeting someone whether or not we______.I want a guy whos ________. He should consider my feelings and opinions.I tend to ________ women who have a sense of humor.Im not interested in making a ___________at this point in my life. I just want to have fun!I dont want somebody whos so busy with work that he cant spend ___________ with me.Warm upattractivedateblown awayincomewarm up toclicksensitivefall forcommitment quality time

  • Pair WorkWhat do you look for in a mate?

  • Part IIListening Task

  • Language Pointsplus n.professional a.For professional footballers, injuries are an occupational hazard. ,bum n. candlelight n. knight n. in ones mid-twenties 25

  • Language PointsWhat is someone like? What does someone like? to try again to have ones own life lifetime commitment hopeless in the kitchen She was hopeless in the kitchen, so her mother came to help.

  • Language Pointsmust n. [], The new film is an absolute must. be involved with ...; ...; ; ()Good learners become actively involved with new information.

  • Look at the pictures. What do you think these people are like?What do these people say about themselves?Check-upFirst Listening1. Age: Marital status: Hobbies:2. Age: Employer: Interests:3. Age: Personality: Hobbies:4. Age: Background: Interests:

  • What do these people say about themselves?First Listening1. Michael Age: 32 Marital status: divorced Hobbies: dancing, surfing2. Anita Age: 34 Employer: corporation Interests: nature3. Jack Age: 28 Personality: sensitive Hobbies: bodybuilding, movies, golf4. Cora Age: 28 Background: Chinese-American Interests: romantic dinners, walks on the beach, talking

  • What kind of person is each speaker looking for? Check the correct answers. (There may be more than one.)Second Listening1.2.

  • 3.4.Second Listening

  • Fill in the blanks with what youve heard.Third Listening 1. Michael says that __________________is a plus, but______________. 2. Anita is ____________with the environmental organization Greenpeace. so _________________is a must. 3. Jack says he is ready for someone who wants______________________. 4. Cora says that if someone loves long walks on the beach, _________________, and ______________________, shed like to meet him.surfing experiencenot necessaryvery involvedrespect for naturea lifetime of commitmentcandlelight dinnersintelligent conversation

  • Script1. Hi! Im Michael. Im a 32-year-old white male. Im divorced, and I want to try again with the right lady. I like rock music, dancing, and surfing. Im looking for an attractive woman who likes to party as much as I do. Surfing experience is a plus, but not necessary. If you are willing to learn, Im willing to teach you!2. Im Anita and Im a 34-year-old African-American woman, Im single and I work for a major corporation. Im also very involved with the environmental organization Greenpeace, so respect for nature is a must. Im looking for a single professional man,35 to 40 , who already has his own life but wants to share quality time. He has to be honest above all else.

  • Script3. Hi, my name is Jack. I'm sensitive 28-year-old guy. Im ready for someone who wants a lifetime of commitment. I'm into bodybuilding, movies, and golf. I have a great job with a good income, so you dont have to be rich, just fun to be with, but Im hopeless in the kitchen, so you have to be able to cook. Lets get to know each other and enjoy life together!4. My name is Cora, and Im a single Chinese-American woman. Im in my mid-twenties. If you love long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and intelligent conversation, Id like to meet you. I want a man who comes from a good family, likes to read, and has a good sense of humor. Are you my knight in shining armor?

  • Pair WorkIf you are going to introduce yourself in order to find a girl friend or boy friend (a lifetime partner), how would you do that?

  • Part IIIReal World Listening

  • Language Pointsstatue n. on top of sth. Gale wind came on top of the flood. fall for end up Well end up paying much more.plus a.

  • Language Pointsway adv. way over budget How come? How come are you late?sweep sb. away athletic a. curve n. make a couple Well, they seem to make a good couple.

  • Amy and Luis are talking to their friends about each other. What do you think Amy likes about Luis?Hes funny.Hes an athlete.Hes humorous PrepareHes handsome. Hes not too tall. He dresses very well.He has a sense of responsibilityShes thin.Shes athletic.Shes sweet.Shes attractive.Shes well educated.Shes independent.Shes romantic.

    What do you think Luis likes about Amy?

  • Which of these statements describe Luis? Which ones describe Amy?Get The Main IdeasHe looks like a Greek statue.Hes Amys type.Hes got big hands.LuisAmy

  • Fill in the blanks with what Amy said about Luis?Get The Details1. Hes very attractive. But I______________when I first met him.2. His clothes were way ____________________ I usually like. He just ______________. And _______________he was shorter than me.3. I was so comfortable just ___________________. And the first time we went out he just _____________ with his personality.4. But still, if all those things ________ you, about his hand and all. 5. His personality and the way we got along just make it clear to me he is __________. didnt think somore fashionable thanwasnt my typeon top of all thathanging out with himswept me awaybotheredthe one

  • ScriptPart1 Amy talks about Luis.Amy: I know I have a picture of Luis around here somewhere. Oh, here it is. Becky: Wow, hes so handsome! He looks like a Greek statue.Amy: Yeah, he is very attractive. But I didnt think so when I first met him. Becky: You didnt?Amy: No. You know what I noticed when I first met him? He has really hairy hands.Becky: What?Amy:Yeah. His hands are just really hairy. Plus, his clothes were way more fashionable than I usually like. He just wasnt my type. And on top of all that, he was shorter than me.

  • ScriptBecky: So how come you went out with him?Amy: Well, he was just really sweet and funny, and I was so comfortable just hanging out with him. And the first time we went out he just swept me away with his personality.Becky: Really? How?Amy: He was just really easy to talk to.Becky: But still,if all those things bothered you, about his hands and all.Amy: Well, you know,none of that was important once I got to know him more.His personality and the way we got along just made it clear to me that he is the one .Becky: So, whens the big day?

  • ScriptPart2.Luis talks about Amy.Bob: Luis,Im so happy for you and Amy.Luis: Thanks.Shes a great girl.And shes perfect for me. We just click , you know?Bob: So then I guess you just always knew she was the person for you?Luis: Well,not exactly.Bob: It wasnt love at first sight?Luis: No.But dont tell Amy that.Shes such a romantic. Shed probably like it if I said I fell for her immediately.Bob: But you didnt?Luis: No. It took me a while to warm up to Amy.She just wasnt my type.

  • ScriptBob: Really? Why? Didn't you think she was attractive?Luis: Well, she was so thin and athletic.I usually like a girl with a few curves.Bob:Then what made you decide to ask her out?Luis: I didnt. She asked me out!Bob: She did? And how did you feel about that?Luis: I wasnt sure at first. But you know, I ended up really liking that part of her personality. She's independent and she goes after what she wants. And once I started looking at her more, I really liked her physically.Bob: Well, you two sure make a great couple!

  • Respond to the Ideas1. How did Luis and Amys ideas about each other change over time?2. What things are important to you when you first meet someone? What things do you want in a pe


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